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Willkom/Wilkom Family

These are from the P. Brock Collection. I have done a small amount of investigating and have added what I have found. You can Click on the thumbnails (small images) and go to a larger view.

Handwritten source.

Philippina Adams
born: Dec. 25, 1846
died: Feb. 22, 1886

John G. Willkom
born: Sept. 23, 1847
died: July 20, 1910
Flora (Willkom) Ruddick
Aaron A. Ruddick
born: Jan. 26, 1876
died: March 1969

John G. Willkom
died: North Dakota

Elizabeth (Willkom) Matthews
AKA. "Lizzie"
died: 1946
Lizzie Mathews Obituary
William Matthews
born: May 16, 1869
died: Sept. 2, 1954
William's Funeral Card
Mary (Willkom) Barkman
born: Feb. 2, 1875
Jennings County, IN
Mary Barkman Obituary
married: Nov. 25, 1897
Seymour, Indiana
Milton Henry Barkman
children: Roy and Mae (Rich)
Mae Barkman's Wedding Ann.

Edward Willkom
born: May 22, 1889
died: Mar. 9, 1958
Washington, D.C.