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Obituaries published after 1923 will be abstracted to avoid copyright violations.

Elmer Abel, age 12, the Auburn boy who was frightfully injured in an attempt to board a freight train a few days ago, died Monday afternoon. He was the son of Mrs. and Mrs. George Abel. The father was on a trip to New Mexico when the accident occurred. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 4-15-1908)

George J. Abbey, a brother of Giles T. Abbey, of Waterloo, died last week at Bronson, Kas. He formerly resided at Steubenville, moving to Kansas 40 years ago. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 4-13-1907)

Peter Anderson, residing south of Waterloo, died in Chicago as the result of injuries sustained when he was struck by a locomotive in that city a week ago. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 8-14-1907)

Foster Bailey, of Auburn, died last night at 11:30 o'clock at St. Joseph's hospital from injuries suffered early Sunday morning when the automobile in which he was riding with a party of young men struck a telephone pole and turned turtle. Death was due to an infection which developed from a fractured skull. At the time the accident happened. Bailey in company wIth Gernys Seberine, also of Auburn, and Charles Mclntosh and Russell Robinson, both of Waterloo, were giving a party in honor of Sam Beard, of Auburn, who is about to enter the United States army. The car struck the pole about three and one-half miles from the city on the Leo road. Bailey suffered much pain and for the greater part of the time was unconscious. His condition was critical from the time he was brought to the hospital and but little hope was held out for his recovery. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 9-3-1918)

John Barton, a prominent farmer residing southeast of Corunna, died at his home Sunday morning, age fifty years. Death was due to a cancer in the ear. He is survived by a wife and six children. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 9-21-1909)

WATERLOO, Ind., Dec. 16.—Thomas Baxter, one of the best-known men in Waterloo, died very suddenly this morning of heart trouble. Surviving he he leaves the widow and one daughter. No arrangements for the funeral have yet been made. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 12-17-1915)

AUBURN, Ind., June 19.— Mrs. Bevier wife of the late Dr. Bevier, of Waterloo died at the home of her daughter, Mrs Dunnabarger, in this city last night, her age being past 77 years Since the death of her husband she had found a most comfortable home with the daughter, and while all that loving hands and medical aid could do was administered, life could not be prolonged. Some time ago she suffered a paralytic stroke and never recovered from the shock. Funeral services will be conducted at 1 o'clock from the residence and interment will be in the cemetery at Waterloo. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 6-20-1911)

James O. Blanchard, a member of the Waterloo town board, died this week. (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 9-10-1902)

WATERLOO, Ind., Jan. 31 - Mrs. Mary Myers Brand, 88, a pioneer resident of Waterloo, died at the 6 o'clock Thursday evening, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith on West Union street, as a result of a stroke of apoplexy. Mrs. Brand was stricken while standing in the front yard and died an hour later. She was the widow of Jacob Brand. While having no children of her own, she had reared two. Mrs. Edith Myers Smith and the late Joseph Norton. Funeral services will be held Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, with interment in the Waterloo cemetery. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 1-31-1919)

GARRETT, Ind., July 17. — Mrs. Val Brown, aged 26, of Waterloo, died here in the Sacred Heart hospital, at 11 o'clock last night, following an accident at 5 o'clock yesterday evening, when an automobile she was driving, was run down by a New York Central train in Waterloo. Her 17-month-old baby received a broken leg and finger, Mexine McIntiefer, 5-year-old daughter of a neighbor, jumped from the machine and escaped without serious injuries. Mrs. Brown suffered a fractured skull and no hopes were entertained for her recovery. The body was sent to her home this morning. The deceased who was a member of a prominent family at Waterloo, was the daughter of Mrs. John Kimble, of Battle Creek, Mich. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 7-17-1920)

AUBURN, Ind, Dec. 7.— Mrs. Charles Bundy, residing with her daughter, Mrs. William Rohm, near Corunna, died Friday after an illness continuing throughout the summer. Her husband died about one year ago. The deceased leaves three sons and two daughters. One son, George Bundy, is superintendent of the Auburn Auto company in Fort Wayne. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon. (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 12-07-1918)

