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Woodlawn Cemetery

Directions:  Union Township, DeKalb County, Indiana,   S°32  T°34N  R°13E   41 21'17"N   85 03'03"W
This public cemetery is located in the town of Auburn on the corner of Center St./CR39 and CR48.  From SR8/Seventh St, east of CR427/Main St. go south on Center St.  Roselawn, Woodlawn, and Southlawn look like one large cemetery.  Roselawn is on the north end, Woodlawn is in the middle, and Southlawn is on the south end.

From the 1920 History of Northeast Indiana, p. 584
    Among the notable features of Auburn are Woodlawn and Evergreen Cemeteries and Eckhart Park.  The former cemetery occupies the site of the old Peter Shafer farm, southeast of the city the property belonged to the Peter Shafer heirs, represented by Henry Shafer, a lawyer.  He had the ground platted, the lots offered for sale, and a beautiful cemetery has been since developed from the land….

From "History of DeKalb County Cemeteries" by Dorothy A. Ditmars, April 18, 1924.
    Sometime in 1888 or 1890, the Woodlawn Cemetery was laid out by Henry Shaffer.  It is a part of the Peter Shaffer farm, and lies on the west side of the St. Joe road.  It was marked out and surveyed by Mr. C. Van Auken, directed by Henry Shaffer.  It has so rapidly filled up that additions had to be made and in 1923 burials were made on the north side of it.  This land was owned by Mr. Abel.  This cemetery is very beautiful, and it cannot be too much so for the many good souls whose bodies lie resting there in peace.

Baird, Calvin
Baird, Phoebe
Baird, Ruth Lavaun
Capen, Family Plot
Capen, Anna M.
Capen, Franklin
Capen, Lola
Capen, Nancy Ann
Capen, Robert C.
Capen, R. Stanley
Eakright, Ellsworth
Eakright, Etta I.
Eakright, William D.

Lay, George C.

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