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1897 Jay County, Portland City Directory

(Population 6,143)
Compiled and Printed by The Sun, Portland, Indiana, 1897. Entered according to act of congress, in the year 1897, by Timmonds & Saunders, in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington D.C.  Includes name of head of home followed by name of spouse (in parenthesis), occupation, and address. Then names other family members in the home, occupation, or (s) meaning "single"..


ABEL, A H (Maggie) engineer, w Walnet: Mary, s; Nellie, s

ABEL, Belle, dining room girl, w Main
ADAIR, J A M (Grace R) druggist, e Arch
ADAIR, Alpheus, druggist, e Arch; ADAIR, Charles, druggist
ADAIR, J E (Flora) e Arch; Carl, compositor; Jennie, s; Alice, s
ADAIR, O H (Clara) attorney at law, 90 e Arch
ADAIR, Ossian, laborer, 44 e Votaw
ADAIR, Harry, house and sign painter, n Meridian
ADAIR, George K (Julia) clerk, 47 w Race
ADAMS, Sarah, e Votaw
ADAMS, George (Rebecca), laborer, e Votaw; Dessie, s; Zelula, s; Ray, s

ADAMS, D L (Edith) staves and heading, 189 e High; W Bonner, s
ADAMS, J H B (Margaret) physician, n Wayne; L.G, druggist
ADAMS, Henry (Pett) oil driller, e Votaw
ADAMS, Silas H (M E) prop, stave and heading factory, 30 w High; Oral U, accountant, Pearl P, s
ADAMS, Charles M (Tina) grocer, w Walnut
ALBERTSON, Frank, foreman at livery barn, cor Main and Ship
ALEXANDER, James M (Frank) carpenter, 56 e North; Clate, musician; Lous, James, s
ALEXANDER, Leverd (Stella) teamster, e Shanks; Fred, teamster
ALLEN, Charles F (Edith W) U S Express agt , 126 E Main
ALLEN, Charles W (Julia) time keeper, e High; Eva, s; Lottie, s; Mabel,s

ALLEN, George D (Belle) constable, 174 e High
ALLEN, Andrew W (Elizabeth) huckster, 32 W High; Edith
AMBROSIER, Mary, 193 e Walnut
AMBROSE, George (Susan A) harness and shoe dealer, e Walnut
AMES, Charles (May) foreman at Butter Tub, w Main
ANDERSON, Nettie, e Arch
ANDREWS, John S (Ida) horse dealer, e High
ANDREWS, Malinda, 218 e Walnut
ANDREWS, W H (Mary) shoe clerk, 218 e Walnut; H.S., s; Charley, tailor
ANDREWS, William (Jennie) laborer, Boundary City Pike; J.C, laborer; H.L., laborer; Mary,s;Earl J, laborer
ANTRIM, W P ( C R ) carpenter, e Seventh; Lulu, s; Florence,s; Homer,s; Ethel,s
ANTRIM, Horris (Josephene) cooper, 199 Western Ave; Guy, s; Robert,s
ARBAUGH, John G (Samantha E) restaurant and hotel, 61 w Main
ARBAUGH, Jane, w Third
ARBAUGH, Joseph (Mary) laborer, 110 W High; Glenn
ARBAUGH, G W (Elizabeth) barber, e North; Nellie, s; Mote,s; Buford,s
ARBAUGH, Burt (Eva) cabinet maker, 166 e Votaw
ARBOGAST, H L (Eva) printer, Second
ARGO, D J (Nannie J) dairyman, w Water; Ada
ARMENTROUT, Elizabeth, 31 w Doc McNeal
ARMENTROUT, Frank, student, 242 w High
ARMFIELD, J C (Mattie) traveling salesman, 103 w High
ARTHUR, C S (Salena) physician and surgeon, cor, Main and Commerce; Lizzie, Lillie
ARTHUR, Lee S (Annah) reporter Commercial, w High
ARTHUR, B G (Bertie) chief of fire dept, e Walnut
ARTMAN, Charles (Eva) clerk e Arch
ARTMAN, Henry (Sarah) white-washer, 23 e Arch; Ervin, clerk in Citizens Bank
ASHCRAFT, Jonathan (Elizabeth) carpenter, 211 w Walnut; Many J, dressmaker; Daniel W, hostler, Charles E, s
ASHCRAFT, William (Charlotte S) 285 s Meridian; Mary M, s; Dessie, s
ASHCRAFT, James V (Ricca C) abstractor and insurance, 221 W Walnut; E LaVerne, s
ASHLEY, George R (Mahala E) retired, s Meridian
ASHLEY, Goldie, s, w Race; Ticie, s
ASHLEY, Charles (Elizabeth) laborer, e Race; Genevra, s
ATKINSON, Jacob (Lillie) laborer, 272 W Walnut; Fred, s; Oscar, laborer
ATKINSON, A J ( Lorinda), carpenter, 124 Shanks; Vanota, s
ATKINSON, Phoebe, n Ben Hawkins
AXE, Fred, retired farmer, 70 e Votaw; Ruth; George, s
AXE, William, retired farmer, 20 w McNeal
AXTELL, J S (Lena M) minister Presb church, cor Arch & Wayne; Clementine, s; Paul,s; Harold,s; Winifred,s; Lois,s; Eugene,s; Ethel, teacher
AYERS, C H (Nora) teamster, Floral Ave
AYERS, Rolly, book keeper, cor Middle & Second; Emma,s; Lee,s