Jacob Burns received word this morning of the death of a sister in Toledo. The body will be brought to Butler for burial. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11-05-1911)

Daniel Burris, an old citizen and prominent farmer near Waterloo, died last Sunday morning. (Cambridge City Tribune, 9-15-1892)

Rev. William C. Butler, for many years a minister at Waterloo, died Monday afternoon from cancer. He was 60 years old, a veteran of the Civil war, and widely known. (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 9-10-1902)

AUBURN, Ind., Dec. 29.— William E. Byers, DeKalb county coroner, who lived in Waterloo, died at his home this morning at 5 o'clock. Mr. Byers, besides being county coroner, was engaged in the undertaking and furniture business at Waterloo. Tuberculosis was the cause of his death. He belonged to the K. of P. and Masonic lodges. He leaves a daughter by a former marriage and his widow. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 12-30-1921)

James P. Campbell, age 72 years, of St. Joe, died suddenly on Tuesday. He leaves to survive him four daughters: Mrs. Lulu Burley, of St. Joe; Mrs. Carrie Rohrbaugh, of near Edgerton, Ohio; Mrs. Emma Crane, of near Grabill, and Mrs. Rosie Haddick, of Toledo; two sons, Elmer Campbell of Edgerton, Ohio, and Lee Campbell, who resided with his father; also several grandchildren and other relatives. (Fort Wayne News, 3-25-1916)

Auburn, Ind., Oct. 14,—Samuel Tillotson, who shot and killed Nathan Colbert in the woods north of Corunna, yesterday, was brought to Auburn this morning by Sheriff Bleeks and lodged in jail to await trial. The prosecuting attorney took up the cane immediately and the DeKalb county grand jury, now in session, is hearing the evidence of several witnesses this afternoon. The tragedy occurred Tuesday afternoon about 4 o'clock on the Zonker farm, about two miles north of Corunna. The farm is being cleared of timber and the wood choppers occupy a group of shanties, several, including Tillotson, having their families with them. Tillotson and Colbert occupied shanties about ten rods apart and as far as is known have always been on the best of terms. Colbert had been spending several days in Ohio and returned to the camp Tuesday afternoon considerably under the influence of liquor. He went immediately to Tillotson's shanty and knocked at the door, and when Tillotson opened it Colbert attacked him and beat him severely about the head with his fists. John Stiles, a friend of Colbert's, intervened and succeeded in separating the two men and Colbert started to leave the room with the remark that he was going to get his gun and kill Tillotson. A moment after he stepped out the door he started hack with the intention of renewing the attack, but as he entered the room Tillotson picked up big shotgun an flr£d point blank. Colbert was about eight feet from the muzzle of the gun, and the charge tore a great hole In his abdomen. He staggered out of the room and foil to the ground, dying in a very few minutes. Tillotson surrendered to the authorities at Corunna a few hours after the shooting and was placed in tho jail to await the officers from Auburn. He was interview by The Sentinel correspondent in the Auburn jail this morning and gave the above account of the affair, which is borne out by the statements o£ witnesses. Colbert formerly lived here and was known to have a violent temper and to be dangerous when under the influence of liquor. About two years ago he threw a lamp at his wife and was sent to jail for sixty days for assault and battery. After a few months his wife again returned to him, hut his cruelty drove her insane and she is now an inmate of the Longclift asylum at Logansport. They have three children. The dead man was about fifty-five years old, Tillotson is a quiet, sober and industrious man and has a wife and several children. He has always borne a good reputation and public sympathy is altogether in his favor. The belief prevails here he will be acquitted on a plea of self-defense. He is about the same age as Colbert. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 10-21-1903)

Mrs. Thomas Costin, age 63 years, one of the well known and highly esteemed ladies of Garrett, died Wednesday at the Sacred Heart hospital, following the amputation of one of her feet for gangrene. She had been afflicted for several weeks with rheumatism and other complications. Her husband, who was supervisor of the B. & O. here for years, died five years ago. Three children survive. The funeral will be held Friday forenoon from the Catholic church. (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 11-20-1907)

