The following information is offered to facilitate research of families in Hamilton County. The research committee will utilize the files at the Historical Society Museum and files at the Noblesville Southeastern Library. Please follow the instructions laid out below:

The Hamilton County Historical Society will answer specific questions that require only simple look-ups in the indexes and resources available to the research committee at no charge, except for any copy costs and postage. Donations are gratefully accepted for this free research service.

1. For detailed research in excess of one hour, the society charges a research fee of $5.00 per hour. In addition, all copy costs (25 cents per page for microfilm copies and 10 cents per page for regular copies) and postage costs will be billed when copies are sent. Duplicate copies of all research will be filed in the Family Histories File in the Indiana Room at the Noblesville Southeastern Public Library in Noblesville. A $ 5.00 deposit for such detailed research must be prepaid to the society before research may begin.

2. All research queries should be mailed to: Sharon Craig, President, Hamilton Co. Historical Society, P.O. Box 397, Noblesville, Indiana 46061. Research queries can also be sent via e-mail to the HAMILTON CO. HISTORICAL SOCIETY

3. A blank family group sheet will be sent to each patron/client in response to a query or request for research assistance. The letter will request the patron/client to provide as much known information (names, dates, locations, spouse, children, etc.) about the ancestor for the research committee to begin a search on the ancestor and advise them of the cost.

4. For a paid research fee for more than one hour, a patron will receive the following:
A detailed research log indicating which resources were checked and the results (negative and/or positive) of that search completed by the researcher.
A detailed research report and/or a completed family group sheet with copies of documented sources for each piece of information in the report or listed on the group sheet.
If the research cannot be completed within the minimum time (defined as one hour or less, a brief research plan with suggestions for future research and a best guess as to how much additional research time is needed will be sent. It will be up to the person as to how much time we spend on the research.

Checks should be sent to: Sharon A. Craig, President, Hamilton Co. Historical Society, 17444 Trailview Circle, Noblesville, Indiana 46060

Research Checklist Hamilton County Vital Records: WPA Birth index WPA Marriage index WPA Death index Heritage Quest CDs Census Records: 1820 ,1830 ,1840 ,1850 ,1860 ,1870 ,1880 ,1900 (no index available),1910 ,1920 (no index available),1930 (ordered but no films received as of May 2002) 1850 Mortality Schedules ______ ABTRACTS OF THE WILL RECORDS OF HAMILTON COUNTY, 1824-1901: Family Histories File at NSPL: Miscellaneous Records: Hamilton County Naturalization Records Hamilton County cemetery listings Hamilton County histories: Obituary File Index at NSPL:

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