BADDERS, James S (Catharin A) laborer, w High
BADDERS, Mattie, housework, 157 w Main
BADDERS, James (Mary E) drayman, 369 w Main; Charley, s; Cloyce, s; Ray, s
BAGGS, James, laborer, e Rogers
BAILEY, Samuel (Jane) laborer, n Robert Huey; Alex, s; Cora, s
BAILEY, John (Mamie) teamster, e Main
BAILEY, Jane, washer woman, w Arch; Alexander; Cora, s
BAILEY, Theodore (Esther) attorney at law, 258 w Main; Charles, teacher; Florence, s; Anna, s
BAILEY, Charles (Lydia E) laborer, s Wayne; Susan,s; James,s; Sarah,s;Rex,s; Hannah, John, laborer
BAILEY, William (Mary E) grocer, cor Fifth & Shanks; Edward, driver ice wagon
BAKER, Frank (Sina) stave jointer, w Main; Edna, s; Hazel, s
BAKER, W S (Julia) blacksmith, w Arch; Myrtle, s; Katie, s
BAKER, D V (Ida L) Lawyer, 43 e Arch
BAKER, N H (Fannie B) real estate agent, e Arch
BAKEN, Charles W (Emma) carpenter, 209 e Water; Eva, s; Pearl, s
BAGBY, T C (Lizzie) house mover, w Walnut
BAIRD, J L (Belle) funeral director and embalmer, e High; Bessie, s; Nellie, s; C.A., s
BALDWIN, Angeline, 187 e Main; C.C., oil pumper; Charles E, student; Grace I, clerk
BAIN, Fred (Rebecca) butcher, e Walnut
BARBER, A L (Allie) plumer, 28 s Munson Ave; Leonard, s; Edna, s; Grace, s
BARNHART, Nancy, s Meridian
BARNES, Isaac (Lavina) laborer, Tylor
BARNES, Chas (Josephene), laborer, Tylor
BARNETT, A S (Della), laborer, w Water
BARNHART, Nancy, daily laborer, 182 n Middle
BARRICK, Isaac (Sarah) teamster, cor Arch & Grand; William, blacksmith
BARRICK, John C (Olive L) ast foreman Butter & Tub, w High; Leila, s
BATES, Mary, 124 e Votaw; Lizzie, s; William, cigar maker
BAXTER, Frank (Libbie), clerk, w Main
BEARD, Cora, waitress at Merchants, n Meridian
BEARD, John (Orinda) laborer, 298 w North; Orlo, s; William, s
BEARD, Henry C (Callie) huckster, w High
BECHDOLT, S E (Lydia E) carpenter, s. Meridian; William, s; Pearley; Gertrude, s
BECKTELL, Laura, 183 W Main
BEELER, L H (Lillian) gen agent for Dodd, Mead & Co, 146 W High; Avilla, tailoress
BELL, Emeline, house keeper, w Main
BENDER, Charles, bar tender, n Meridian
BENNETT, Aaron I (Jennie) manufacturer, n Commerce
BERGMAN, Abraham (Sallie) ex-auditor, 95 e Arch; Alva, stenographer; Earl, s; Artinus, s; Russell, s; Nevora, s
BERGMAN, J W laborer, w High
BERGMAN, C T, druggist, n Meridian
BERGMAN, Samuel (Ellen), gardner, w Third; Lawrence, deputy postmaster
BERGAMN, George W (Dora A) attorney at law, 166 w Walnut
BERGMAN, Phillip (Lydia J) traveling salesman, 113 w High; B.A., musician; Nellie A, teacher
BERGMAN, Peter (Margaret) carpenter, 25 w Votaw
BERRY, Will K (Jennie), tailor, 165 w Walnut; Chester J, s.
BETTS, Jackson (Mary) carpenter, w Ninth; Ollie M, s; Stella, s; Arthur, s; Mina, s.
BIMEL, Frederick (Maggie) manufacturer, 80 s Meridian; Lelia, s; Hazel, s; Willard, s; Carl, s
BISHOP, Wilson, carpenter, Penn. Bishop, Oscar, farmer
BISHOP, Edward P (Hattie) teacher, w Arch
BISHOP, Charles S (Laura) clerk, w Arch
BISHOP, John E (Lillian) co. supt schools, n Harrison; Ethel, s
BLACK, Clever S (Irena) laborer, 479 Robt Huey; Hazel, s
BLACK, Allen (Matilda) laborer, 242 w High
BLAKE, W S (Mary) w Arch; Edward, s
BLISS, Edward (Flora) laundryman, 125 e Walnut; Charley, s; Stella, s
BLUMBERG, Hannah, 84 w High
BOCKOVEN, Henry (Mary A) laborer, Vine; Earl, s; William E, s; Eva, s; Frank, s
BOES, Emma, washwoman, 185 e Water; Dora, s; Charles, s
BOES, James F (Loreta C) drayman, 68 Pearl; Myrtle L, s; Lolie E, s; Orley F, s; John P, retired farmer
BOES, Mary E, washwoman, e Main; Blanche, s; Vernon, s; Naoma, s; Garnet, s
BOLTIN, Henry (Mary E) retired merchant, e Arch; Elma, Max W, s; Roxey, s
BONE, Henry W (Frances L) farmer, 295 Robt Huey
BONE, Samuel J, cor Eighth & Ben Hawkins
BONE, C. W. n Ben Hawkins
BONE, Isaac ( Cynthia) laborer, e Penn; Carrie, s; Freddie, s
BONAHM, Luther (Genevra) tool dresser, 241 e High; Bernice, s
BOOSIER, Adam, section hand, e Water
BOOSIER, Amos (Mary) laborer, Eighth; Phoebe, s; Williams, s; Pearl, s; Benjamin, s
BOOSIER, John (Margaret) laborer, n Franklin; Edith, s
BORDERS, Thomas (Kittoria) fireman, e Washington; Pearls, s; Ethel, s
BOST, Elias (Hannah) retired farmer, 44 e Main; J.W., stenographer
BOSWORTH, R O S (Minnie) farmer, s Meridian
BOSWORTH, H B (Susana) minister, cor Sixth & Vine; Gladys, s; Orlo, s
BOSWORTH, Rosetta, dressmaker, e Seventh
BOSWORTH, James, night clerk at Merchants, n Meridian
BOSWORTH, Thomas, attorney, w Main; Herbert E, laborer; Rocelia M, s
BOTKIN, J H (Jennie E) dry goods clerk, 59 e High; Mabel, s; Ethel, s; Opel, s; Hazel, s
BUGHMAN, Bertha, housekeeper, cor Commerce & Votaw
BOWERS, Theodore (Alice) carpenter, 91 e North; Frank, hostler
BOWERS, Ira (Iona) cooper, 210 w Walnut
BOWEROX, George F, jeweler, w Main; John, retired miller
BOWMAN, Minnie, housekeeper, 186 w Main
BOWSMAN, Jack (Flora) teamster, w Main
BOYD, J M (Malica) barber, 193 e Water; Albert, laborer; Zuye, laundress; Elmer, s; Franks, s; Essie, s; Florence, s; Clary, s
BRADEN, Frank L (Gertrude) city clerk and clerk Citizens Bank, e Third
BRADLEY, John (Elizabeth) farmer, w High; Earl, s; Robert, laborer; Mary
BRADLEY, D E (Ida) painting and paper hanging, 373 w High
BRAGG, Talbert (Eliza) laborer, 264 w Second
BRAGG, Charlotte, weaver, w Water
BRAKE, C M (catherineE) artisian wells, 213 e High; May, milliner; O.R., s