Mrs. Sarah Cullers, of Auburn, died Friday afternoon at St. Joseph's hospital in Fort Wayne, where she had undergone two surgical operations. Mrs. Cullers was the widow of Joseph Cullers, and has been a patient at the institution four weeks. Surviving relatives include a daughter, Mrs. Nettie Marvin, of South Bend, and three sisters: Mrs. Nettie Wilsey and Mrs. Lulu Lysert, Fort Wayne, and Miss Emma Miller, of South Bend. The remains were taken to Auburn for funeral services and interment.(Fort Wayne Sentinel, 9-3-1910)

R. G. Daniels, 95 years of age, is dead at his home in Waterloo. Mr Daniels was born in New England in 1813 and came to Indiana in 1836. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 6-10-1908)

Mrs. Frank Darby, 50 years old, living at Waterloo, died at 1:00 this morning at the Stametz sanitarium, where she had been a patient for some time. She had been ill with paralysis for a year. The body will be sent to Waterloo. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 5-23-1919)

Corunna, Ind., Dec. 15.- Solomon Deetz, a prominent farmer of DeKalb county, residing four and one-half miles northeast of Corunna, died yesterday at the age of 78 years. He had been ailing for some time and death was due principally to old age. He was born in Holmes county, Ohio, in May 1831 and came to Fairfield Center in 1853, where he has resided ever since. He has been engaged in farming practically all his life. (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 12-15-1909)

A. M. Dermott, 54 years of age and a lifelong resident of Concord township, DeKalb county, died a few days ago at Ann Arbor, Mich., following a surgical operation. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 1-14-1903)

George Derthick, who was employed as a bartender in the Waltman saloon at Waterloo, died suddenly Tuesday morning from heart disease in one of the rooms over the saloon. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 6-25-1903)

WATERLOO -- This afternoon at 3 o'clock the extremely sad funeral of Mrs. John Dilgard of Elkhart was held at this place. Mrs. Dilgard, former Miss Nettie Berdlon (?) of Waterloo, died soon after giving birth to a child while at her home in Elkhart. The mother leaves, besides her devoted husband, two children who are so much in need of the mother's guiding hand. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11-23-1908)

ST. JOE, Ind., Nov. 22. — Mrs. James Dragoo/Draggoo of Auburn, died suddenly Tuesday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ernest Johnson. Death was due to paralysis and came shortly after the deceased had eaten a hearty dinner. Surviving besides the husband and eight daughters. Mrs. Mary Bartlett, of Fort Wayne; Mrs. Dema Hull, Mrs. Hattie Johnson, Mrs. Birdie Brown, Mrs. Sadie Coyle, Mrs. Orpha Carper and Mrs. Ruth Provines, and six sons, Frank, Delbert, John, Orange and Floyd, all of Dekalb county, and William Dragoo, of New Jersey. Funeral arrangements have not been made. (Fort Wayne Journal-Sentinel, 11-23-1917)

Mrs. Barbara Durst, three miles north of Waterloo, died Tuesday morning from carbolic acid poisoning. Opinion is divided as to whether the case was one of suicide or an error in recognizing the drug. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 10-21-1903)

Auburn, Ind., Sept. 22 - Edward Eldridge, one of the oldest and highly honored residents of Auburn, died at the home of his son of this city tonight, due to the infirmities of old age and worrying over the death of his wife, who preceded his only a few months ago. When Auburn was almost a forest Mr. Eldridge came here and helped clear up the wilderness and in 1860 he went into the saloon business, which place has since been operated, though now owned, by his son Jenk. For nearly 45 years the Eldridge saloon was run under his management and without a complaint of any kind ever made against it. But two sons survive. They are Jenk and James, the latter is lying quite low over the worry and hard work incident to caring for his father. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 9-23-1907)

Mrs. B. L. Bailey, of Butler, received word on Thursday of the death of her uncle, John Essig, of Auburn, and went to that city yesterday morning to be present at the funeral. (Fort Wayne News, 10-26-1912)

GARRETT, Ind., Dec. 15. - Archie Evans, who was injured two years ago internally by falling from a train, died at the Sacred Heart hospital in the city. His funeral was held today. (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 12-15-1909)

