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Daniel Guthrie Chapter

Indiana Society Sons of the American Revolution

Citizen Awards and Recognitions

The Daniel Guthrie Chapter is active in the community. The Chapter presents individuals and organizations with recognition and awards for outstanding patriotism and service to the community.

Wounded Warrior Coin
2014 First Sergeant Greg Swanson, US Army
2013 Sergeant First Class Jeffery A. McClure, US Army

Flag Recognition Certificates

29 March 2017 Gentry Park Assisted Living, Bloomington, IN
10 Oct 2016 Royal Toyota South, Bloomington, IN
09 Aug 2016 Southern Monroe Water Corporation, Bloomington, IN
11 May 2016 "City of Loogootee", Loogootee, Indiana
16 Jan 2016 Calvary Baptist Church, Bloomington, Indiana
16 Dec 2015 Orleans Congress Square, Orleans, Indiana
7 Aug 2015 Healthy Balance Wellness Center, Bedford, Presented by Compatriot Robert D. Howell Sr.
13 June 2015 Lost River Township Volunteer Fire Department
10 March 2015 Allen Funeral Home
2014 RJ's Gas Station and Convenient Store
2014 Mr & Mrs Steve Ferguson
2013 Deremiah & Frye Mortuary
2013 Day Funeral Home
2013 Edgewood Intermediate School
2013 Madison Tool Company, Inc, Madison, Indiana
2013 SGM and Mrs. Joseph Jones, USMC Retired, Stanford, Indiana
2012 Stanford Baptist Church, Stanford, Indiana
2012 Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Hanover, Indiana
2012 Auxier Gas Services, Hanover, Indiana
2011 Flag Certificate presented to VFW Post 1405, Spencer, Indiana
2011 Flag Certificate presented to Mr. Bobby Joe Harris and
Mr. R. Michael Denney, Spencer, Indiana
2011 Flag Certificate presented to CFC, INC, Bloomington, Indiana.
2011 Flag Certificate was presented to Ronald E. Burkhart
2010 Flag Certificate was presented to the Town of Ellettsville, Indiana for the flags at the East and West ends of the town on SR46.
2009 Flag Certificate was presented to the City of Martinsville, Indiana for their War Memorial Plaza.
2008 Flag Certificate was presented to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7117 located in Worthington, Indiana at a Post meeting by Compatriot James C. Arnold.
2007 Flag Certificate was presented to American Legion Post 18, Bloomington, Indiana at a Post meeting by Compatriot James C. Arnold on behalf of the Daniel Guthrie Chapter.
2006 Ellettsville Police Station, Ellettsville, Indiana.
Crossroads Community Church, Bedford, Indiana

Heroism Medal Receipants
Ms. Jill E. Acres, Mr.John D. Coleman and Mr. Robert Thomas received
the Heroism Award.

Heroism Medal

2017 Paramedic Curtis Clark, Medal for Heroism
Paramedic Zachary Shaw, Medal for Heroism
Paramedic Joseph Sargent, Medal for Heroism

2016 - The Daniel Guthrie Chapter selected three individual to receive the Hero Medals and Certificates they are Ms. Jill E. Acres, Mr.John D. Coleman and
Mr. Robert Thomas.

On the morning of June 30, 2015, Compatriot Terry L. English JD was in the back of the courtroom at about 09:15 when sharp, unrelenting pain in his chest and a wave of nausea right before he lost consciousness. He had no pulse and no coloring in his face. The three Court Officers took immediate action and was able to get a heart beat prior to the EMT's arriving. Compatriot Terry L. English, JD is back on the job today because of their quick action.

2015 Reserve Town Marshall Anthony G. Pope Jr., Spencer Police Department
On Friday, September 19, 2014 while at the Bloomington, Indiana LOTUS Festival, Reserve Town Marshall Anthony (Tony) G. Pope Jr. was standing on
6th Street when someone ran out of the Samira Restaurant seeking help for a choking patron. Officer Pope ran into the restaurant where he tried the Heimlich maneuver on the woman. When a Doctor Beth Florini and Monroe County Prosecutor Chris Gaal came to help. It was found that a piece of lamb was in the woman's throat and was dislodged and she was transported to the local hospital.

2014 Mr. Patrick Reagan and Mr. Timothy J. Tague both employed by AT&T received the Heroism Medals and Certificates for rescuing people from a small plane that crashed into a home in Columbus, Indiana.