BRANDON, Frank (Missouri) spoke turner, Bridge; D. W., s
BRANDON, Alice, waitresss at Merchants, n Meridian
BRANDON, Joseph (Josie) laborer, e Seventh; Charles, laborer; Maud, s; Belvy, s; Ines, s; Florence, s
BRANN, John (Sarah) laborer, w High; Nina, s
BREMER, Joseph (Laura) laundryman, cor High & Ship
BRENNER, S S (Lucinda) jeweler, 28 w Water; Frank, laborer, Charles, s; Clarence, s; Fearn, s
BRENNER, John (Sarah) engineer , w Second
BRIEDE, Harmon (Minnie) miller, e Race; William, s
BRODERICK, William (Cynthia) stave jointer, n Robt Huey
BROKAW, William (Eliza) carpenter, 188 e Votaw; Lewis, s
BROOKFIELD, J W, tailor, n Meridian
BROUGER, Henry, laborer, w Main
BROUSE, William, section hand, 61 w Main
BROWER, Frances, e Washington
BROWN, Seward (Sophia) plasterer, e Seventh
BROWN, C.L. (M.E.), laborer, Chicago; Ernest, s; Pearl, s
BROWN, H.V. (Mollie) physician, 34 w Arch
BROWN, Ned (Lorinda) laborer, w Votaw
BROWN, Judeth, 32 w Main; Pett, dress maker
BROWNS, P L (Ada) minister, 208 e Votaw
BRUBAKER, Jos C (Sarah) photographer, cor Sixth & Shanks; Maggie, s; Mary, s
BRUNER, L J (Caroline) pension attorney, 94 e North; Lea Landus, s; Car Lou Lea, s
BRYAN, Geo W (Maria L), retired co Pearl & Wayne; Pearl; William,s ; Onkie, s; Guy, s; Albert S, baker
BRYAN, George W (Mary) baker, cor Pearl and Wayne
BRYAN, Charles, 431 N Robt Huey
BUCK, E W (Sarah) harness maker, cor Walnut & Hays
BURILEY, Frank ( Rettie) spoke turner, Votaw
BULINGER, J G (Rhoda) carpenter, w Second
BUNCE, Dell, grocer, 244 s Meridian
BUNKER, Mae, 211 Shanks
BUNKER, W C (Sarah E) pumper, e Penn; Iva, s; Earnest, s; Rettie, s; Burley O, s
BURDEN, William (Frances) barber, e Walnut; Harry, laborer; Carrie, s; Dottie, s
BURDEN, Marshel, farmer, 193 e Water
BURDGE, Nathaniel (Ida M) barber, w Walnut
BURKE, J W (Esther) ex-hardware merchant, 114 e Main; Cora, teacher; Clinton, accountant
BURKE, Edward (Mary) brick layer, e Water
BURKE, Jonathan, deputy treasurer, e Walnut
BURKE, D E (Mary E) laundryman, 47 w Race
BURKE, W E (Minnie M) traveling salesman, 282 w Arch; Bertie, s
BURKE, Thomas, laborer, n Franklin
BURKETT, L S (Flora T) bicycle dealer, cor High & Harrison; Lena, teacher
BURNS, William (Clary) laborer n Franklin
BUSH, George (Verny) laborer, Bridge
BUTCHER, Ira (Christena) beer agent, 201 w Walnut; Alice, telephone operator; Mary E, musician
BUTTERWORTH, George (Emma), laborer, Shanks
BUTTERWORTH, Chas (Ella) laborer, Creager Ave; John, s; Eva, s
BYE, Frank, cooper, 61 w Main




CALDWELL, Thomas (Dina) farmer, Boundary City Pike
CALKINS, Owen (Fannie) wheel manufacturer, Robt Huey; Elmer, s
CAMPBELL, Jos A (Jennie) clerk, 123 e Arch; Dana G; William E, s; Walter L, s; Marie, s
CAMPBELL, Arch, laborer, w Race
CANODE, Edna, s, with L C Chamberlin, w Arch
CARR, Lewis (Mary) handle factory, 163 w Arch; Margaret, s
CARR, Mont (Mary L) night police, e North; Blanche, s; Ervin, s; Lillie, s
CARMONY, V D, (Sue) factory partner, w High; Sarah, s; James, s