AUBURN, Ind., Oct. 19.— Mrs. George Kayser, of this city, was called to Brazil, Ind., today by a telegram announcing the death of her sister, Mrs. P. L. Evarhart, at that place. She left at once to attend the funeral, which will be held Sunday. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 10-19-1918)

Mrs. Caroline Firestone, the widow of the late Samuel K. Firestone, passes away Tuesday, after a two-weeks illness of pneumonia, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Maude Sternberg, at Decatur, Ill, where she was spending the winter. The remains were brought to Butler Thursday evening and a funeral service was held Saturday morning from her late residence in Butler. The deceased was past 82 years of age, and is survived by two sons, James E. of Butler, and Charles, of New Mexico; two daughters, Mrs. Sternberg and Stella Swift of Butler; twelve grandchildren, six great- grandchildren and a host of other friends and relatives. Mrs. Firestone was a pioneer resident of DeKalb county, and was preceded in death by her life-companion only three years ago. She was a member of the Methodist church. The interment took place in the Hamilton cemetery. (Fort Wayne News, 3-25-1916)

The funeral of Mrs. Elias Fisher, whose death occurred Thursday at her home in Allen county, one mile south of the DeKalb county line, will be held Saturday at the Salem Reformed church on Dutch ridge. She is survived by the husband, three daughters and a son. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 4-13-1907)

John Fisk, of Waterloo, died from blood poisoning last week, the result of trimming a corn between his toes (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 7-16-1902)

Mrs. August F. Fleming, wife of a florist at Auburn, died Saturday. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 6-10-1908)

Eugene Furnish, ten-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Furnish of Spencerville, died at the Lutheran hospital at 10:50 o'clock last night from complications from appendicitis He was brought to the hospital on Dec. 18, last. He is survived by the parents, two brothers and two sisters. Funeral services will be held from the home at Spencerville, Tuesday, it was said last night. The body was taken to the Walters' undertaking parlors, at Spencerville, last night. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 1-15-1922)

Mrs. John Geisler, of Corunna, died a few days ago at the age of 86 years. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 1-14-1903)

Abijah Gibson, age 51 (?), who lived at Waterloo, died of pneumonia and was buried at Valley Grove, Sunday. (Cambridge City Tribune, 4-30-1903)

Joe Girardot and family were called to Auburn Thursday by the death of his mother, Mrs. Justin Girardot. The funeral was held Saturday at the Catholic church in Auburn. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11-05-1911)

George W. Gordon, a pioneer citizen of Auburn, died Wednesday at his home In that place at the age of 73 years. Mr. Gordon was a native of Ohio, but came to DeKalb county in 1841. He served in the Forty-fourth Indiana regiment during the civil war, and later was a photographer, postmaster at Auburn and publisher of the Auburn Dispatch. He had lived a retired life for several years. His wife died little more than a year ago. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 1-14-1903)

Dale, the two and one half-year-old son of Nathan Hard and wife, of Auburn, died this morning from cholera infantum. The remains will be brought here to-morrow and the funeral sermon will be preached by Rev. Murray Thursday at 11 a. m. at East Springfield. The boy was a grandson of J. W. Mains and wife of LaGrange. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 7-14-1909)

Jacob Helsey, aged 81 years, a well known character in and about Waterloo, died at the home of his daughter. Mrs. A. W. Snyder at Lebanon, Pa, on Dec. 2 and was buried on Dec. 5. Mr. Helsey lived the life of a hermit in the west part of Waterloo many years, and due to the infirmities of age and very much against his wishes, he was taken to the county infirmary some three years ago, and after about a year there went to the home of his daughter at Lebanon. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 12-16-1917)

Samuel H. Hire, aged 69 years, a mail carrier residing In Waterloo, died at 2:20 o'clock yesterday morning at the Lutheran hospital, death being due to nephritis. Mr. Hire was brought here eighteen days ago to undergo an operation, but physicians found his condition too critical to withstand the shock of a surgical procedure. The decedant had been in failing health for some time but remained at his post until a complete breakdown compelled him to quit work. The wife and four children survive. The body was removed to the Peltier undertaking establishment to be prepared for burial, and yesterday afternoon was sent to Waterloo, where funeral services and burial will take place. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 3-3-1918)