2013 Mr. Tracy Grubb received the Heroism Medal and Certificate for saving a truck drivers life when he was stung by a bee and that he was allergic. Mr. Grubb call 911 and informed them of the situation and responding Fireman and EMT's stated that if Mr. Grubb had not acted so quickly the truck driver would probably have died.

2012 Daniel Guthrie Chapter presented the Heroism Medal and Certificate to Paramedic Supervisor Mr. Ron Neibel for endangering his own life by diving underwater in a farm pond to rescue a man trapped inside and unconscious. He was able to get the man out and in the hands of two other EMT's.

2011 Daniel Guthrie Chapter presented the Heroism Medal to Paramedic Wyan "Dru" Johnson, Bloomington Hospital Ambulance Service. " ...was notified by dispatch of a accident and that a firefighter was trapped in the vehicle. The truck was on fire and the firefighter that was trapped was beginning to be engulfed in flames. Paramedic worked diligently to keep the flames down and attempted to free the firefighter. Working in intense heat and at times had to get back to cool down but continuing to extinguish the flames and to free the firefighter, which was eventually accomplished..."

2010 Daniel Guthrie Chapter presented Heroism Medals to Bloomington Police Officers, Officer Jeffrey Rees, Officer Daniel Coons and Officer Matthew Gilmore.

Their story is best told by the following press release:

Captain Joe Qualters
Bloomington Police Department

Officers Pull Man from Burning Car

Three officers from the Bloomington Police Department pulled a man from a burning car after responding to a 911 call of a possible accident with a vehicle on fire. The incident occurred at approximately 3:40 a.m. today [4 March 2010] near the intersection of W. Allen and S. Patterson Streets.
The victim, a male, 40, of Bloomington, is currently at Bloomington Hospital, but the extent of his injuries and his current medical status is unknown.

The officers, Officer Jeffrey Rees, Officer Daniel Coons and Officer Matthew Gilmore attempted to extinguish the flames with fire extinguishers when it was determined the vehicle was occupied with someone in the driverís seat. Officer Gilmore attempted to open the driverís door, but the door handle fell off due to the heat generated by the fire. Officer Coons then broke out the driverís window with his baton and all three officers pulled him [driver] through the opening. He [victim] was carried across the street to await the arrival of the ambulance just before a small explosion was heard coming from the front of the burning vehicle. While attempting to remove Roberts [victim], the officers indicated that he was still trying to start the vehicle.

The officers were treated and released for minor injuries and smoke inhalation.

The circumstances of the vehicle fire and possible accident are still under investigation. A preliminary observation of the exterior of the vehicle by accident reconstruction investigators did not reveal any signs of impact or obvious damage.

Chief Michael Diekhoff said of the officersí actions, "I am extremely proud of the response by these officers to a very dangerous situation that put their personal safety in jeopardy. Undoubtedly, their actions saved this manís life and we applaud their effort."

The officers have been nominated for the Departmentís Lifesaving and Bravery Awards.
- - - - - - -
Newspaper article: The Herald-Times, Bloomington, Indiana, Friday, March 5, 2010

February 17, 2009 Daniel Guthrie Chapter presented the Heroism Medal to Mr. Erich Lingenfelter. The following is his words for the event to which he was honored.

"I had worked a 10 hour day and was very tired. Two hours into by trip home the weather had turned for the worst, some freezing rain and light snow, and the roads began to refreeze a little east of Nebraska, Indiana. I saw cars sliding and swerving about 300 yards in front of me in a curve. I was following a white van maybe 50 yards back. As we got to a bend I saw a dark blue minivan on its top and on fire! As the white van and I skidded to any icy halt I could see no one was around and 4 to 6 cars were sitting in the west bound lane of RT 50.

Debris was everywhere on the ice covered road. In seconds we were crawling up inside the burning van. The man in front of me began to cut at the first seatbelt, but his knife was very dull. I ran back to my car and got a seatbelt cutter, only seconds had passed upon my return. The belt was cut but the lady was stuck in the wreckage. We got her free and began to drag her across the roadway. Twenty feet or so, and another fellow grabbed her legs to help. I laid her down on the frozen road and returned to assist the burning van. A semi-conscious old man was being pulled out at this time I grabbed an arm and helped get him to safety. With a weak flashlight and a smoke filled van, it was hard to see but no one else was in there. I am no hero! I am just a guy who was on his way home and did what I thought was right."

