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Jay County Indiana Biographies

J. Finley SPAHR, one of the best known and most substantial farmers and landowners of Greene township, now living practically retired from the labors of the farm at his pleasant home in that township. rural mail route No.1 out of Dunkirk, was born in a log cabin on the place; on which he is now living and has resided there all his life. Mr. SPAHR was born on October 27, 1857, and is a son of James Morgan and Elizabeth ( SMITH ) SPAHR, both of whom were born in Greene county, Ohio, and who became pioneers of Jay county. James Morgan SPAHR was a member of the pioneer SPAHR family in Greene county, Ohio, further mention of which is made elsewhere in this volume, and he grew to manhood in that county and was there married. Prior to his marriage he had "prospected" over here in Jay county, along with a considerable number of others from his home county, and had entered a quarter section of land in Greene township, this county. After his marriage he established his home on that place, erected a log cabin on the tract and proceeded to clear and develop the farm. He succeeded in his labors and after a while took on an additional quarter section, thus making him the owner of an excellent farm of 320 acres, and on this place he and his wife spent the remainder of their lives. They were the parents of eight children, those besides the subject of this sketch being Catherine, deceased, Amanda, deceased,, Isabelle, Phoebe, Lavina, Emma and SMITH. Reared on the pioneer farm on which he was born, J. Finley SPAHR received his schooling in the once locally celebrated old Timberlake school and from the days of his boyhood was helpful in the labors attendant on the cultivation and development of his father's farm. After their father's death he and his brother, Smith SPAHR, took over the management of the farm and Mr. SPAHR has continued to reside there, having made his home on the place after his marriage. He now owns 160 acres of the place, but formerly was the owner of 240 acres, an "eighty" of which he later sold. In addition to his general farming Mr. SPAHR has always given proper attention to the raising of live stock and has done well. In 1917 he practically retired from the active labors of the farm, though he continues to make his home there. He is a Republican and he and his wife are members of the Oak Grove Methodist Episcopal church, of which for twenty years he was class leader. He also was a steward of the church for many years, was a member of the board of trustees when the church was erected and for some years also was superintendent of the Sunday school. In 1885, J. Finley SPAHR was united in marriage to Minerva WINGET, daughter of Caleb and Martha WINGET, of this county, and to this union three children have been born, namely, Oscar, who married Mary MOTE and has one child, a son, Donald; Elsie, who married Lesty BERGDOLL and died leaving one child, a son, Manford; and Gladys, who died at the age of eight years. The SPAHR's have a very pleasant home and have ever taken an interested part in the community's general social activities.

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