John Horn, of Spencerville, died very suddenly on Saturday from a stroke of paralysis. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 9-17-1902)

Hon. Freeman Kelly, well known in this city and a prominent political leader, who resided at Waterloo, died yesterday. He suffered from kidney trouble, and went to Ann Arbor to have an operation performed. He did not rally from the effects of the operation and died in the hospital. He formerly represented his county in the state legislature. The funeral will take place in Waterloo tomorrow afternoon. (Fort Wayne News, 9-9-1902)

The death of John Ketel Monday morning removed another old resident of DeKalb county. He came from Germany, but has lived in the county for 40 years, part of that time in Waterloo, and for the last, 20 years on the farm southeast of Waterloo. He lacked a few days of being 80 years old at the time of his death. Funeral services at Norris chapel at 10 a, m. Wednesday. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11-28-1912)

W. H. Kibinger, a prominent citizen of Auburn, died Thursday. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 5-9-1894)

AUBURN, Ind., July 30.—Michael Kiplinger, aged seventy-one years, a long time resident of Waterloo, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ralph Thomas, in this city shortly after the noon hour to-day, after a long- illness. He was born in Ashland county, Ohio, in 1846, and came to Waterloo in the sixties, where he followed his trade of carpenter. In 1872 he married Flora Dennison and to this union were born six children, all girls, they are Mrs. J. E. Graham and Mrs. Ralph Thomas, of Auburn; Mrs. Frank Myers, of Waterloo; Mrs. Orpha. Brown, of Celina, O.; Mrs. C. L. Hine, o£ Tuscola, Ill., and Mrs. Albert Bogart, of Albion, Mich. They are all left to mourn their loss, the wife and mother dying a number of years ago. The funeral arrangements have not yet been made. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 7-31-1917)

John Kruger, for fifty years a resident of Auburn, died Monday afternoon. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 4-15-1908)

Earl Lautzenheiser, a young man formerly a resident of Waterloo, died last week in Lansing, Michigan, and the remains were brought to Waterloo Saturday for burial. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11-7-1911)

Edwin Donald, the four-weeks-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Lynas Likes, of Corunna, died Monday night, after a short, illness of paralysis of the bowels. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon from the M. P. church in this city, Rev. I. M. McVey officiating. (Fort Wayne News, 11-19-1913)

Miss Melinda McCosh of Ashley, a former resident of Waterloo, died at her Ashley home this week and the remains will be brought to Waterloo for burial Saturday. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 1-10-1916)

The infant child of Mr and Mrs. Ed McDonald, at Corunna, died Saturday morning at 2 o'clock. Short funeral services were held in the afternoon yesterday at the residence. Burial was made at the Corunna cemetery. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 3-14-1909)

Mrs. Sabinah E. Mason, wife of Abraham Mason, of Auburn, died at the Lutheran hospital yesterday morning at 1:30 o'clock following an operation for relief from obstruction of the bowels Mrs. Mason was brought to this city for treatment on Friday morning. Surviving besides the husband son, E. J. Mason, and a brother and a sister. The remains were sent to Auburn yesterday afternoon by Schone & AnkenbrucK. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 5-12-1913)

Mrs. Abe Mason, whose home was southeast of Waterloo, died at the Lutheran hospital at Fort Wayne Sunday morning. She had been in poor health for several months, but last week grew so alarmingly worse that it became evident that nothing but an operation could save her, and this, was unavailing. Funeral at the Pleasant View church this afternoon. [see obit above] (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 5-14-1913)

Mrs. Elizabeth Mayer, 70 years of age, died Friday at Garrett. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 6-10-1908)

James Metcalf, who resided five miles west of Butler, died suddenly on Monday at his home He was past 73 years of age. Area relatives who attended the funeral include S. A. Likens, of Fort Wayne, and James and John Likens of Butler. (Fort Wayne News, 3-25-1916)

