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A list of marriage licenses issued during the first four years after the organization of the county:


Sept. 5, Francis Smith to Maria Gunsenhouser.
Sept. 5, John Platte to Emeline Walden.


Jan. 18, Dan Coats to Mary Allan.
Feb. 28, Walter Slaughter to Mary Ackley.
March 12, William McClure to Eve Moody.
May 6, Aaron Vealey to Elinor Nelson.
Jnne 9, Hawley Netterfield to Miranda A. Babcock.
June 26, Noah Brooks to Lydia Abbott.
June 26, Lemuel De Pew to Sarah Watson.
Aug. 7, William De Pew to Eunice Bell Moore.
Aug. 8, William Watson to Elizabeth Smith.
Aug. 8, John W. Rose to Elizabeth Coats.
Aug. 11, Adam Hartle to Prudence Boice.
Nov. 10, Roland C. Hollister to Fanny Coleman.
Nov. 16, Elias Smith to Thursey Watson.
Dec. 25, Peter Simon to Louisa Fair.


Jan. 19, John Rhodes to Hannah Crouch.
Feb. 6, Michael Robinson to Reason R. Spurrier.
Feb. 11, James Thomas to Eunice Strong.
March 8, James Means, Jr., to Isabel Watson.
April 29, William R. Hesbert to Wealthy Stearns.
May 3, Joseph Johnson to Betsey Nelson.
May 25, John Rotnoor to Abigail L. Robe.
July 1, Peter S. Vester to Annabella Widney.
July 9, Cornelius Widener to Elizabeth Bartlett.
Aug. 18, Ashell Chapell to Elizabeth Campbell.
Aug. 26, Charles Watson to Rachel Wyatt.
Sept. 25, William Rhodes to Betsey Boyle.
Nov. 5, Lorenzo D. Alton to Orilla Netterfield.
Nov. 21, John Houlton to Nancy Lewis.
Nov. 28, William Tanner to Eliza Dickinson.
Dec. 9, Isaac Eakright to Emily Handy.
Dec. 23, Uri Phillips to Phebe Abbott.
Dec. 24, Striper Hinkle to Olive Barker.


Jan. 7, Jacob McClish to Leonora Chaffee.
Jan. 15, William S. Goodell to Catherine Herrick.
Jan. 19, Samuel Wasson to Eliza Means.
Jan. 30, Elias Gilpin to Susan Fetter.
March 28, John Moody to Mary Ann Patterson.
March 30, Isaac Lawhead to Jane M. Widney.
April 27, Asa Shaw to Elizabeth Allen.
June 10, Nathaniel Fitch to Sarah DeLong.
June 23, John Bates to Mary Jane Hanes.
May 21, Ephraim B. Strong to Mariette Robinson.
July 17, Edward Deeters to Mary Kinsley.
Aug. 31, Charles Rohrbough/Rohrbaugh to Rebecca Nelson.
Sept. 10, Martin A. King to Hannah Houlton.
Nov. 12, Zachariah Ackley to Catharine Hull.
Nov. 28, Jacob Sheets to Ellen Burdine.
Dec. 15, Jeremiah Norris to Anne Casebeer/Casebere.

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