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The long-term plan is to post obituaries/abstracts for anyone who was born, married, died or is buried in Jay County. Obits are also linked in the listing for each cemetery.
Many thanks to Jim Cox, Jane Edson, Karin King, Sandi Evilsizer Koscak and everyone else who contributed obituaries to the index.
If you have an obituary that you would like to share,
please email it to Jim Cox for inclusion in the Obituary Files.
Updated 6/4/2014

  1. Fairchild, Rita Lynne
  2. Faris, Kelly Jo
  3. Faris, Roger L
  4. Fear, Frances E (Lauck)
  5. Fear, Romain A (Gray)
  6. Felty, Hillard
  7. Felty, Lois Ann (Whitenack)
  8. Fetty, Alice (Elliott)
  9. Fields, Alvie C
  10. Fiers, Doloris L (Ralston)
  11. Fifer, Earl U
  12. Fifer, Lottie (Nuckols)
  13. Fisher, Esther Bell (Cavanaugh)
  14. Fisher, James Dean
  15. Fisher, Kenneth W
  16. Flauding, Letisha M (Via)
  17. Flauding, Viola (Baughman)
  18. Flesher, Everett Marvin
  19. Flesher, Grover Clifford
  20. Flesher, Wilma Katheryn (Bentz)
  21. Flesher-Heniser, Deloris
  22. Foltz, Genevieve F (Stair)
  23. Foltz, Phyllis N
  24. Ford, Frances Lucille (Spencer)
  25. Ford, Max L
  26. Ford, Sarah A (Shawver)
  27. Forrest, Karl W
  28. Foster, H Victor
  29. Fox, Diana R (Harshman)
  30. Frank, Donald F
  31. Franklin, Faye
  32. Franks, Clifford Dwayne
  33. Franks, Clifford L
  34. Franks, Garnet J (Lehymann)
  35. Franks, Kevin L
  36. Franks, Shirley Ann (Nuckols)
  37. Frazee, Esther E (Brown)
  38. Fredrick, Garnett M (Hott)
  39. Freyburgher, Larry
  40. Friddle, Otto B
  41. Fruitt, Dorothy M (Piner)
  42. Fruitt, Harold L
  43. Fullenkamp, Wilma Jean (Smiley)
  44. Fultz, George H

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