WATERLOO, Ind., August 30.— Arven Mills, age 22 years, of Auburn, died yesterday from the effect of an accidental discharge of a shotgun in his right arm while on Golden Lake, hunting. He and a young companion were in the boat, half a mile from shore, and Mills took hold of his gun by the barrel, and in pulling in toward him the hammer caught on the boat and discharged the gun. His companion had hard work to keep him from jumping out of the boat. He was driven to Pleasant Lake, a distance of four miles, the nearest doctor.(undated newspaper)

Philip Morrell, a pioneer citizen of Waterloo, died suddenly Sunday evening at the age of about 76 years. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 4-15-1908)

Hamilton, Ind., May 6 - The funeral of Richard Oberlin, who died at his home near this village Monday, was held this morning at the United Brethren church here at 10 o'clock. Service were conducted by Rev. O. D. Wells, pastor of the United Brethren church of Butler, Ind., assisted by a choir of singer from the Methodist Episcopal church of this place. Interment in the Hamilton cemetery. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 5-7-1908)

Mrs. Maggie Ogle, a former resident of Waterloo, died at the home of her adopted daughter, Mrs. Harry Wyatt, in East Auburn, Wednesday morning. About three weeks ago she came to this city to make her home with Mrs. Wyatt. Death was due to heart trouble. (Fort Wayne News, 10-26-1912)

AUBURN, Ind., Jan. 29.— Mrs. John Olinger, residing west of Auburn, died early this morning, of a peculiar stomach trouble, from which she has been a sufferer for years and from which it seemed that she could not be relieved. Mrs. Olinger was sixty-five years old. She is survived by her husband and four children. Funeral announcements have not yet been announced. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 1-30-1908)

Perry Porter, aged 30 years, a resident of Waterloo, died at 9 o'clock Wednesday night at the Lutheran hospital, to which institution he was brought two weeks ago for treatment. The remains were shipped to Waterloo this morning. The deceased is survived by his wife and four children. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 6-5-1919)

John Radabaugh who lived southeast of Waterloo died Monday after a long period of suffering with cancer on his face. The remains were taken to Putnam county Ohio, for burial. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 12-12-1915)

AUBURN, Ind., Jan. 30. — William Rohrbaugh, aged 63, a former resident of Auburn died very suddenly, while reading a newspaper, at his home four miles northwest of Butler last evening. He worked all day Thursday and was feeling good and ate a heavy meal at supper time and afterward sat down and read the paper, without a moment's notice he gasped for breath and before anyone could reach his side he had breathed his last. He lived in Auburn few years ago and was a foreman In the W. H. Mclntyre company factory here. He moved to Waterloo from this place and lived there a few years and afterward moved to the farm where he died. He was the father of Dan Rohrbaugh, who was killed in an accident at the W. H. McIntyre's plant, in this city, a few years ago when he fell down an elevator shaft. Mr. Rohrbaugh leaves besides a widow, three sons, namely John, of Hamilton; Charles, of Waterloo, and Clark, who lives on a farm next to his father's place. The funeral will be held Sunday at the home and burial will be made in Waterloo cemetery. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 1-31-1914)

HAMILTON—The funeral of Andrew Sewell, who died Friday at his home in Angola, was held at the Methodist Episcopal church in this place Sunday at 1:30 p. m.. the pastor, the Rev. R. A. Morrison, conducting the services. Int e rment in. the Hamilton cemetery. Mr. Sewell was a former resident of this place, and at one time owned the grist mill here. He was a brother of Perry Sowell, of this place, and father of A. T. Sewell, Mrs. Elizabeth Weir, Mrs. Hiram Sweet and Green Sewell. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 2-3-1914)

George N. Smurr, an early resident of Wilmington township, DeKalb county, died suddenly a few days ago at the age of 81 years. Mr. Smurr was sitting in a chair conversing with members of his family when he was stricken by heart disease and died instantly. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 1-14-1903)