Law Enforcement Commendation Medal Receipants
Sgt. Curt J. Durnil and Master Trooper Mark Raper
receive the Law Enforcement Commendation Award

Law Enforcement Commendation Medal

2017 Chief Jimmie D. Durnil, Chief of Police, Ellettsville, Indiana

2015 Indiana State Police Master Trooper Jared Lents
Master Trooper Jarrod Lents was awarded the Purple Heart and Combat Action Award for his actions during an attempted armed robbery of the Black Oak Armament gun shop in Montgomery, Indiana. He was shot five times and if it was not for the ballistic vest, he would have been killed in the line of duty. With his vest, he only received non-life-threatening injuries. After being wounded Trooper Lents returned fire and killed the suspect.

2013 The following two Indiana State Police Officers received the Law Enforcement Commendation Awards and Certificates. Sgt Curt J. Durnil and Master Trooper Mark Raper of the Bloomington, Indiana Post. For the past 10 years they have information on the radio program "Cop Talk" on WBWB/WHCC 105.1 FM. This program is one (1) hour long and they take calls from the listeners and answer their question concerning Indiana Traffic Laws. The radio station serves Morgan, Owen, Monroe, Green, Lawrence, Orange, Martin and Brown Counties in Indiana. This broadcast reaches about 336,000 families.

2013 Hugh Shanahan Indiana SAR Law Enforcement Commendation Medal

2012 Law Enforcement Commendation Medal and Certificate were presented to Indiana State Police Master Trooper Mark Clephane for his actions with Trooper Butler. Also for the actions that he performed at the Indiana State Fair stage collapse in which he helped save lives and rescued victims from under the debris.

2012 ISP Trooper Justin Butler. A 911 caller originally suspected to be domestic dispute inside a vehicle traveling on Indiana 37 south near Avoca, Indiana. Trooper Justin Butler initiated a traffic stop and with assistance of Master Trooper Mark Clephane and officers from another assisting police agency. It was determined there was no domestic dispute in fact the passenger was suffering from respiratory arrest. The victim was loaded into Trooper Butler's State Police Cruiser and taken to Bedford Regional Medical Center. The Medical staff and the resident doctor stated that the victim would not have survived if not for the decisive action of the responding officers.

2011 Sergeant Dana C. Miller, Indiana State Police, Martin County was presented this award for being a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) that worked numerous criminal cases, including murder, rapes, child molestation, and many public sensitive cases involving around public officials.

2011 Master Trooper Ken R. Miller, Indiana State Police, Martin County was presented this award for developing a Problem Oriented Program regarding methcathinone/methamphetamine lab discovery, dismantling and making the largest methcathinone lab seizure in State history in Martin County. The suspects received a life sentence. His "POPS" program was submitted to National level law enforcement competition that resulted in 7th place throughout the nation.

2009 Chief Deputy Greg Denny, Owen County Sheriff's Department for this work with the 5th grade students. He instructs them in law enforcement and safety then in turn they instruct the kindergarten students with supervision.

2008 Law Enforcement Medal and Certificate was presented to Corporal Eric Jack Dunn, Indiana State Police.

2006 Detective Marty Deckard of the Bloomington Police Department was honored for his work in cracking a child pornography case that netted the longest-ever sentence for a convicted offender in Indianaís southern district. Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana Tim Morrison said, "He's been a pretty active investigator in child exploitation cases. He obtained a search warrant for David Turnerís residence, contacted the FBI and recovered a hard drive and 327 disks containing over 50,000 images of nude children." Convicted Offender David Turner received a sentence of 100 years by the U.S. District Court. The hard drive and disks is still being analyzed. The investigation is on going and has involved other Cities in Indiana.

2005 Presented to Detective William K. Jeffers, an eight-year veteran of the Bloomington, IN, Police Department. Detective Jeffers was instrumental in a multi-agency investigation that lead to the arrest and conviction on various drug charges of some 34 individuals in federal and state courts.

Firefighter Safety Commendation Receipants
Deputy Chief Kevin Patton of the Ellettsville Fire Department
received the Fire Safety Commendation Medals and Certificates.

Fire Safety Commendation Medal

2016 Deputy Chief Kevin Patton of the Ellettsville Fire Department was selected to receive the Fire Safety Commendation award for energy and expertise that has increased the departments overall capabilities. Kevin has exceptional work ethics and is a "go to guy" within his department.

