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Stone Carving

Visiting the Workshop of Karin Sprague: North Scituate, Rhode Island
Karin and her small team of artists create beautiful memorials using traditional tools and materials. Her studio and surrounding property are beautiful, calm, and the perfect place to find inspiration. She is a lover of letters and graciously showed me the carving process on a piece of slate.  I was then able to try it myself on both softer marble and harder slate.
            Hands            Karin Carving
                               A carving for a soldier in progress                                                 Karin demonstrating how to carve letters

       Carving     Carving
                                                                                        Trying my hand at carving

Visiting the Rock of Ages Quarry: Barre, Vermont

I was able to take a tour of the world's largest deep-hole dimension granite quarry
at nearly 600 feet deep.  I watched as they prepared to cut peices of Barre gray granite and lift it with the steel derricks.  I then toured the factory where I saw artisans both hand-carve and laser-etch future gravestones. My daughter and I also tried our hand at sandblasting at their Cut-In-Stone Center.
Quarry     Quarry     Quarry
                                                                                                The Quarry

Factory Floor         Gravestone in Progress          Gravestone Blanks                             Factory Floor                                              Gravestone In Progress                            Gravestone Blanks Ready To Carve

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