Miss Jennie Steward, daughter of Mrs. Nancy Steward, passed away on Tuesday evening at about 5 o'clock, after an illness of a month's duration, as a result of lagrippe. The deceased was about 44 years of age and was preceded in death, on Dec. 18, by a sister, Miss H. Veva Steward. The deceased is survived by her mother; one sister, Mrs. Addie McCroy, of near Spencerville; one brother, Louis Steward, of Fort Wayne, and several nieces and nephews and other relatives. She was a member of the Methodist church, and Forest chapter No. 44, O. E. S. The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon in the M. E. church, Rev. A. H. Backus officiating, assisted by the Eastern Star chapter officers, who gave the impressive memorial service. Interment was made in the Butler cemetery. (Fort Wayne News, 3-25-1916)

Andrew Stout, aged father of George Stout, of Hamilton, died while visiting his son John at Dayton, Ohio. He was on his way to Florida to spend a few weeks. The deceased was a veterinarian and had a large practice here until about two years ago when he located in Ashley. Funeral services were held this afternoon from the Methodist Episcopal church, the Rev. B. P. Hornaday officiating. The services were in charge of the Knights of Pythias. He leaves three sons, Samuel, of California; John, of Dayton, Ohio, and Postmaster Stout, of Hamilton. Interment in the Hamilton cemetery (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 3-24-1919)

Henry Strow, living on the Sedan road west of Waterloo, died between 9 and 10 o'clock Friday morning. He had been sick with pneumonia about ten days and his death was not, unexpected. He was about 46 years of age and leaves a wife and four children, the youngest 9 years old. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 11-05-1911)

WATERLOO, Ind , May 18 — William Sutlief, a former resident of Waterloo, died Thursday at his home in Monroe, following an extended illness. Funeral services were held this morning at the Pleasant Dale church, with Interment at Monroe Mr. and Mrs. L D. Baumgardner attended the funeral. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 5-18-1918)

Mrs. Sarah Tailor, of Waterloo, died Tuesday morning after an illness of less than one hour. She was 76 years of age. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 1-14-1903)

John Treesh died at his home in Auburn Tuesday, aged eighty years. death was the result of a complication of diseases. He was the father of Mrs. Martin Marsh of this city, surviving are three sons and three daughters, and many grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. The funeral was held Thursday. (Ft. Wayne News, 7-24-1914)

KENDALLVILLE, Ind., Sept. 19.— Mrs. Treesh, whose home is three miles south of Corunna, died Sunday it Fort Wayne after a lingering illness. Mrs. Treesh was 55 years of age. and is survived by her husband, two daughters and three sons. The funeral will be held Tuesday at the Treesh residence at 1:30. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 9-20-1910)

Mrs. Sarah Tustison, aged 88 years, widow of Charles Tustison, died Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Jane Reaser, 2107 Gay Street. Death was due to the infirmities of age. Mrs. Tustison was born in Ohio and came to this city six years ago from Houston, Texas, where she had been living with a daughter. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Reaser of this city, and Mrs. Loretta Hilbert, of Parsons, Kansas; and three sons, George, of Kansas, Martin, of Georgia, and Joseph, of Arkansas. There are four grandsons and two granddaughter and several great-grandchildren. (Ft. Wayne News, 1-11-1907)

Hicksville, Ohio., Jan. 1 - The news was brought to town Friday morning that Washington Tustison, a respected farmer living southwest of Hicksville, had died during the night. Mr. Tustison, the past year, has been afflicted with rheumatism at times but the past few weeks has been some better until Thursday morning when he suddenly took ill and continued to grow worse until the end came during Thursday night. In his death his vicinity loses a splendid neighbor and an exemplary citizen. He leaves a wife and one daughter, Mrs. David Meek, jr. The funeral will be be Monday at the Presbyterian church here, conducted by the pastor, Rev. Gordon. Burial will be at Forest Home. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 1-2-1916)

GARRETT, Ind., April 21--Enos Vian, aged 80 years, for a long time a resident of Corunna, six miles north of here, died at his home near that city yesterday afternoon. Death was due to infirmities of age. The funeral will be held Friday morning at 10 a.m., conducted by the Rev. O. L. Hull, of this city. Interment will be at Cedar Lake Cemetery. (Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, Apr. 22, 1909)

