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Jay County Indiana Biographies

Joseph GLENDENNING, one of the best known and most substantial farmers and landowners of the northern part of Jay county, now living practically retired from the labors of the farm at his home in Jackson township, was born in the neighboring county of Adams and has lived there and in this county all his life. Mr. GLENDENNING was born on January 21, 1848, and is a son of James and Catherine ( WATSON ) GLENDENNING, who were among the pioneers of Adams county. James GLENDENNING was born in the vicinity of Crougland, England. When he was seventeen years of age he came to this country in company with his brother George and located at Cincinnati [Hamilton Co.] where he became engaged working in a lead factory. Some years later he moved up into Darke county, Ohio, and began farming, but when the new lands over in this section of Indiana began to attract the attention of prospective settlers he came to Indiana and entered title to a half section of land in Adams county and there established his home. He improved that place and there spent the remainder of his life, coming early to be recognized as one of the leaders in the community in which he had settled. He and his wife had eight children, of whom three are living, the subject of this sketch having a brother, James GLENDENNING, and a sister, Estella. Reared on the home farm in Adams county, Joseph GLENDENNING received his schooling in the neighborhood schools. He remained at home, helpful in the labors of the farm, until his father's death, after which he began farming on his own account, buying a farm of 100 acres which he proceeded to improve and develop. As his affairs prospered he added to his land holdings until he became the owner of 639 acres in Adams and Jay counties, continuing to make his home in Adams county until 1909, when he moved to his present place in Jackson township, this county, where he since has resided and where he and his family are very comfortably situated. In 1896, Mr. GLENDENNING retired from the active labors of the farm, though he continues to keep a supervisory eye on the operation of his extensive farm plant. He is a Republican and has ever taken an interested part in local political affairs, but has not been a seeker after public office. In 1896 Joseph GLENDENNING was united in marriage to Elizabeth E. E. THORNBURG and to this union three children have been born, Aetna, who married Claude NINE and has one child, a son, Frederick, and Edna and Joseph, who are at home with their parents. Mrs. GLENDENNING was born in Randolph county, this state, and is a daughter of William and Emily Ann ( CHAMNESS ) THORNBURG, the latter of whom was born in South Carolina and was but a child when she came to Indiana with her parents in pioneer days, the CHAMNESS's driving through from the South, a long and toilsome journey. William THORNBURG, a veteran of the Civil war, was born in Randolph county, a member of one of the pioneer families of that county, and all his life was spent there. He early learned the trade of blacksmith and also that of stonemason and later became a veterinary surgeon. During the Civil war he enlisted as a soldier of the Union and served for about three years as a member of the 36th regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, with this command participating in the battle of Gettysburg and numerous other important engagements. William THORNBURG was for years active in public affairs in Randolph county and served for two terms as sheriff of the county. He and his wife were the parents of eleven children, of whom seven still are living, those besides Mrs. GLENDENNING being May, James, J. F., Raymond, E. H. and Reba. The GLENDENNING's have a very pleasant home in Jackson township and have ever taken an interested and hospitable part in the community's general social activities

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