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Clifford Tribbett Diary/Sheet 3

Co.B, 19th Machine Gun Battalion
Service No. 2,006,308

This copy made by Jane Johnson Ruddick in February 1985.


Page 10
  • The first course was beer, beef, pork, and potatoes, corn, applesauce, bread, and butter. The second course was cake, pie, apple dumplings, chocolates, nuts, and coffee. Got paid on New Year's.
  • Jan. 10... Left St. Jean and went to Jaillon. Stayed there until morning of 13th and then moved to Bouvan (Bouvain?, Bouvane?), where we were the first part of October.
  • Jan. 24... Left (not decipherable) after (undecipherable) went back to (ranks?).
Page 11
  • [Jan./] 11... Ground froze and snowing to bear the....The first could weather I have seen since I landed in France.
  • Feb. 7 to 15... Snow on ground; about three inches. Close to zero weather.
  • Feb. 16... Warm and rain; snow all melted. Mud everywhere you step.
  • Feb 22...Washington's birthday, warm weather. Still at (Bouvron?). Had a big dinner. The first course was roast beef, roast pork, gravy, creamed potatoes, bread and beer. The second course was cake, pie, doughnuts, candy, and coffee. Went to (commersey/), a town about 29 kilometres from here, to see a game of football for the championship between the 7th and 8th (or 35th/) Battalion. The game was a tie, 0 to 0. Went through the towns of Boucq, Carincenville, Aulinot, Euville, and (Commersey/).
Page 12...
  • March 11...Went to Football game between 7th Div. and 28th Div. Neither side made a score; but the seventh Div. won the game by the best playing.
  • Mar 10, 11, 12, Real summer weather, warm and clear. French are busy plowing.
  • Mar 14... got a shot in the arm for typhoid fever.
  • April 5th...Moved from (Bouvain? Bouvron?) to Autrieville. Twelve of us left for (Nijan? Nyan?) on Par. 17 to get Ford touring cars. Stayed that night in (undecipherable town). Next night in Dijon. Got a five hour pass to see the town. left Dijon the 19th for Autreville about 9:30. Got to Autreville about 11 that night.
Page 13...
  • I left Autreville April 21 for Toul. Got on a train there at 12 o'clock and rode until about 7:30. Got off the train at (Issartville?) and stayed all night there and all the next day. got on the train at 8 o'clock for St. Agnes (St. Aignan?). Got to this place Wed. eve, 23rd, at 6:30. Went through the mill next day to be (undecipherable) Am in (C...../) Co. 4427.
  • May 1...Got an examination for to go home.
  • May 5...At 11:30 left St. Aignan for Marseilles. got to Marseilles May 7 at about 3 o'clock p.m. On the last five hours of my trip, went through 27 tunnels. got another (...?) of (.....?)...
Page 14
  • May 10...At 3:45 got on the Eruopa, an Italian ship. Just as we went on board, the Red Cross gave us a handerchief, two packs of cigarettes, one box matches, bar soap and bar chocolate.
  • May 10...At 6:30 Started sailing. (bunk?) No. 287.
  • May...sailing off the coast of Spain. Can see snow on the mountains.
Page 15...
  • May 13...Anchored at Gibraltor.
  • May 14...Loading on coal.
  • May 15...Loading on coal.
  • May 14...Took a hike over Gibraltor.
  • May 13...Loading on coal.