CARTER, S E, 211 Shanks
CARTWRIGHT, C C (Suffrona) merchant, cor Pleasant & High; Earl, s
CARTWRIGHT, W C (Mary J) clerk, 83 n Pleasant; Lawrence R, s; Forest S, s; W Dale, s
CASTLE, H P (Loretta) grocer, 168 e Main; Ethel M, clerk; Arthur D, cigar maker
CASTLEY, Ed (Nancy) wheel maker, 329 S Meridian
CATLIN, James, laborer, cor Water & Middle; Mary, housework, Andy, lather
CATLIN, Caroline, house keeper, s Commerce; Anna, housework, Ray, s
CENTERS, Margaret, wash woman e Water
CHALFANT, Henry C (Ida) clerk, 305 w Main
CHAMBERS, E E (Mary E) heater in iron mill, Bridge
CHAMBERLIN, Lewis C (Alice) accountant, w Arch
CHAMBERLIN, R C (Ollie) painter and paper hanger, w Water; R.B, oil driller
CHAMBERLIN, William, (Anna) laborer, 293 w Race; Wesley, s; Charles, s; Orvil, s; Minnie, s
CHAPMAN, William, n Robt Huey
CHILDERS, William (Elizabeth) carpenter, 300 s Meridian; Bessie, compositor
CHILDERS, Samuel, teamster, Vine; Elizabeth
CHRISTMAN, John (Amanda) timber man, 23 e Rogers; Eddie, s; Willie, s; Guy, s
CHRISTMAN, Adam (Roxy A) laborer, e Race
CHRISMAN, George W, (Sarah) buggy salesman, Western Ave; Lucy, s
CIRCLES, Edward (Mary) drayman, e Votaw; Charles, clerk; Frank, laborer; Lewis, s; Rosetta, s; Thomas, s; Elmer, s
CLANCY, Pearl, 45 e Race
CLARK, Curtis H, ex-director Jay Co, Agricultural Assoc, s Meridian; Lucy Lee, notary public; Martha C, housekeeper; J S H, laborer
CLAYCOMB, Cornelia, 125 e Walnut
CLENDENEN, Salem (Elsie) retired farmer, Robt Hury
CLENDENEN, John (Murtle), retired farmer, 37 D C Baker
CLOSE, William (Anna), machinist, w Water; Cecil, s; Burtley, s; Nellie, s
CLOUGH, William (Mary) photographer, cor Ben Hawkins & Votaw
COLDREN, S B, carpenter, Third
COLDREN, E E (Mary B) clerk, 167 w Arch
COLDREN, Hosea (Mary) farmer, 289 e North; Caldwell, laborer
COLLETT, Presley (Elizabeth) timber buyer, e Sixth; Bert, s
COLLETT, Frank (Nancy) harness maker, Third; Ada, s
COLLETT, Oliver (Dora) laborer, Western Ave

COLLETT, Charles (Rebecca), laborer, w Arch; Roy, s
COLLINS, J C (O A) wheelwright, 55 e Main; Rettie; Charles
COLLINS, Orlando B (Laura) laborer, Creager Ave; William O, s; Benj F, s; Charles C, s
COLLINS, Lindsey (Mary E) laborer, w Main; Estella J, s
COLLINS, Mariah, s Meridian; Adda, s
COLLINS, Mary, 320 w Main
COLLINS, Meda, housework, 30 w High
COLLINS, J A (Louisaq) clerk, e Race; May, Ralph, clerk; Charlotte, s
COLLINS, H A (Carrie) wheel maker, e Water
CONNINGHAM, Alfred (Sarah) carriage maker, w Votaw; Ernest, painter
CONNINGHAM, D M, painter, e Meridian
CONNINGHAM, Gustavus (Hannah), painter, Penn
CONKLE, Nancy, 122 e Walnut; Frank, clerk
CONKLE, John (Jennie) brick mason, n Meridian
COONFARE, Daniel (Matilda) plasterer, cor Middle & Second; Murrell, plasterer
COOPER, Ora, clerk, cor Race and Middle
COOPER, Frank (Mary) laboror, Pleasant; Condy.
CONWELL, E W (Ella) furniture dealer, 238 e Arch; J B, clerk
CORBET, Roy (Mamie) barber, w Race; Rose
CORKWELL, W C (Nancy E) grocer, w Votaw
CORLE, Frank (Mary) section hand, w Third; William, s
CORLE, John (Cora) laborer, 247 w Third
CORWIN, Cornelius (Rachel) attorney at law, n Meridian; William, s
CORY, C C (Eliza), carpenter, n Meridian
COTMAN, Josiah (Elizabeth) farmer e Seventh; J.W, s; Leroy, s; M.B.,s; C.C.C., s; E. V., s
COTMAN, Thomas (Carrie) laborer, w Water
COTMAN, Richard (L B ) laborer, Bridge; Blanche, s
COTMAN, Hiram, gardner, e Seventh
COULSON, T W (Martha J) laborer, 32 W Main; M.J, housekeeper; G.L., s
COVAULT, D (Emma) livery man, e North; Glenn, s
COVINGTON, Mrs C J, 29 E Walnut
CRABTREE, Margaret, n Meridian
CRAIG, Charles (Carrie) wheel maker, Shanks; Ralph, s; Lillian, s
CRAIG, Riley (Mary L) 149 w Arch; Laura, s
CRAIG, Lewis (Lavenia) oil driller, e Votaw;  Frank, s; Ada B, s; Turpie C, s; Alpha M, s; Nellie M, s; Sarah V, s
CRAUCH, Myrtle, student, 181 e Main
CREAGER, Lewis (Sarah) blacksmith, Robt Hury
CRING, John (Jennie) furniture dealer, 65 w Walnut; Ella, Fanna; Adda; George , s
CRING, Theophelus, clerk, n Meridian
CRING, Lovina, dress maker, e Water
CROMAS, Ora, deputy sheriff, w Main
CROWELL, E M, mechanic, 58 e Main
CULBERT, J S (Mollie) veterinary surgeon, w Walnut; Milo, s
CULTICE, Charles (Mary) painter, 276 w Third; William, s
CUNNINGHAM, John W (Rebecca) music dealer, 204 e Main
CUNNINGHAM, David F (Jane V) druggist, n Meridian; Walter, clerk
CUNNINGHAM, Geo W (Florence) music dealer, cor Arch & Commerce; Fred, s; Paul, s
CUNNINGHAM, Morton, (Nellie), laborer, w Arch
CUNNINGHAM, May, music teacher, 225 e Main
CURRENT, U G (Effie) clerk, e High; Gertrude, s
CURRENT, H C, Bricklayer, e High; Nettie, teacher; LaVernie
CURRENT, John W (Almeda) brick maker, e Seventh; Isa, s; Jay, s; David, s



