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As listed at the 4th Annual Old Settlers Meeting, 1881.

Butler — The Brooks, Henry Clark and sons, George Delong, the Embrys, Abraham and Charles Fair, Nathaniel Fitch, the Greggs, the Bells, father and son, the Hoffmans, Hogues, Holbrooks, Jacksons, Lungs, Millers, Rodenbaughs, Reeves, Shulls, Simons, Surfaces, Natts and Wellers.

Jackson — The Bishops, Cools, Cobblers, Komeskys, Daves, Draggoos, Essigs, Georges, Hurshes, Hendersons, Hartles, Johnsons, Lawheads, Means, Moores, Mowries, Osburns, Sugars, Staffords, Squiers, Stewards, Tarneys, Watsons, Wyatts, Williams and Zimmermans.

Concord — The Allens, Altons, Burleys, Blairs, Balls, Carrs, Culbertsons, Coburns, Catlins, Draggoos, Dawsons, Fales, Headleys, Johnsons, Knights, McNabbs, Nichols, Owens, Robinsons, Rhodes, Sechlers, Widneys, Woodcoxes, Williams and Whites.

Newville —The Bartletts, Dodges, Delongs, Ellises, Lewises, Lawrences, Murphys, Rogers, Platters, Strongs, Steeles, Thomases and Waldons.

Stafford— The Barbers, Coats, Christoffels, De Forrests, Deihls, Headleys, McDaniels, Roses, Strohls, Shoubs, Schofields, Websters and Wanemakers.

Wilmington — The Armstrongs, Babcocks, Coes, Crooks, Eakrights, Egnews, Fosdicks, Finneys, Helwigs, Hackleys, Handys, Imhofs, Jackmans, Kreutzes, Maxwells, Mullenixes, Meeses, Norrises, Nelsons, Nodines, Packers, Rutledges, Roberts, Robes, Sawyers, Tremans, Tomlinsons, Totteus, Veeleys, Widneys, Woods and Weeks.

Union — The Ashelmans, Altenburgs, Abbotts, Bidlers, Baughmans, Browns, Cospers, Clays, Fishers, Fulks, Gingriches, Husselmans, Kruuis, Lutzes, Latsons, McEndefers, Misers, Summers, Strohs, Weavers, Weeks, Walworths, Whetsels, Parks and Ingmans.

Richland — The Bangs, Cowleys, Clays, Calkins, Daileys, Dewitts, Feaglers, Greens, Hardys, Moodys, McMillens, Pennells, Rogers, Shulls, Showers, Treeshes and Weiricks.

Fairfield— The Chaffees, McNabbs, Powells, Storys, Gushwas and Wells.

Smithfield — The Baxters, Boyers, Blakers, Corwins, Danks, Daniels, Hemstreets, Holmes, Krums, Kelleys, McCoshes, Smiths and Walkers.

Franklin — The Aldriches, Balls, Bowmans, Bucks, Beards, Crains, Dirrims, Ducks, Firestones, Houltons, Holmes, Hammonds, Jones, Jackmans, Jeffords, Keeps, Lewes, Manns, McQueens, McCurdys, McAllisters, Myers, idigs, Nelsons, Olds, Porters, Packers, Rudes, Stambaughs, Shulls, Snooks, Thurstons, Watermans and Wilsons.

Troy — The Burdicks, Cathers, Casebeers, Colls, Emersons, Eddys, Helwigs, Jennings, Kniselys, Larneds, McClures, McClellans, McDaniels, Stearns, Willards, Waydleichs and Zimmermans.

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