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The following have held the office of County Clerk: John F. Coburn, 1837-'41; S. W. Sprott, 1841-'51; J. P. Widney, 1851-'5; S. W. Sprott, 1855-'9; John Ralston, 1859-'67; J. R. Lanning, 1867-'75; G. H. K. Moss, 1875-'80; John W. Baxter, 1880-'4; D. Y. Husselman, 1884.


The office of recorder was combined with that of clerk for the first fourteen years of the county's existence, since which time it has been a distinct office. The incumbents have been: John F. Coburn, 1837-'41; S. W. Sprott, 1841-'51; John McCune, 1851-'5; W. E. Griswold, 1855-'9; S. W. Widney, 1859-'64; G. R. Hoffman, 1864-'8; D. Z. Hoffman, 1868-76; M. Boland, 1876-'84; John Butt, 1884.


The auditors have been: S. W. Sprott, 1841-'2; Aaron Hague, 1842-' 9; Miles Waterman, 1849-'55; M. F. Pierce, 1855-'60; A. J. Hunt, 1860-'2; George Kuhlman, 1862-'6; W. W. Griswold, 1866- '70; W. McIntyre, 1870-'4; Isaac Hague, 1874-'8; Albert Robbins, 1878-'82; Thomas H. Tomlinson, 1882.


Twelve men have been the custodians of De Kalb County's money, as follows: Wesley Park, 1837-'51; S. W. Ralston, 1851-'53; J.E. Hedricks, 1853-'5; E. W. Fosdick, 1855-7; Jacob Helwig, 1857-'9; R. B. Catlin, 1859-'61: George Barney, 1861-'5; L. J. Blair, 1865-7; F. D.Ryan, 1867-72; Nicholas Ensley, 1872-'6; Daniel Gonser, 1876-'80; L. J. Miller, 1880-'4.


From 1837 to 1850 Wesley Park, Thomas J. Freeman, Jonathan Puffenbarger, and S. W. Ralston successively kept the county's disorderly citizens under lock and key. Since 1850 the time has been divided as follows: W. K. Straight, 1850-'4; Isaac Brandt, 1854-'6; S. W. Ralston, 1856-'60; J. N. Chamberlain, 1860-'2; J. N. Miller, 1862-'4; H. Willis, 1864-'8; J. Plum, 1868-72; W. L. Meese, 1872-'6; John St. Clair, 1876-'8; A. S. Leas, 1878-'82; John W. Boyle. 1882.


The Legislators of our county are three in number, and the board for each year since the organization of the county has been as follows:

1837 Peter Fair (Chairman), Samuel Widney and Abram F. Beecher.

1838 Peter Fair (Chairman), David Strong and Isaac T. Aldrich.

1839 Daniel Strong (Chairman), Peter Fair and Isaac B. Smith.

1840 Daniel Strong (Chairman), Isaac B. Smith and Daniel Moody.

1841 Daniel Strong (Chairman), Daniel Moody and Warner Spooner.

1842 Daniel Moody (Chairman), Warner Spooner and John Helwig.

1843 Warner Spooner (Chairman), John Helwig and Daniel Moody.

1844 John Helwig (Chairman), Daniel Moody and Oliver D. Keep.

1845 Daniel Moody (Chairman), Oliver D. Keep and Amzi Seely.

1846 Oliver D. Keep (Chairman), Amzi Seely and James M. Goetschius.

1847 Amzi Seely (Chairman), James M. Goetschius and Andrew S. Casebeer.

1848 Amzi Seely (Chairman), James M . Goetschius and Andrew S. Casebeer.

1849 Amzi Seely (Chairman), Andrew S. Casebeer and James M. Goetschius.

1850 Amzi Seely (Chairman), Oliver D. Keep and William Showers.

1851 William Showers (Chairman), Jacob Helwig and John C. Hursh.

1852 Jacob Helwig (Chairman), Solomon De Long and Joseph Walter.

1853 Solomon De Long (Chairman), Joseph Walter and Jeremiah Hemstreet.

1854 Joseph Walter (Chairman), Solomon De Long and Joel E. Thompson.

1855 Solomon De Long (Chairman), Joel E. Thompson and James M. Goetschius.

1856 Solomon De Long (Chairman), James M. Goetschius and Jeremiah Hemstreet.

1857 James M. Goetschius (Chairman), Jeremiah Hemstreet and Amzi Seely.

1858 Jeremiah Hemstreet (Chairman), Amzi Seely and James M. Goetschius.

1859 Amzi Seely (Chairman), David Buchanan and Alexander Provines.

1860 Alexander Provines (Chairman), David Buchanan and Henry Fusselman.

1861 David Buchanan (Chairman), Henry Fusselman and John Brandon.

1862 Henry Fusselman (Chairman), John Brandon and J. M. Brum back.

1863 John Brandon (Chairman), J. H. Brumback and Amzi Seely.

1864 J. M. Brumback (Chairman), Amzi Seely and Alexander Provines.

1865 Amzi Seely (Chairman), Alexander Provines and R. G. Daniels.

1866 Alexander Provines (Chairman), R. G. Daniels and William Henderson.

1867 R. G. Daniels (Chairman), William Henderson and William Mclntyre.

1868 William Henderson (Chairman), William Mclntyre and Daniel Gonser.

1869 William Hclntyre (Chairman), Daniel Gonser and William Henderson.

1870 Daniel Gonser (Chairman), George Ensley and William Richmond.

1871 William Richmond (Chairman), George Ensley and Daniel Gonser.

1872 George Eusley (Chairman), Daniel Gonser and William Richmond.

1873 Daniel Gonser (Chairman), Nelson Griffith and Charles R. Wanemaker.

1874 Nelson Griffith (Chairman), Charles R. Wanemaker and George H. Duncan.

1875 Nelson Griffith (Chairman), Charles R. Wanemaker and George H. Duncan.

1876 George H. Duncan (Chairman), Charles R. Wanemaker and A. D. Goetschius.

1877 A. D. Goetschius (Chairman), B. F. Blair and George H. Duncan.

1878 B. F. Blair (Chairman), George H. Duncan and A. D. Goetschius.

1879 George H. Duncan (Chairman), Edward Kelham and B. F. Blair.

1880 Edward Kelham (Chairman), John Shoub and F. D. Oberlin.

1881 John Shoub (Chairman), F. D. Oberlin and Edward Kelham.

1882 F. D. Oberlin (Chairman), B. D. Thomas and O. H. Widney.

1883O. H. Widney (Chairman), B. D. Thomas and Joseph Sewell. (B. D. Thomas died in June, 1884, and Henry Probst was appointed to complete the term.)

1884 O. H. Widney (Chairman), Joseph Sewell and Henry Probst.


DeKalb County has furnished the following Circuit Judges: R. J. Dawson, James I. Best, C. A. O. McClellan and R. Wes. McBride; Common Pleas Judges, John Morris and E. B. Mott; Associate Judges, A. Walden, T. L. Yates, Samuel Widney, Nelson Payne, Robert Work, David Martin, Abraham Cope and G. C. Mudgett; Probate Judges, Lott Herrick and J. B. Wade; State Senator: R. J. Dawson, T. R. Dickinson, E. W. Fosdick and William Mercer. The county has been represented in the lower branch of the Legislature by Joseph Helwig, John P. Widney, R. J. Dawson, G. C. Mudgett, Robert Work, S. B. Ward, Miles Waterman, Henry Feagler, R. M. Lockhart, E. D. Hartman, L. D. Britton, S. S. Shutt and D. D. Moody. The County Surveyors have been Joseph Miller, C. Probst, Joseph Nodine, Daniel Altenburg, Marius Buchanan, David Eberly, G. W. Weeks, I. K. Sheffer, Chauncey Clark, and J. J. Van Auken; School Examiners and Superintendents, Edward Wright, Spencer Dills, W. H. Mcintosh and James A. Barnes.

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