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DeKalb County Indiana Obituary

Albert Rowe
Contributed by Roselyn (Mills) Wells

The Waterloo Press, May 31, 1900

Sat. evening, Burt Rowe, a farm hand who had contracted for the summer with Bert Campbell just north of town (Waterloo) left the farm at 7:00 p.m. and came to Waterloo.  A few minutes before the 8:35 Kendallville accommodation was due Mr. C gave him some money and declares Rowe was then sober, and went immediately to the Lake Shore depot, where he purchased a ticket for Sedan expecting to spend Sunday at his home directly north of that place, in Fairfield Twp.  As the train whistled for the station, Rowe walked out of the car, and said to some of his acquaintances, "Goodbye boys, I leave you here." and in some unknown manner he fell from the train, when nearly half a mile from the station.  The train men discovered the accident and backed the train up.  He found to be badly bruised and his skull crushed.  He was left a Sedan, and lingered in a semi-conscious condition until 3:00 p.m. Sunday, when death relieved his suffering.  The deceased about 20 years of age, industrious, and a good hand on the farm.  His untimely death is mourned by his friends.  From the fact that the train was to stop at the station it is thought that he fell off the train, or otherwise in the darkness, supposed the train had passed the station, as it only a flag station, and hastily jumped from the train.

June 7, 1900, The Waterloo Press, Thursday

     Albert Edward Rowe was born in Fairfield Twp., DeKalb Co., Ind. April 15, 1880, died at his mother's home, May 27, 1900, aged 20 years, 1 month, 12 days.
     He was converted and united with the U. B. church at Maple Grove, last winter, in a meeting held by Rev. Tussing.  His death was very sudden, being caused by an accident on the railroad while returning home from Waterloo.  How it occurred no one knows.  May the Master sustain his bereaved other.  Funeral services from the Lutheran church at Fairfield, conducted by Rev. A. E. Gaff, assisted by Rev. A. H. Tussing.


 DeKalb Newspaper?, June 1, 1900

Accidently Killed
     On last Saturday evening, Bert Rowe, a son of Mrs. Zacheus Rowe, living one mile north of this place, boarded train No. 151 at Waterloo for this place.  One mile east of here he got up and left the car.  On arriving at Sedan and he was missed by conductor Hatticks and the train was backed about one mile and within a couple hundred feet of where he was afterwards found. They not finding him and the train being run at the rate of 55 miles an hour, the search was continued by the citizens of this place and he was found first by C. M. Reynolds and Chas. Schraeder, lying on his face, between the tracks.  A rig was procured near by and he was taken home and physicians called.  It was found that his skull was fractured, three ribs and arm broken and other internal injuries.  He died on Sunday, funeral services were held at Fairfield Center on Tuesday.

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