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Henry County, Indiana
Genealogy and History

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Jesse Bond, deceased, emigrated from Grayson County, Va., to the then Territory of Indiana, and purchased and settled on the farm where Earlham College is now located. After a few years’ residence in Richmond, he moved to a farm near the present site of Washington and resided there till his death, April 11, 1862. He was a member of the Society of Friends and on of the first ministers of Whitewater Meeting. Though a recorded minister for sixty-four years, it was not his mission to travel in that capacity. His communications were not embellished by human learning, yet his ministry was clear and powerful. He seldom gave extended dissertations on abstruse questions of doctrinal controversies. His object was to draw the minds of the people to practical rightness – from all outward dependencies to the sure foundation. His devotion to religious truth and duty was strikingly shown in the fact that after being in a measure cut off from other opportunities he erected a meeting-house on his farm, where, for many years meetings were held regularly twice a week, composed of his own family, and the families of his children, and such of his neighbors and others as saw proper to meet with him. He early felt the enormity of African slavery, and his testimony was strong against it. When the schism in the Society of Friends occurred, he plead with his friends against separate organizations, recommending them to the light of Christ within, as He was one with the Father and all men are brethren. His mental powers continued unimpaired to the close of his life, a period of four score years and ten. His clear perception of spiritual truths remained undimmed. His wife, Phoebe, daughter of the late Robert Commons, a true help-meet and worthy companion, died a few years before her husband.

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