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44th Indiana Civil War Regiment
Margaret Hobson reference books

Margaret Hobson, local family historian and 44th Indiana Civil War researcher, has completed three books on the Regiment. The first one, The Iron Men of Indiana's 44th Regiment, Part 1: Biographies and Statistics, is a large hardbound book of 400 pages. It includes short biographies of the 2,012 men who served followed by 20 pages, in color, of charts and graphs about the regiment.

When the call came out in 1861 for volunteers to fight in the Civil War, northeast Indiana was ready. Deeply patriotic and committed to maintaining the Union, they formed the 44th Indiana Regiment and mustered in at Camp Allen in Fort Wayne.

No one can tell the story better than the men who were there and in their own words. The second book is The Voices of the 44th Indiana Regiment, Part 2: Formation and Photos. It's the same size as book 1 and contains over 250 photos of the men and covers their time until the first battle. In addition, it contains biographies of the officers and court martial transcripts of those who strayed.

The third book on the regiment is entitled, The Voices of the 44th Indiana. Part 3: Battles and Provost Duty, and it too is available for purchase.

Any or all of these books may be purchased on the following web page:

Margaret Hobson may be contacted at

DeKalb County was very patriotic and supported the 44th Indiana by sending a full company, Co. F, and a partial company, Co. K. Here is a list of the names.

Company F:

Henry J. Abel

James H. Abel

Hollas B. Aikins

Simeon J. Aldrich

David Andress

Willis P. Andrews

William Y. Babcock

Lewis Baird

Wilson S. Barden

William Bender

Nicholas Berntrigger

Charles P. Beverly

Otis Blood

John Brown

Isaac S. Brubaker

Michael Brubaker

James Brubaker

John G. Casebeer

Calvin Casebeer

Francis S. Chandler

Noble Cherry

Edward R. Coburn

William Cochran

Daniel W. Cole

James Colegrove

Herman P. Colgrove

William Collier

George H. Cosper

Peter Countryman

Ludwig Countryman

Joseph Craig

Oscar I. Crain

Charles O. Danks

Solomon DeLong

Ezra Dickinson

William A. Diehl

James G. Dirrim

Richard Dirrim

Robert R. Dirrim

Hugh W. Dirrim

Isaac Ditmar

Isaac Fierstone

William Fisher

James Flora

Rollin E. Ford

George W. Freeby

William Friend

Nathan T. Fuller

Hiram Gaff

Alonzo E. Gaff

David Gaff

Frederick Ginter

Samuel Goodman

Chester D. Greenamyer

Daniel Greenwalt

George W. Groves

Henry Gunsenhouser

John Gunsenhouser

Marshall Hadsell

Alexander Hart

David N. Hart

John H. Hart

Aseph Harwood

Francis M. Haughey

John Q.A. Haughey

Allen S. Headley

Jacob Hicks

Jacob Hoffman

George G. Hopkins

Alexander C. Huffman

John Humbarger

Jacob Humbarger

Samuel Jacques

David Jaques

Francis A. Johnson

Alexander Kinmont

Thomas C. Kinmont

Leonard Kirby

Solomon Knisely

Joseph D.K. Lowery

Wesley W. Lowery

Samuel Ludwig

George Majors

Reason Maple

Nathan H. Mathews

Robert Mathews

Stephen McCurdy

Tempest T. McCurdy

Michael McIntaffer

George W. Merrill

Henry Milliman

James M. Milliman

Warren Milliman

Henry L. Monroe

Nelson Mullennix

Jacob Myers

Wilson Nichols

Harvey Nichols

Alexander L. Nichols

John Noatstine

Orlando Oberlin

Samuel Oberlin

Adam Oberlin

George W. Palmer

Jacob Parker

Henry C. Pryor

George W. Red

Henry S. Reed

George E. Revett

James Revett

Samuel R. Rickel

Francis P. Robbins

Bennett S. Robe

David G. Robinson

Alfred Rose

Robert Schamp

John M. Scott

George T. Shick

Frederick Shock

John Slentz

George W. Slentz

Jacob Slentz

Henry Slentz

Thomas O. Sloan

Alexander L. Sloane

William M. Smith

John C. Smith

John H. Smith

Nathan Stockwell

William H. Stoy

Andrew J. Strole

James M. Thomas

Irving N. Thomas

Jason H. Thurston

Lewis R. Tiffany

Albert P. Totten

Trustyman B. Totten

John H. Trauger

Stephen Turner

Martin V. Turner

George W. Wallace

Henry L. Wallace

John H. Webster

George W. Weeks

Sidney N. Welch

Hiram B. Williams

David N. Yarnell

Company K:

Simeon C. Aldrich

Eugene S. Aldrich

Henry H. Altman

Elias Baylor

Norris S. Bennett

Malcolm Bennett

Charles M. Bixler

William H. Boren

Shurban Bullard

Jacob G. Casebeer

James M. Chilcoat

John M. Chilcoat

John Chilcoat

Caleb Clark

John Cook

Benjamin F. Cornell

William H.H. Cornell

Charles Creiger

Simon M. Cutler

Abram Depue

Robert Douglas

Andrew F. Dull

Isaac Ebert

Henry Eldridge

Samuel H. Elliott

Samuel Ensley

Nicholas Ensley

Samuel Fair

James E. Fair

Hiram M. Fanning

John J. Framton

James Gaylard

George W. Gordon

William Greenamyer

John Guice

Levi Guthrie

Robert Hall

James H. Harkrader

Harrison Harwood

Henry H. Hawley

Martin V. Hefflefinger

Albert Higgins

William F. Hinkle

Cornelius Hinton

John H.C. Hoffman

Martin L. Holcomb

Andrew Hollopeter

George Hoodlemier

Lenord Hoodlemyer

Jerred F. Housel

Nicholas D. Kentz

John M. Kimsey

William T. Kimsey

Oscar F. Knapp

William H. Kynett

Henry H. Lemon

Thomas O. Leslie

Jacob Link

Elijah Lock

Reuben Lockwood

Charles Lockwood

Lyman Lockwood

John G. Long

George W. McDorman

John O. McMillen

Samuel E. Mease

William Melandy

William Middleton

James Miller

Thomas J. Moore

George Morley

Jerome Morse

Alanson Munday

Edward Musser

Wesley Parks

Philip Parnel

James E. Pearse

Albert Pepple

Lemuel Richey

Madison Rogers

Orange A. Row

George Sanderson

Henry Severns

Sylvester Shank

Norman C. Shank

Jeremiah J. Shatto

John L. Shatto

Christopher C. Simon

Joseph P. Sisson

James Sloan

Hiram L. Smith

David Smith

Isaiah Smith

Ambrose Smith

Joel Smith

Samuel L. Squier

Daniel W. Squire

John L. Stacy

Calfenus Surfus

George Swain

Charles M. Thomas

Joseph S. Thompson

Levi Wallack

Solomon E. Waters

Orlo A. Whipple

Martin R. Whittig

Moses B. Willis

Franklin W. Willis

John H. Wilson

George F. Wilson

James G. Wiseman

Isaac M. Wood


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