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Cedar Creek Cemetery




Directions:  Butler Township, S°27  T°33N  R°12E  This church cemetery is located on the corner of CR68 and CR11A.  You can take US 27 south of Auburn and turn west on CR68 until you come to CR11A.  It is on the NW corner.

CEDAR CREEK CEMETERY HISTORY from "History of DeKalb County Cemeteries" by Dorothy A. Ditmars, April 18, 1924.
    The cemetery was begun sometime in 1858 or 1860, it is located only a short distance from the old St. John's Lutheran Cemetery.  The land for this cemetery was taken from the Robert Work farm.
    The cemetery has grown a great deal. Many of the old soldiers who gave their lives for their county now rest in this peaceful lot.  Many of the Simon's, Fair's, Snyder's, Pepples', Lige's, Hietz, Miller's, and Huffman's were buried there.
    It is said that the first person who was buried there was a Mr. Miller.  He was hauled there on a wagon with a team of oxen and buried in a rough box.
    The cemetery has been extended twice on the north side, and is still increasing.

Information from "So Grows A City" Official Publication Of The Greater Garrett Centennial Corp.  It was written or submitted by Georgia Bowes.
    Cedar Creek Cemetery
    Of the four cemeteries considered, according to the records, Cedar Creek is the oldest.  Five people met at Cedar Creek Chapel May 26, 1877, to plan for a cemetery.   Officers elected that day were A. C. Griffin, president, and W. H. Keeran, secretary.  Trustees Griffin, C. C. Clark, and John Hogue bought two acres of land from Robert Work and wife for $100 June l7, 1877.  Part of this land was to be laid out in lots and sold for $5 each.  One section was designated for those who were too poor to pay.  This section is now filled.  The southwest corner represents the old burial ground, which is included in the cemetery but is not laid out in lots.  In October 1877 the cemetery was incorporated.
    In 1900 it was decided to build a fence around the cemetery.  The trustees advertised by posting notices, to let the job of fencing, specifying that the south and east sides, fronting the roads, were to be ornamental iron and the west and north sides were to be good substantial wire fence with cedar posts.  The job contract was awarded to J. A. Miller, who erected the fence in September 1901.
    In the beginning owners of lots were assessed for their upkeep, but in 1938 or 1940 perpetual care came into being.  A certain percentage of the cost of the lot was set aside for mowing and general care of the graves.
    In this cemetery, as in other old cemeteries, may be found dates on stones that preceded the date of Cedar Creek's beginning.  This shows that graves from private cemeteries have been moved to Cedar Creek.  The oldest date found in the cemetery is 1851.  It is said that the first white woman born in DeKalb county is buried there.
    In years one by it was the custom to have a Memorial Day ceremony on the Mound with a band and a speaker.  This custom has been long discontinued.
    According to the present plat, the original section and four additional ones exist.  The latest addition was land purchased from John Reever.  In recent years a new arch has been erected near the entrance to the cemetery.  At the top in large letters is Cedar Creek Cemetery, Inc., and beneath in smaller letters, Cedar Chapel.
    The present officers are Edward Shutt, president and Sexton; Arthur Wilderson, vice-president, and Mrs. Richard ?iffin, secretary-treasurer.  Completing the board of directors are Jack Wappes, Russel Housel and Myles Hixson.

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