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 Birth Records

Jay County Index to Birth Records 1882-1920 Vol 1
 H-County Health Office, Portland
 CH- City Health Office, Portland
 Compiled by Indiana Works Prooress Administration 1938



BABB, Benjamin B Dudley Mattie Whicker M 11-24-1908 H14-36
BABB, Clara V Orville Lillian McConnell F 3-31-1919 H17-21
BABB, Robert R Dudley Martha Whicker M 10-25-1913 H15-67
BABB, Ed Kit Smith M 2-21-1891 H5-26
BABB, Claud Opal Green F 5-11-1906 H12-28
BABB, D Martha Whitaker M 5-24-1906 H12-29
BABBITT, Ella James H Martha Dale F 12-2-1912 CH4-24
BABBITT, Eva M Herbert Eva Rush F 5-5-1913 Ch4-25
BABBITT, James A James H Martha Dale - 2-10-1911 CH4-13
BABBITT, Murray Harry Martha Dale M 6-12-1905 CH3-26
BABBITT, Wavelina James H martha Dale F 11-11-1919 CH4-54
BABBITT, Harry Mattie Dale M 11-8-1901 CH1-7
BABBITT, Harry Mattie Dale F 4-21-1903 CH2-29
BABBITT, Harry martha Dale M 6-12-1905 H12-4
BABCOCK, Robert L James R Cary Brubaker M 1-12-1908 CH3-35
BABCOCK, Melvin ? Hendricks M 12-27-1905 H12-17
BABER, Levaughn Isaac Cora Butcher M 8-?-1908 H14-27
BABER, J H ?? M 4-27-1895 H6-38
BABER, Isaac Cora Butcher M 12-24-1905 H12-17
BABER, Isaac Cora Butcher M 2-2-1907 H12-48
BACCO Harry C Glen McBryant M 10-1-1899 H8-39
BACON, Jacob Harriett Landis M 7-26-1883 H1-65
BADDER, James Elizabeth ?? M 2-8-1883 H1-40
BADDERS, Delores Cloyce Dessie Adams F 5-17-1911 CH2-35
BADDERS, George V Cloyce BEssie Adams M 10-30-1916 CH2-96
BADDERS, Herald Cloyce Dessie Adams M 11-19-1912 CH2-55
BADDERS, James  Cloyce A Dessie M Adams M 9-24-1914 Ch2-75
BADDERS, Sarah M C Cloyce A Dessie M Adams F 4-18-1909 CH2-15
BADDERS, Thomas L J C Lucy Gant M 1-22-1892 H5-76
BADDERS, Zelulu Cloyce Dessie M Adams F 6-26-1920 CH3-70
BADDERS, James ?? Fitzpatrick M 9-22-1884 H1-100
BADDERS, James W Mary Fitzpatrick M 3-5-1889 H4-5
BADDERS, William Zora McKerdy M 7-10-1890 H4-34
BADDERS, William Zora McCurdy M 1-1-1894 H6-14
BADDERS, Cloyce Adams M 4-27-1903 Ch1-26
BADDERS, William ?? Frank M 12-22-1903 Ch1-29
BADDERS, Cloyce Dessie Adams M 3-28-1905 CH1-36
BADDERS, Cloice Dessie Adams F 11-19-1906 Ch1-45
BADER, Marie Melvin Cary St Clair F 11-20-1906 H12-42
BADER, James W Cussie Collins F 1-29-1900 H8-43
BADER, Melvin Cary St Clair M 2-11-1903 H2-7
BADER, Alfred Anna Hall M 10-18-1904 H11-27
BADER, Melvin Clara St John F 11-20-1906 H2-15
BADGER Henry Martha Logan M 8-24-1902 H10-28
BAGBY TC Lizzie Bailey M 10-31-1883 H1-67
BAGG Ottis Allie Powell F 9-24-1906 H12-38
BAGGS, Bernice Otis E Alberta Baggs F 11-8-1908 CH2-12
BAGGS, Estella I Wesley Phebe Wright F 4-22-1889 H4-8
BAGGS,, Hollowene Otis Ollie Powell M 10-31-1910 H14-91
BAGGS, Jacob Jacob ? M 5-26-1904 H11-14
BAGGS, Kelley W Charles Myrtle Kelley M 8-16-1914 CH2-74
BAGGS, Leonard F Otis E A B Powell M 10-13-1917 CH3-2
BAGGS, Wm W Pheby A Wright F 5-1-1883 H1-46
BAGGS, Reason ? Jones F 8-12-1886 H2-22
BAGGS, Reason D L Jones M 10-16-1892 H5-90
BAGGS, Thos G Mary E Peels F 3-5-1900 H2-2
BAGGS, Ottis Alice Powell F 6-29-1901 H8-66
BAGGS ? ? M 3-28-1904 H2-9
BAGGS, Charles Della Swathwood F 12-25-1905 H12-17
BAGGS, ? Scioto Baggs F 5-21-1907 CH1-47
BAGGS, Ottis Alberta Powell F 7-19-1907 H13-9
BAGGS, Wm S P Ottis Allie Powell M 3-17-1913 CH2-58
BAHLER Adam Mary Strange M 3-18-1889 HA-6
BAILE Jason M E CUster M 8-29-1886 H2-27
BAILEY, Amanda J John Eliza Smith F 8-14-1888 H3-30
BAILEY, Augusta John J Elmyra Beason F 1-11-1914 CH2-68
BAILEY, Betty L John Estella Siberry F 4-27-1919 H5-15
BAILEY, Charles T james Belle Tyndall M 11-22-1908 CH2-12
BAILEY, Clyde O Elijah Estella Staley M 1-18-1915 H15-99