DARR, Thomas (Elizabeth) butcher, 329 W main
DAVIS, R P (Anna) physician, cor Main & Pleasant
DAVIS, James J (Nettie) teacher, cor Ship & Water; Mabel T, s
DAVIS, W A (M C) blacksmith, 353 w Arch; N.A., clerk
DAVIS, Isaac (Mahala) blacksmith , e Water; Alonzo, clerk; Rufus, laborer
DAVIS, Fred (Ellen) laborer, e High; Maud, s
DAVIS, Charles, hotel porter, w Main
DAWSON, Henry (Rhoda) tie contractor, 209 e Main; Cora, s; Fred, s
DEHOFF, Silas E (Clara E) railroad man 65 w McNeal
DELLINGER, Thomas (Lillie) horse trainer, 182 e Arch; Wilbert, s; Harry, s
DENNEY, Jacob F (Ollie) attorney, 216 e Main; Chede, teacher
DENNEY, Hezekiah (Lillie) grocer, 244 s Meridian
DENNEY, R H (Sadie) prop. City bookstore, 117 s Meridian; Ina, s; Ray, s
DENNEY, T H (Maggie) bookkeeper, 164 w Main; Adah R, s; Marie, s
DENNEY, Ira ( B A) retired, 160 w Main
DENNEY, L Hoyt (Eva M) jeweler, 160 w Main
DENNEY, Royal (Frances J) carpenter, 229 w Walnut; Charles A; Lewis W; Mary I, s
DENNEY, J H (Lola C) grocer, 285 w Main; Jesse, s; Cleo, s
DENNIS, Calvin (Minerva) hoop maker, w Race; Anna, s
DEPEW, John S, laborer, n Lincoln; William, laborer
DETAMORE, John (Mary J) stock buyer, 106 e Walnut; W H, meat market; C G, stock buyer; H.E., s
DeTRAY, James (Eva) stone mason, 252 e High; Alice, s; Veda, s
DEVERS, Frank (Margaret) clerk, Rogers
DIBBS, T J (Mary) machinist, w Walnut; Elmer, s
DICKES, J T (Susanah) physician, 56 e Walnut; Erma Lyons, s; Hazel M, s
DIEHL, M (Lydia) merchant, e Race; Frank, cigar maker; Irma, s; Myrtie, s; Vaughn, s
DISTAN, Daniel, wheel inspector, cor Main & Ship
DOLBY, Will E, Painter, w Water
DOLBY, Abraham (Emma) cooper, 375 w Main; Allie, s
DOLLINS, John W (Mary) traveling salesman, 155 w Walnut; Glenna, s; Guy, s
DONART, Warren (Burt) drayman, 22 s Middle
DONART, Joshua (Jane) retired shoemaker, w main; Margaret, tailoress
DONART, Milton (Ella) laborer, w Arch’ Arthur, s
DOTY, Elijah T (Jenetta J) street sprinkler, s Middle
DOTY, J M (Zorelda) contractor, cor Third & Middle; Elmer, laborer
DOTY, Albert (Ellen) fish dealer, 281 w Arch; Ople, s
DOTY, J T (Harriett) well driller, w Votaw; Addie, s; Jacob, s; Frank, s
DRAKE, George A (Sadie) undertaker, 90 n Meridian
DRAKE, Lydia, house keeper, 115 e Arch
DRURY, John, barber, Depot; Fred, showman
DRURY, Charles (Myrtle) barber, 75 s Meridian
DUCKETT, Amos (Martha E) laborer, e North
DUDLEY, Samuel, laborer, cor Main & Ship
DYER, John (Eliza) laborer, 329 w Main


EASTERDAY, Christian (Barbara E), retired, Robt Huey
EASTERDAY, John (Lizzie), grocer, n Meridian; Orvill, s
EASTERDAY, Philemon (Ola) grocer, 286 Robt Huey
EDWARDS, Thomas (Jenny) minister, A M E Church, 28 e Water; L.L., s; Linzy, s
EICHELBERGER, S H (Pauline) machinist, 19 w Votaw; Ida, dressmaker
EILER, Oliver N (Alice) city electrician, cor Third & Meridian
ELDER, Robert (Hellen) collector, cor Middle & North; Warren, laborer; William, laborer; Hazel, s
ELEY, Martha J, s, 431 Robt Huey
ELLIS, Florence, dress maker, 193 e Walnut; Carl, s; Essie, s
ELLIOTT, George (Etta) salesman, e High; Paul, s
ENGLISH, Annah, canvasser, w Arch; Scott; s; Mollie, s; Bertha, s
EMERSON, George (Laura) oil contractor, w Arch; S.C, s; Emma G, s; Helen M, s
EPLEY, W F (Hannah) laborer, Votaw; Bessie M, s; John R, s
EVANS, Lee (Ella) barber, w Water
EVANS, Walter (Fannie) merchant, 37 e Race
EVILSIZER, A W (Callie) prop. Phonograph and magniscope, w Walter; Anna, s; mamie, s
EVILSIZER, L. M. (R Adalyn) music teacher, 104 w High
EWRY, C S (Belle) dealer in stoves and tinware, 202 w Walnut; Ralph, s