2015 Captain Russell Edwards, Bloomington Township Fire Department.
Captain Edwards was one of the first certified Emergency Medical Technicians, as well as one of the first Hazardous Material Technician for the Bloomington Township Fire Department. Through his 38 years with the department, Captain Edwards advanced through the ranks of the department. Positions held through the years have been Master Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief and Chief of the Department. He has responded to structure fires, medical emergencies, various rescues, vehicle accidents and chemical emergencies.

2014 Captain J.J. McWhorter, Perry-Clear Creek Volunteer Fire Department and Engineer Chris Welsh from the Bloomington Fire Department received the Fire Safety Commendation Medals and Certificates for saving a man life from a smoke filled house fire. They entered the home and got the man out without their air-packs.

2013 Deputy Chief Michael D. Cornman of the Ellettsville Fire Department, Ellettsville, Indiana received the Fire Safety Commendation Medal and Certificate. Deputy Chief Cornman has been a firefighter for 33 years and is a certified EMT. He is a certified instructor for Fire Sciences at Ivy Tech College and other locations within Monroe County. Deputy Chief Cornman also supervisors the Bloomington Hospital Ambulance and Communication services. On his spare time he coached the girls softball and served 8 years on the Ellettsville Town Board.

2011 Fire Chief Cameron L. Wolf He is the director of the Martin County Emergency Management Department and Chief of the Martin County Fire and Rescue Unit. He also serves as a firefighter on the Loogootee VFD and the Shoals VFD. He serves on the County Health Board providing direction for that organization in planning for possible pandemics. Chief Wolf has been certified as a first responder.

2011 Captain Woodrow Hueston, Bloomington Fire Station #2 "...having experience in construction and a good grasp on common sense. Doesn't get flustered or panicked at fires. He is not afraid of getting in there and doing the job. This has not escaped many your firefighters. He was part of a code save this year and I wouldn't doubt it not his last..."

2010 Lt. Clayton Edwards, Bloomington Township Fire Department.

2009 Charles Fish, Ron Sparks and Raymond Worland received the Fire Safety Commendation Medal on February 17, 2009 for their actions in rescuing Judith Kirk from a trailer fire.

On September 20th, 2008 Ron Sparks and Charles Fish arrived on-scene of a trailer fire. The trailer belonged to Judith Kirk age 69. Ron and Charles, in street clothes, entered the smoke-ridden trailer by crawling on their bellies. Smoke was so bad that they had to exit the trailer, they made a second attempt but were unable to get the owner out. Ron then went to the nearby fire station to get a fire truck and gear.

In the meantime, Raymond Worland arrived on the scene. He lives almost next door and was on his way to a wedding. He saw the smoke, grabbed his fire gear and put it on as he approached the mobile home.

All three firefighters were now on the scene. Ron entered with the fire hose to clear a path for Ray and Chuck who were then able to retrieve Judith. A week later, Judith died at Wishard Hospital of smoke inhalation and burns.

On November 8, 2008 all three firefighters were recipients of the "Medal of Valor" form the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters' Association.2006 Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department first responder Dennis Baker received the Fire Safety Commendation Medal on February 20, 2007 for his actions in saving a 10-month-old child that had gone into fever induced seizure and had stopped breathing.

2005 Presented to Chief Gary D. Crawford, Volunteer Fire Department Co. #19, Gosport, IN. A retired Indianapolis, IN, fireman with 32 years service, Chief Crawford stepped forward in August 2004 to rebuild a department devastated by personnel losses. He has recruited replacements, improved training, replaced old equipment, and established mutual aid agreements with neighboring Volunteer Fire Departments. This has resulted in an improved ISO rating that represents a savings to the residents and businesses in the Town of Gosport.

Emergency Medical Technician Commendation Medal Receipants
EMT Ashley Schaefer received the
Emergency Medical Services Medals and Certificates

Emergency Medical Technician Commendation Medal

2017 EMT Daniel Rheinhart, Assistant Director/Shift Supervisor,
Owen County EMS

2016 - EMT Ashley Schaefer, Seals Ambulance Service received the EMS Commendation Award from the Daniel Guthrie Chapter. She is always learning new techniques and is her politeness towards anyone she encounters, and willingness to help. She helps organize paperwork, checking run volume and covers shifts when necessary.

2014 Emergency Medical Services Medals and Certificates was presented to Ms. Tina Ferguson and Mr. Robbie Schoenstein for their action in saving a ladies life who has severe chest pains and become unresponsive and stopped breathing beside the road while they where on another run.

