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Henry County, Indiana
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John Keesling was the son of Jacob and Walburga (Mueller) Kissling, who came to America in 1749 from Germany. John served in the Revolutionary War (September 1776 - September 1780), his record as follows: - Pension Claim S. 16434; Pension Allowed May 26, 1833 while a resident of Fall Creek Township, Henry County, Indiana; Service included: Enlisted at Reading, Berks County., Pennsylvania - from in September 1776, 2 months in Captain Whetstone's Company, as a substitute for his father, Jacob Kiesling - from November 1776, 2 months in Captain Lindemoot's Company, - in 1777, 2 months in Colonel Hiester's Regiment, - in 1779, 2 months as wagoner under Captain Lindermoot.

RESIDENCES: Settled 11June 1796 in Max Meadows, Wythe County, Virginia from Berks County, Pennsylvania. He settled circa 1800 in Preble County, Ohio. He next located, circa 1824, near Mechanicsburg, Henry County, Indiana with his five adult sons, John, Daniel, George, Peter, and Jacob.

John was born 23 March, 1758 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He first married Eve Miller in 1788 and second Barbara Kettering Staley in 1807. Children of his first wife, Eve, were:

1. Jacob (Jake) KISSLING was born 10 August, 1789 in Berks County, Pennsylvania and died 28 March, 1855 in Harrison Township, Henry County, Indiana.
2. Eizabeth KISSLING was born 20 October, 1790 in Wythe County,Virginia and died 29 April, 1880 in Wayne County, Indiana.
3. Catherine KEESLING was born 20 October, 1792 in Wythe County, Virginia and died 1 January, 1867 in Wayne County, Indiana.
4. Polly (Mary) KISSLING was born 15 October, 1794 in Wythe County, Virginia and died 12 November, 1870 in Wayne County, Indiana.
5. John KISSLING was born 25 August, 1796 in Wythe County, Virginia and died 13 June, 1864 in Henry County, Indiana.
6. Daniel KISSLING was born 05 July, 1798 in Wythe County, Virginia and died 05 October, 1848 in Henry County, Indiana.
7. Peter KISSLING was born 9 February, 1800 in Rockingham County, Virginia and died 9 May, 1869 in Henry County, Indiana.
8. Susanna KISSLING was born 1 February, 1801 in Wythe County, Virginia and died 4 February, 1889 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
9. George KISSLING was born 10 September, 1804 in Virginia and died 27 October, 1861 in Henry County, Indiana.

His last child, which was with his second wife Barbara was: Dorothea (Susanna) KISSLING.

John died 31 December, 1839 and is buried in the Fatic Cemetery, Fall Creek Township, Henry County, Indiana.

Submitted by Scott Manwaring -
(2005) President of the Indiana Keesling Reunion