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Rootsweb created mailing lists for genealogists researching common subjects to network with others researching the same subject. Postings to the list will automatically be sent to all subscribers of that list. You must subscribe in order to send and receive postings from the Huntington County list. This service is provided free of charge by Rootsweb. Rootsweb's existence is dependent on volunteer County Coordinators. Learn more about Rootsweb by visiting their website. To see the current list of all mailing lists available, click here.

The mailing lists are available in two modes, mail and digest.

MAIL mode, where every post is sent to subscribers as a separate piece of e-mail, and,

DIGEST mode, where about twenty posts are batched together and then sent to the subscribers.

Digest produces less clutter in your mailbox, but replying to an individual message may require a little extra effort.


Once you have decided which mode is best for you, subscribe to the list by following these simple instructions:

1. Send an e-mail to: (Huntington County mail mode)

or (Huntington County mail mode)

2. Remove the word NOSPAM from the address

3. Leave the subject line blank.

4. In the body of the message, type the word "SUBSCRIBE" (without quotations).

5. Turn off your signature file if you use one.


Posting is just as easy. Simply create your message and send it to:

Again, remove the word NOSPAM from the address before sending your email.


The Mailing Lists have been inundated with SPAM. Most SPAM emails come directly to me. Mailing to the lists requires subscribing. Mass emailers often use worms to dig through web sites for email addresses. Hopefully this will at least slow them down a little.


Follow the instructions for subscribing, substituting the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" (without quotations) in the body.

 Suspended Mailings

The list does not incorporate features to temporarily stop message deliveries. You must unsubscribe and then subscribe when you are ready to receive mailings again.


 The mailing list is made possible by the
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative.

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