2012 Emergency Medical Services Commendation Medal's was presented to Ms. Tabetha Woods and Mr. Jamey Harden for there action on Oct 24, 2011. When a vehicle accident occurred and the driver and passenger where in a farm pond they where able to get the passenger out and Mr. Harden found the driver underwater but could not get him out. Once Mr. Neibel was able to free the driver both Ms. Woods and Mr. Harden was able to initiate CPR and revive the victim before he was loaded into a Ambulance. These actions saved both of the accident victims lives.

2010 Emergency Medical Services Award and certificate was presented to Paramedic Douglas Edward Hall of the Linton Fire Department. On one ambulance run Paramedic Hall responded to a 28 year old male who had no pulse and not breathing thru Paramedic Hall's action the individual was successfully defibrillated and given appropriate cardiac drugs to return his pulses and spontaneous breathings.

2009 EMT Nick Powell, Bloomington Hospital Ambulance Service first responder for saving the life of a one-year old girl who had stopped breathing. He hooked her to a portable respirator that forced oxygen into her lungs. She is now under treatment and living a normal life of an active toddler.

2008 EMT Clayton Delany Edwards, Bloomington Township Fire Department received the EMT Service Medal and Certificate.

2006 Emergency Medical Technician Bill Raines received the EMT Commendation Medal for his actions in saving a 10-month-old child that had gone into fever induced seizure and had stopped breathing. Mrs. Kimberly Earl said, "They didnít have to do what they did, I believe he (Dawson Earl) would be gone if they had not been there." They administered CPR for over 11 minutes before the 911 ambulance arrived and took over. Today Dawson is a fine healthy child thanks to our Volunteer Fire Department in Springville, Indiana

Tom and Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award
This award winner will represent a teacher whose instruction on the Revolutionary War era from 1750 - 1800 demonstrates educational efforts in the classroom that exceed and excel above current, accepted, curriculum requirements. These extraordinary educators at private, public, and parochial institutions, who teach our children in a middle or high school setting, will be recognized for actively addressing the history of the American Revolutionary era.

The award program will be conducted in three (3) phases: Local Chapter, State Society, and National Society. The applicant must begin the entry process by obtaining an application form and submitting the completed application through a local SAR Chapter. Those teacher candidates interested in entering the Local Chapter awards contest must complete the required application and submit a written essay, not to exceed 500 words, discussing any extraordinary teaching techniques or innovative projects utilized by the teacher in the past to teach the Revolutionary War. The essay should also discuss why the teacher wants to attend the Valley Forge Summer Teacher Graduate Workshops and how the teacher would utilize the knowledge gained there in his/her classrooms in the future.

Contact the Daniel Guthrie Chapter for details on how to enter.
For more information visit the Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award web site.

Tom and Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award Winners Edgewood High School, Ellettsville, Indiana History Teacher, Compatriot Doug Wilson, was selected in December 2006 to be the Daniel Guthrie Chapter, Indiana SAR's entry into the Tom and Betty Lawrence American History Teacher competition at the State level.

In February Compatriot Doug Wilson was selected by the National Society Sons of the American Revolution as the winner of the Tom and Betty Lawrence American History Teacher competition. He will get a scholarship to attend a weeklong seminar at Valley Forge, PA about the American Revolution.

Bronze Good Citizen Medal

2015 Lieutenant Eugene "Dennis" Nail, Martinsville Police Department.
2013 - Adam Campbell
2013 - Seth Campbell
2012 - Mr. Hayden C. McMahon
2011 - Mr. Robert Crum, UPS driver that saved a home on his route from burning down. He made a 911 call and then proceeded to extinguish the fire before help arrived thus saving the home.
2011 - Eagle Scout Alexander Reese was presented the bronze Good Citizenship Medal in English, Indiana by then President Ronald E. Burkhart for his Eagle Scout Project in restoring an old cemetery that was found on his fatherís property which was unknown when the property was bought. This cemetery was dated in the late 1700s to early 1800s
2010 - Colonel John Tilford, USA Ret. for starting the Hoosier Honors Flight for WWII Veterans going to the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. at no charge to them.
2010 - Alexander T. Reese
2010 - Ms. Georgann Wilson from the Veterans Affairs Office, I.U. Bloomington for starting the Hoosier Honors Flight for WWII Veterans going to the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. at no charge to them.
2010 - Mrs. Beverly A. Terry for helping save a life on the Hoosier Honor Flight to Washington D.C.


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