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Heiwig Family

These are from the P. Brock Collection. I have added text files, so those using a reader can click on the 'text' link and open a text only file. If you have more information on this family, I would be glad to add it, just use the email above.
This, [?], indicates I could not make out the writing, and if there is writing inside the [] then it just looks like the letters inside but I am not sure.

September 5, 1874
Handwritten draft & deed from selling of Lot 308/Block W.
January 30, 1877
Letter from Maria Heiwig in Germany to her brother Michael in America.
August 26, 1878
First Mortgage(I am not sure how this worked). There is a pinned on section that shows in the scan. I have put the part it covers in the text file only. It is too brittle to raise to scan and the pin is rusted in and cannot be removed.
May 6, 1879
Warranty Deed from Michael Heiwig to Alexander J.D. Thurston.

December 22, 1879
Mortgage front, main and back.
June 24, 1883
Rosie Heiwig's first communion.

Certificate or (Text Only)
September 12, 1898
Bought Plot in Riverview Cemetery.
May [8] 1911
Card of Thanks/clipping from paper.

Clipping or (Text Only)