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Calvary Cemetery

Directions:  Keyser Township, DeKalb County, Indiana, S°28  T°34N  R°13E   W°41  22.119'   W085   09.316'
This church cemetery is located one mile west of SR327.  From SR8, go north o.25 mile on CR7.  Cemetery is located on both sides CR7   (east & west)

Information from "So Grows A City" Official Publication Of The Greater Garrett Centennial Corp.  It was written or submitted by Georgia Bowes.

    In 1888 Jacob Brechbill donated ground for the Christian Union Church and plot to the south for a cemetery.  As lots were sold, proceeds were given to the church.  In 1918 when the cemetery was incorporated, the trustees were O. M. Foote, H. R. Davidson, Henry Yarde, W. D. Cooke and H. A. Hinklin.
    To enlarge the cemetery, land on the west side of county road 7 directly across from he church, was bought from the Walter Davidson family.  The first west side addition was purchase din 1949 and opened in 1950.  Lots were 10 by 20 feet, large enough for five graves.  The second west addition opened in July 1965.  The entire cemetery now encompasses 11 acres.  One section, set apart fort the burial of babies only, is known as Baby Haven.
    Christian Union is perhaps the largest cemetery in this area.  The grounds are carefully tended, and since the advent of artificial flowers, the cemetery is colorful the year around.  John Wagner is caretaker.
    Members of the board of directors are Sam Cooke, president;  A. W. Gallatin, vice-president; Esther Davison, secretary-treasurer; Richard Haynes and Harry Rowe.

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