FARBER, George W (Elizabeth) sewing machine salesman, cor Main & Middle; Grover, s; Atta L, s
FARBER, C C (Flora B) farmer, Third
FARLOW,W H (Ella) salesman, Third
FARRIS, Frank, (Viola) laborer, e Rogers
FARRIS, John (Anna) laborer, 53 Penn
FARRIS, William (Emaline) plasterer, 225 Bridge
FARRIS, Lewis (Caroline) laborer, Ben Hawkins
FARRIS, Albert (Laura) laborer, Creager Ave
FARRIS, Newton (Retta) teamster, Franklin; Sherman, teamster
FAUL, Daniel E (Emma) miller, e Arch; Norvil, book keeper
FEARING, Charles (Ivy) laborer e Water; Chester, s
FEIBELMAN, C B , rec Haynes Wheel works, n Meridian; Harry, accountant
FELLOWS, Hartzel (Anna) drayman for W H Wood, 429 s Meridian
FETTY, Samuel (Eliza) teamster, 421 s Meridian; Fred, laborer
FERNER, D A J (S B) dentist, e Main; Inez Lea; C.S., student
FERRIS, W L (Carrie) supt Creamery Pkg Mfg Co , w Arch; Harlo, s; Paul, s; Harry, s
FERRIS, Charles W (Kate) accountant, w Walnut; C Willard, s
FERRIS, Michael (Cornelia) laborer, e Seventh; John, laborer; Daniel, laborer; Rena C, s
FETTERS, Andrew, gun smith, n Franklin.

FIFER, B G (Jennie) carpenter, s Meridian; Herbert E; s

FIFER, Joel (Nancy) flagman, 179 e High
FIKEL, Edward, (Laura) section foreman, 364 W Walnut
FIKEL, Norman (Anna) laborer, w Arch; Blanche, s; Sadie, s; Hazel, s
FIKEL, Frank (Mary) section foreman, w North; Edna, s; Flora, s; Dean, s; George, s
FINCH, T J, advertising agent, w Main
FINCH, Edna, s, 126 e Main
FINCH, Thomas J, ex-deputy sheriff, w Walnut
FINCH, Isaac, 122 e Main; Rebecca, s; George, s; Zora, s; Hazel, s
FINCH, Oscar, s, w High
FINK, Orlinda, w Votaw; George H, s; Warder, s; Albina, housekeeper
FINNEY, Caroline, housekeeper, 113 w Arch
FINNEY, Edward (Ella) laborer, w McNeal

FITZPATRICK, Edward V (Ollie J) county clerk, 164 e Arch.; Durvin, s; Loman, s
FLEMING, Wm S (Jane P) mfg. wind engines, e Meridian; William, mechanic; Charles W, s, Minnie, dressmaker; Lulu; Frank, mechanic
FLEMING, Thomas H (Effie) coal heaver, e Third; Nellie, s; Beryl, s; Ollie, s; Carl, s; Sadie, s
FLESCHER, Ella, cook, w Main
FLINN, George (Sarah) plasterer, 181 e Main; Eva, deputy auditor; Peter, musician
FLOWERS, John, laborer, w McNeal; Ella
FOREMAN, G W B (Ines E) laborer, cor Race & Middle; Flora E; G.D., teacher; Colonel P, laborer; Reggie E, s; Oakland T, s
FORRY, A E (R J) retired photographer, 205 w Arch; Edgar S, paper hanger; Frank H, blacksmith; Glenn, s; Jennie E, s; Della
FOLTZ, J W (Maggie) traveling salesman, 176 w Main; Myrtle K, s; Freddie, s; G.C., s
FOLTZ, Abraham (Alzada) laborer, w High
FOLTZ, Mary, housekeeper, 165 W High
FOX, Joseph (Jennie) blacksmith, 377 w High; Jeremiah P, s; William E, s
FRANKLIN, Elmer (Katie) timber cutter, w High
FRANKS, Samuel (M J) carpenter, Tyler; Earl, s; Eva, s
FRANKS, Lowell (Jessie) laborer, Twelfth
FRANKS, Alva (Ora) laborer, Tyler
FRAZIER, Luther M, (Etta) propr, saw mill, w Race
FREEMYER, G W (Mary) runs phonograph, 26 e Race
FROST, A J (Alice) county surveyor, s Meridian
FULTON, B F (Gertrude) oil contractor, 155 e Main
FULTON, James L (Dink M) hardware dealer, 113 e Main
FULTON, Allen (Gertrude R) oil driller, e Arch



GABLE, N H (Rilla) cigar store, 44 e Arch; Orlo, s; Pree, s; Jennie, clerk
GARBER, H P (Amanda) farmer, Boundary City Pike; Alice; Mary C
GARBER, W F (Carrie) e Seventh; George, teamster; P.O., s; W.A.,s; A.A., s; N.L.,s; M.J.,s; F.G.,s
GARBER, Oscar M (Maggie) spoke turner, Boundary City Pike
GARNER, G B (Sarah A0 minister First Christian Church, e Race; Joseph F, druggist; Sicily E, s; Blanche, s
GARET, W A (Mary E) laborer, Vine
GATES, F W (Janie) prop. Hotel Hawkins, w Main
GEBHART, M (Sarah A) clerk, cor Pleasant & Arch; Otto, livery driver
GEIGER, Abraham (Mary) laborer, s Meridian
GEIGER, Nettie, house keeper, e Water; Nora, telephone operator; Ida, teacher
GELISPIE, Lissa, waitress at Leddy’s n Meridian
GEMMIL, James W (Mary E) carpenter, 368 Robt Huey; Edith, s; Mark, s; Charles, s
GEESEMAN, Mahala, daily labor, n Lincoln
GEESEMAN, John S (Sarah) section hand, Vine
GEESEMAN, L F (Sarah J) carpenter, 305 n Meridian; Viola, s; Shurley, s
GEESEMAN, J L , laborer, Vine
GERSHOM, Louis, book binder, n Meridian
GIBSON, Isaac (Sarah) drayman, w Votaw; Alburtis, s; Selma E, s
GICK, Henry (Lizzie) section foreman, w Seventh; Will, laborer; Edith, milliner; Lillie, s; Emma, s; Carrie, s; Cenia, s
GIERHART, John (Alice) wheel maker, w Arch; Russell, s
GIERHART, S W (Matilda) farmer, J.B., barber