BAILEY, Dorothy Ulrich Stella Bryant F 3-9-1914 CH2-69
BAILEY, Edna D Jess Gertrude Septek F 11-21-1914 H5-10
BAILEY, Elizabeth Elmer M McLaughlin F 8-17-1905 H12-9
BAILEY, Eliza G Philo Minnie Wallace F 8-4-1920 H17-39
BAILEY, Emma C Ulrich Estella Bryant F 4-13-1920 H17-35
BAILEY, Ethel S John Amie Thomas F 7-17-1915 CH2-83
BAILEY, Ethel L Charles W Iona L Bailey F 4-29-1912 H15-31
BAILEY, Flo V Jno Stella Siberry F 2-9-1915 H5-10
BAILEY, Guy W James T Dessie Ludy M 11-12-1912 H15-46
BAILEY, Ira M (twin) John Stella Siberry F 6-12-1909 H5-3
BAILEY, Ivan R (twin) John Stella Siberry M 6-12-1909 H5-3
BAILEY, Jacob R James Belle Tyndall M 11-3-1914 CH2-75
BAILEY, James E Harry Othel Polm M 2-10-1912 CH2-45
BAILEY, James R James Belle Tyndall M 5-2-1912 CH12-48
BAILEY, John L James Belle Lundall M 8-11-1916 CH2-94
BAILEY, Joseph A Jesse A Ethel Cox M 10-16-1915 H5-11
BAILEY, June Elmer M McLaughlin F 7-2-1914 CH2-72
BAILEY, Kenneth R Jesse Ethel M Cox M 8-8-1917 H16-144
BAILEY, Lawrence Ira Lalie Imel M 11-21-1910 H19-93
BAILEY, Leona B David Ollie Smith F 6-19-1909 CH4-4
BAILEY, Linden A Cueneu Rosa Dragoo M 10-10-1887 H3-27
BAILEY, Lois L William C E R Morehouse F 11-23-1914 H15-95
BAILEY, Mable M Harvey Sarah Knob F 3-15-1909 H14-45
BAILEY, Madeline Harvey T Nellie Lucas F 1-20-1907 H12-47
BAILEY, Mac B Clarence Bessie Powell M 10-1-1916 CH2-96
BAILEY, Margaret Charles Madge Hunt F 1-20-1906 H12-19
BAILEY, Mary C Harry J N A Queso F 2-20-1909 CH4-3
BAILEY, Orville L John P Lydia G Sherman M 1-10-1916 H16-56
BAILEY, Paul Charles B Iona L Anderson M 2-4-1915 H-?-8
BAILEY, Pearl I Alva Lelia Emmel F 4-5-1914 H15-79
BAILEY, Perry E Elijah Stella Staley M 6-13-1919 H17-23
BAILEY, Ralph E Charles W Iona Anderson M 6-20-1909 H114-51
BAILEY, Robert M Jesse Gertrude Septer M 11-15-1919 H5-15
BAILEY, Roy W Elijah Stella Bailey M 3-2-1917 H16-120
BAILEY, Ruth I Jesse Ethel M Cox F 11-23-1918 H17-16
BAILEY, Ruth M R William C E R Morehouse F 11-9-1909 H14-64
BAILEY, Samuel A James Belle Tyndall M 10-7-1909 CH2-20
BAILEY, Sarah C james Belle Tyndall F 8-30-1918 CH3-20
BAILEY, Irene E Elijah Stella Straley F 7-16-1912 H15-37
BAILEY, Viola M Edward Lodema Walter F 1-3-1919 CH3-30
BAILEY, Vivetta M Ira Lelia Emmel F 4-16-1909 H14-47
BAILEY, Wayne Elmer M McLaughlin M 1-8-1911 H14-97
BAILEY, Wendel L J H Sarah Knob M 11-17-1915 H16-50
BAILEY, William Henry John Elmira Beeson M 3-5-1912 H15-27
BAILEY, John ?? M 8-1-1882 H1-18
BAILEY, Jason Martha Harter F 9-21-1882 H1-23
BAILEY, John Sarah Sutton M 6-27-1883 H1-38
BAILEY, Peter Rebecca bailey M 7-23-1883 H1-62
BAILEY, John Mollie Conkle M 4-25-1884 H1-96
BAILEY, Marshall Maggie Smith F 1-24-1885 H1-116
BAILEY, Samuel jane Clear F 3-3-1885 H1-122
BAILEY, Theodore Esther Gilliam F 4-18-1885 H1-125
BAILEY, Wm H Katie Harkins F 4-19-1885 H1-140
BAILEY, Peter R T Ehrhart M 8-22-1885 H1-141
BAILEY, John Kinkle F 4-9-1886 H2-15
BAILEY, John C ?? Smith M 4-21-1886 H2-15
BAILEY, C C ?? Bond M 7-25-1886 H2-20
BAILEY, W H Kate harkins M 2-12-1888 H3-21
BAILEY, John Conkle F 5-20-1888 H3-31
BAILEY, Peter R J Ehrhart M 7-16-1889 H4-13
BAILEY, John Conkle M 12-19-1889 H1-143
BAILEY, Wm H Katie Hawkins F 3-29-1890 H4-29
BAILEY, Peter R J Ehrhart F 9-20-1891 H5-42
BAILEY, Jno Conkle F 9-25-1891 H5-56
BAILEY, Sheridan J Andrews M 11-15-1892 H5-94
BAILEY, G W E Andrews M 7-29-1893 H6-5
BAILEY, Harry ?? Rhillibaum F 6-21-1895 H6-41
BAILEY, Geo W E Andrews M 10-25-1895 H6-47
BAILEY, John W Minnie Miller M 5-2-1896 H7-10
BAILEY, Sheridan Mina Anderson F 10-30-1897 H8-1
BAILEY, John Lizzie McKuster M 2-27-1898 H8-7

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