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Jay County Indiana Biographies

Peter BAILEY, a onetime member of the township advisory board of Noble  township and for many years regarded as one of the most substantial farmers and landowners of that township, who died at his pleasant farm home there in the fall of 1920, and where his widow is still living, left a good memory at his passing, and it is but fitting that there should be carried here in the definite history of the county in which all his life was spent a modest tribute to that memory. Mr. BAILEY was born on a pioneer farm in Pike  township, this county, March 21. 1854, and was a son of James and Abigail (COOK) BAILEY, who were among the early settlers of that township. Reared on the home farm in Noble township, Peter BAILEY received his schooling in the neighborhood schools and remained at home until his marriage, when he rented a tract of land from his father-in-law and began operations in his own behalf. Three years later he bought a "forty" in Noble township, a part of the place on which his widow Is now living, and established his home there. When Mr. BAILEY took possession of this place it was uncleared and unimproved. He put up a two-room plank house which served as a dwelling house until he found his affairs prospering and he then erected the present commodious residence and made other improvements in keeping with the same until he came to have one of the best farm plants in that part of the  ounty. Mr. BAILEY gradually increased his land holdings until he became the owner of 505 acres in this county, and in 1911 made an apportionment of this land to his children, giving to each a "forty," and thus reducing his personal holdings to the present tract of 145 acres surrounding the old home place. On that farm he spent his last days. his death occurring on November 2, 1920. Peter BAILEY was twice married, and by his first- wife, who was  Rebecca EHRHART, daughter of Timothy EHRHART, and who died on December 28, 1895, was the father of six children, Jesse J., who died in infancy; Charles, James T., William C., John P. and Mary O., the latter of whom married Harley CASTER, a Bearcreek township farmer, and has one child, a daughter, Nadine. Charles BAILEY, who is farming in Bearcreek township,  married Laura ANDERSON and has had five children, four of whom, Ralph, Anna, Ethel and Paul, are living. James T. BAILEY, who is farming in Adams county, this state, married Dessie LUDY and has four children, Nora, Guy, Blaine and Alice. William C. BAILEY, who is farming in Noble township, married Ethel MOREHOUSE and has three children, Ruth, Lois and Wayne. John P. BAILEY, who is farming in Bearcreek township, married Lydia SHERMAN and has two children, Orvil and Helen. On December 20, 1896, Peter BAILEY married Mrs. Mary (YEAGER) KNAB, widow of Lewis KNAB. and to this union two children were born. Philo and Deeta, the latter of whom married Clarence STONER and is at home with her mother. Philo BAILEY, who is now farming in Wayne and Noble townships, married Minnie WALLACE and has one child, a daughter, Geraldine. By her union with Lewis KNAB, Mrs. BAILEY has three daughters, Sarah, Emma and Anna, the latter of whom married Russell GREAF, a Wayne township farmer, and has one child, a son, Roger. Sarah KNAB married James H. BAILEY, a Wayne township farmer, and has six children, Erma, Kenneth, Orlie, Mabel, Lewis and Virginia. Emma KNAB married Isaac MYERS, a Noble township farmer, and has five children. Ward, Leo, Cleo, Darwin and Floyd. Mrs. BAILEY is a
member of the Christian church at Salamonia, of which Mr. BAILEY formerly was a trustee. He was a Democrat and had rendered public service as a member of the township advisory board. Mrs. BAILEY has a pleasant home on rural mail route No. 6 out of Portland, and she and her family have ever taken an interested and helpful part in the community's general social activities. ANDERSON, BAILEY, CASTER, COOK, EHRHART, GREAF, KNAB, LUDY, MOREHOUSE, MYERS, SHERMAN, STONER, WALLACE, YEAGER IN, Adams Co., Jay Co. SOURCE: Milton T. Jay, M.D., History of Jay County Indiana, Historical Publishing Co., Indpls. 1922, Vol. II, pp.400-401. Transcribed by Eloine Chesnut.

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