CORUNNA, Ind., Apr. 21--Enos Vian, a prominent farmer residing a half-mile east of this place, died Tuesday evening at five o'clock, aged 83 years. The deceased had been in poor health for the past year and the cause of death was principally from old age. He is survived by a widow, four sons and two daughters. (Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, Apr. 22, 1909)

Mrs. Lydia C. Watson, of Auburn, died at 7:50 o'clock this morning at the Lutheran hospital In this city, at the age of 63 years, 7 months and 13 days. She came to Fort Wayne Monday to undergo an operation for cancer. Mrs. Watson was the widow of Evans A. Watson, was born in New York and had lived about thirty years in Auburn, where she was a member of the First Presbyterian church. Surviving children are Evans L. Watson of this city, and Miss Elmira Watson, of Auburn. The remains were taken to Auburn Saturday afternoon for funeral services and interment. (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 10-23-1909)

Mrs. Anna Wertman, wife of Edward Wertman of Auburn, died at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning at the Lutheran hospital. The husband and one son, Earl, survive her. The body was shipped to Auburn Wednesday afternoon. (Fort Wayne Sentinel, 5-2-1917)

Mrs. W. Wetzel, a resident of Auburn, died late this afternoon at the Lutheran hospital, following an operation. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 2-14-1918)

Mack Williams, the Butler barber who has been quite ill with the grippe and typhoid pneumonia for the past month or more, passed away at about 1'clock Tuesday afternoon. He was married on Thanksgiving Day, 1911, to Miss Marjorie Couch, who, with three small daughters, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Williams, and several brothers and sisters, of Metz, survive him. A short funeral service was held for him at his late residence Wednesday forenoon, the Rev. W. B. Benton, pastor of the Church of Christ, officiating, after which his remains were taken to Metz, where they were laid to rest. Mr. Williams was a young man of only about 24 years of age and very active in the Church of Christ, of which he was a member. He was also a prominent member of the Butler City Band, which turned out to his funeral in a body. (Fort Wayne News, 3-25-1916)

SPENCERVILLE, Ind., July 28.— J. S. Wise, a former resident of Spencerville, died last week at his home on South Van Buren street. Auburn, following an extended illness due to paralysis. Mr. Wise was born and reared near here and lived here the greater part of his life. He moved from here about seven years ago. The deceased leaves a wife, eight children, one brother and a sister. The children are: Mrs. Beulah Vallieu, Spencerville; Vernie, Waterloo; Mrs. Blon Woodring, near Butler; Ralph, Jackson township: Diss, somewhere in France; Clarence, Auburn, and Georgia and Franka, at home. [also see obit below] (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 7-29-1918)

Auburn, Ind., July 24 - Sylvester Wise, a resident of Auburn, died suddenly Tuesday evening following a stroke of paralysis. In the afternoon he had been downtown and apparently was the the best of health. He ate a hearty supper but shortly after the evening meal he was stricken and within a few hours passed into the Great Beyond. The deceased was born and reared on a farm near Spencerville, DeKalb county. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 7-25-1918)

WATERLOO, Ind., Aug. 28.— Elkiah Zerkle, a prominent business man and leading grocer of Waterloo, died at 10:15 o'clock Sunday morning of acute indigestion after an illness of only twenty-four hours. As a man Mr. Zerkle stood high in the community and was ready to help in all good works whether public or private. He was a consistent member of the Evangelical church, an active Sunday school worker, and had recently been appointed a member of Waterloo's new library board. He leaves a wife; one daughter, Mrs. Harry Beldler; a brother, U. S. Zerkle, and a sister Mrs. Abbey Lynn. The two last reside in Garrett. The funeral was held in the Evangelical church Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock,- Rev. D. O Wise, of Louisville, Ky., officiating. In the death of Mr. Zerkle not only his family and close friends are bereft, but the town and the community suffer an irreparable loss. (Fort Wayne News, 8-28-1912)

AUBURN, Ind., Oct 19.—Mrs. Mary Zircher, residing in the Catholic settlement near Waterloo, died very suddenly Friday of Bright's disease. She was past 77 years of age and had suffered many years. Funeral services wore held today from the Catholic church at Summit. (Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, 10-19-1918)

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