GILPIN, L L (Nancy A) county recorder, n Garfield Ave; Sarah G; Mary H, dept recorder; Garce G, s; Garth G, s
GILPIN, S.C. (Droa) blacksmith, n Commerce; Ines, s; H.V.,s
GILLUM, Elizabeth, dress maker, 64 n Harrison
GILLUM, Florence B, milliner, 45 e High
GILLUM, Thomas (Ella) section hand, Robt Huey
GILLUM, Nancy, w North; Windle, moulder
GILLUM, Homer (Stella) gas fitter, w North
GLASS, Letta, housekeeper, s Meridian
GLASSFORD, George W (Elizabeth) retired, 285 e Water; Luther, laborer; Martha, house work; Rachel, s; Oliny, s
GLASSFORD, Henry (Nancy E) laborer, e North; Harvey E, s; Wm S, s; Minnie E, s; Della A, s
GLASSFORD, Wm (Mary) laborer, Boundary City Pike

GLASSFORD, Adam (Sarah) laborer, Franklin; William, laborer; Even, s
GLASSFORD, James (Ida) laborer, Franklin
GLASSFORD, John (Mattie) laborer, Ben Hawkins; Alva, rimmer; Clarence, jointer; Francis, jointer; Gertie
GLOVER, Silas R (Lydia) carpenter, s Meridian; Mollie
GORDON, James, wheel maker, n Meridian
GORHAM, William (Sarah) grocer, 335 W Main; Walter, s; Roy, s; Mary, s; W.H., s
GORHAM, John M (Eva) grocer, 348 w Main
GOWDY, William (Lida) wheelwright, 285 w Arch; Sadie, s; Spencer, s; Brooks, s
GRADLE, John (Mary) spoke turner, 149 S Meridian
GRANT, Charles (Alma) saloonist, w Main; Jesse, s
GRANT, Lucinda, house keeper, w Main
GRATTIS, Joseph (Mariah) retired farmer, e Votaw; Emma, s
GARTTIS, George (Miranda) liveryman, w Main
GRAVES, James F (Amanda) insurance agent, 154 w High; Orda, s
GRAVES, Will L, laborer, w Walnut
GRAVES, Abner, stave cutter, 235 w Main
GRAVES, A J (Elizabeth) farmer, Votaw; Clifford, s; Orel E, s
GRAVES, J A (Dollie) laborer, Votaw
GARVES, Arthur E (Carrie) carpenter, 289 Rbt Huey
GARY, James (Margart) laborer, e Seventh; Eliza, s
GRAY, John (Maggie) cooper, Ben Hawkins
GRAY, Isaac (Olive) laborer, Ben Hawkins
GRAY, Elisha (Lovina) laborer, Ben Hawkins
GRAY, T B laborer, cor Franklin & Votaw; Emma, s; Minnine, s; Ethel, s
GARY, Mariah, w Votaw
GREEN, Harry (Martha) laborer, 157 w Arch

GREEN, Peter (Mattie) teamster, Shanks
GREEN, Harvey (Molliew) cooper, 369 w Walnut; Carrie, s; Goldie, s; Ethel, s
GREEN, Richard A, township trustee, w Seventh; Ella; Myrtle; Hattie, s; Robbin, s; Rebecca, s
GREEN, William (Jane) carpenter, w Walnut; Ethelyn, s; Della, s
GREENHUFF, Ellen 318 Robt Huey
GRIEF, Eliza, e Seventh; Anna; Jennie; James, laborer; Frank, laborer
GRIEST, William (Frances) accountant, 149 e High
GRIFFITH, Isaac (Hellen) 139 e Main; Nim, real estate; Jay, dept surveyer; Esther, s
GRIFFITH, Mack (Ida) chair maker, 3 Seventh
GRIMES, Mary, house keeper, e Arch; Anderson, feed store; Levi, feed store
GRINER, Daniel E, prosecuting attorney, w Walnut; Artie, milliner
GROSE, Albert, laborer, w Main
GROW, Elizabeth, Western Ave
GUILD, E D (Jennie) oil contractor, 160 e Main; Howard, s
GUY, Charles, s, sMeridian
GUYER, John, section hand, w Seventh
GWIN, M M (Rebecca) minister, 206 n Commerce




