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Submitted to DCIGS Newsletter (Fall 2003) by Roselyn Wells
Thursday, The Waterloo Press, January 16, 1913

Life of Albert Elroy Klontz, Deceased
     Albert Elroy Klotz was born in Waterloo, Ind., March 6, 1892 and death claimed him in Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 3, 1913, age 20 years, 9 months, 27 days.  He received his early education in the Waterloo schools going from his home town to Grand Rapids when about 15 years of age and at once became an employe of the Macey Furniture Co.  After two years service to this factory he went to the northwest where he was employed during the World's Fair in Seattle by a railroad construction company in Montana and Washington,  He remained in the northwest until about 18 months ago, when he returned to Grand Rapids and again entered the employ of the Macey Company.  A strike occurring in the plant and Roy being a union man he staid with the other workmen in their contention and at once he received a position as welder with the Leopard Refrigerator Co.  He remained in that service until stricken with a hemorrhage, Aug. 4, 1912.  On the advice of his physician he was hurried to the tuberculosis hospital where with the aid of his nurses and the medical attendants he made a heroic fight for the continuance of his young life, but it was all unavailing.  He bore his long months of suffering with patience and manly fortitude.  To those about him in his closing days he often talked of death saying he was not afraid to go.  We trust that in his suffering days he had received that consciousness of the presence of the Master with which the very fear of death is disarmed.
     He was a member of the Royal Arcanum Order of Co. B. 2nd Regt. Mich. N. G. and of the Furniture Manufacturer's Union.  He believed in human brotherhood and loyal patriotism and thus allied himself with those social, civic, and patriotic organizations.  Wherever he went he had that winning manner which stamped him as a young gentleman, and which grouped around him a company of sincere friends.  He leaves besides this host of friends, an aged grandmother, Mrs. McAnally; a mother, Mrs. Lizzie B. Squires, one sister, Mrs. Mae Miles; two brothers, E. G. and Don Klotz; a very dear lady friend and a kind stepfather, L. Squires.
     He will be missed, we can't forget him since he had such a grip upon our hearts, but we hope to meet him in God's own land where there is no more suffering or tears.
     The body was brought from Grand Rapids to Waterloo Saturday and the funeral, conducted by Rev. G. F. Hubbartt was  held from the home of his mother, corner of Center and R. R. streets.  The interment was in the Waterloo cemetery.
     Among the relatives who attended the funeral were the following:  Forrest Hixon and wife and D. Perry and wife, of St. Johns; Geo. Stamets and family of Millersburg, Ind.; E. G. Klotz, of Brimfield; Mrs. Etta Lige and son and A. Houser, of Garrett; Mrs. And Mrs. F. R. Knott and Mrs. Sarah Knott of Waterloo.  Floral offerings were sent from Marion, Ohio, by Roy and Ralph Lindsay.

     Mrs. Lizzie Squires (nee Klotz) and family desire to express their thanks to all the friends who gave assistance and sympathy in their bereavement in the death of Albert Elroy Klotz.

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