1902 Noblesville High School Graduates

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Several years ago we were given a picture that shows the 1902 Noblesville High School graduating class. There are 32 pictures in small ovals on the larger background. In the middle is a picture of the High School, which is now the Boys and Girls Club. Dottie Young has identified some of the graduates and Sharon Craig added some identifications recently, but not all the graduates yet have names.

Another stumbling block to identifcation is the lack of a 1902 Noblesville High School Annual. Neither the Historical Society or the Noblesville Southeastern Library has a copy.

If you have a copy of this annual, we would like to borrow it to identify the rest of the pictures. If you had relatives that graduated that year, we would appreciate any help you can give us. The picture is on display at the Hamilton County Historical Museum in the old Jail on the public square. It can be viewed between 10AM-4PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please help us give names to these graduates.

Below is a list of the graduates, with those that have been identified marked with the letters ID. If it show ID?, that means we are not sure it is the correct person

1902 Graduating Class
Jennie Aldred?Clara Austin?
Worth BrehmIDEarl BrooksID
Harry BrownIDVirgil Burnau?
Jean Clark?Flossie Earl?
Rosa Elmerick?W. EssingtonID
Roswell Farley?Bertha Helms?
Edward HeuseIDAldis HutchensID
Mae Jacobs?Stephen(Grover)Kelly?
Elmer KepnerIDHerman McDonald?
Stella Meisse?Grace Miller?
Fannie NagleID?George Palmer?
Rura RobertsIDAlbert SchmollingerID
Harry ScovellIDTom Stanley?
Ethel StevensonIDLola VanceID
Harry WagnerID

Also in this picture are at least three teachers, Adelaide Smith-ID, F. E. Fitzpatrick-ID? and Maud Taylor-ID.

This class graduated at the Wild Opera House, with music by the Craycraft Orchestra. (Per news article, Noblesville Democrat, Vol. 28, 5/23/1902, Page 1) They also lost three students, R.E. Hines, who died 9/17/1901, Ed. Holleran, died 12/26/1900 and Franke Fryberger, died 12/29/1899.