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Walling Cemetery

1 1/2 Miles East of Bellfountain, Indiana
Thomas Walling purchased 320 acres from the government on August 20, 1837. Part of the property was designated for a family cemetery. The cemetery has since been plowed over and is part of a farmer's field.
The current listing is taken from the information on the
old Jay Co Burials page and Find A Grave.

Created 5/2/2014
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Military Obit Photo
WALLING Delashmut 1849 7-0-1849
WALLING John 8-6-1849 7-6-1850 Jeremiah & Rachel Teeters Walling
WALLING Margaret (Davis) 2-8-1784 3-3-1844 Thomas - 1/15/1809
WALLING Matilda 12-19-1812 9-9-1851 Thomas
WALLING Thomas 9-16-1786 9-29-1851 Margaret; Matilda Delashmut & Mary

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