HAFFNER, Mary A, house keeper, cor Pleasant & Water; Ida M, agent; Leona, s; Leora, s
HAHN, George W (Eva) laborer, cor 6th & Vine; Lulu, s; Russell, s
HAINES, H F (Hulda J) reporter, w Arch; Burley W, s; Anna P, s; Carrie M, s
HAKES, Mary, residing with W L Ferris, w Arch
HALFHILL, Susie, s, e Arch
HALFHILL, Lizzie, house keeper, 79 e High
HALEY, Harvey, stave buncher, 424 Robt Huey; Chris, s
HALEY, Ora, s, 289 Robt Huey
HALEY, Jacob (Barbara) handle finisher, 47 Rogers; Emmett, s; Almeda, s; Daniel, s; Delilah, s
HALEY, Andrew (Clara) plasterer, Shanks
HALEY, Fred (Delilah A) grocer w Main; Daniel, operator; Allie, s
HALEY, Harvey (Mary C) traveling salesman, 155 w High; Oral O, s
HALEY, Samuel (Carrie) painter, w Votaw; Fred, painter
HALEY, Frederick, carpenter, w Votaw
HALL, J W (Mary) physician, 108 e Main; Rhuie, s
HALL, George W (Helen M) sec’y 1st building and loan, 125 n Ship; Donald A, s; Jean, s
HALL, Rebecca, laborer, n Meredian
HAMMONS, Edward (Salida) retired farmer, Rogers
HAMMONS, J E (Ella) carpenter, 75 s Meridian; Carrie, s; William L, s; R.D., s
HAMMONS, Mary E, house keeper, 301 w Main; Dick, s
HAMMITT, Ray (Adda) hotel clerk, Garfield Ave
HAMMITT, Merrill, machinist, Washington
HAMMELL, Alford (Alice) painter, e Votaw; Minnie; Fred, s; Nellie, s; Mary, s; Carrie, s
HANLIN, Wm (Elizabeth) laborer, e Votaw; Ada; Tillie; Charles, s; Russell, s
HANLIN, Evaline, retired, 164 w High; Margaret, house keeping
HANN, Edmond P (Harriot) pipe pulling outfit, Washington
HARB, A F (Clara), accountant, w Race; Jessie
HARKER, David (Sarah C), farmer, e Water; Etta F, s
HARRIS, Harry, light trimmer, cor Ship & Arch
HARRIS, Carl (Clara) saloonist, cor Meridian & High
HARRIS, Calvin (Sarah E) retired, n Meridian; Grace; Effie
HARRIS, William (Nora) laborer, w Second
HARKINS, Thomas J (Linnie) druggist, Second
HARKINS, W H (Letitia) deputy revenue collector, 121 s Meridian
HARLAN, M A ( A M) minister M E Church, e Arch
HARMON, Benjamin (Phoebe) laborer, Robt Huey; Rosa, s; Cora, s; Mary, s; Ethel, s
HARMON, Emanuel (Libbie) section hand, w Main; Hazel, s
HARMON, Arthur (Rosa) farmer, w Votaw
HARTFORD, Ellenor M, housekeeper, e Main; R H, attorney; James D, carpenter
HARTER, Hiram, e Seventh; Rodney, laborer
HARTER, Basil, s Shanks; Ralph, s
HARTER, Frank (Callie) spoke turner, 294 Shanks
HARTMAN, Dora, house keeper, e Main; Martha, milliner; Smith, laborer
HATTZELL, William (Hattie) plasterer, e North; Sarah A; Allie; Lillie; Levi,s; Burley, s; Jennie, s; Lola,s
HARTZELL, Jonas A (Lucinda) 152 e Votaw
HARTZELL, Isaac (Ella), plasterer, 290 e Votaw
HARTZELL, Emanuel (Libbie) plasterer, 27 e Arch; Charles, clerk; Dessie, s
HART, Sarah J, Robt Huey; Salem R, s; Ralph, s
HART, W A (Luanna) attorney, 237 e High; John B, s
HARRY, Mahala, housekeeper, 285 e Race; Harry, F A, laborer
HARRISON, Elizabeth , w McNeal; Harry, s; Stella, s
HARDY, Cady O (Dora) loan and insurance agent, 326 w Walnut
HARDY, William (Ida) teamster, w Race
HARYD, Robert, teamster, e Lafayette; Arthur, s
HARTLEY, E H (Anna) carpenter, w Seventh
HASTINGS, Charles W, prop, pool room, w Main
HASTINGS, Mary A, dress maker, e High
HATCH, Charles, laborer, cor Ship & Arch
HAVILAND, Catherine, house keeper, 124 e Walnut
HAWKINS, Harry (Ada) laborer, w High
HAWKINS, N B (Evva) cashier Citizins Bank, e Main; Estella; Morton; Zillah, s
HAYNES, J M (Sarah) ex-judge and pres Peoples Bank, cor Arch & Ship; Edward M, accountant
HAYNES, Calvin, grocer, n Meridian
HAYNES, Frank, laborer, n Meridian
HAYNES, W M (Elizabeth), cashier Peoples bank, 117 w Arch; Florence, s
HAYNES, Josephine, ex-teacher, cor Race & Pleasant
HAYNES, Turner W (Mary) president Wheel Co, 203 e main
HAYNES, Sumner W (America) attorney, n Pleasant
HAYS, Courtney, retired merchant
HAYS, John W (M E) 213 e Water
HEAD, Elizabeth, w McNeal; Lillie, compositor; Rosa, s; Charley, s
HEADINGTON, Nimrod (Ruth) justice of the peace, 150 w Walnut real estate agent, s Wayne; L E, s; O W, s
HEADINGTON, Charles (Lizzie)  paper hanger, w Main
HEADINGTON, J W (Laura) judge  of circuit court, cor High & Commerce; Etta, s; Will, s; Raymond, s; Lena, s
HEADINGTON, C F (Susan) merchant, 113 w Arch; Walter, student; Earenst, s
HEADINGTON, John E (Ruth) clerk, w Arch; Madge, s; Lacey, s;  Kenneth, s
HEADINGTON, mary A, house keeper, 134 W Main; Mary, tailoress
HEADINGTON, James N (B E) hotel and restaurant, n Meridian
HEADINGTON, Frank E  (Effie), barber, e High
HEARN, George (Mary) carpenter, s Wayne
HEARN, William (Lida) teacher, 144 e Walnut
HEARN, P M (Ida E), real estate agent, s Wayne; L E, s; O W, s; L R, s;  J T,s
HEARN, Chris (Emma) ex-restauranter, s meridian; Dora; Sadie, clerk
HEARN, Charles A (Malinda) lineman, 396 w Walnut; Noah D, s
HEARN, Robert, clerk, cor Race & Pleasant
HELTON, Thomas J (Alice) driver  mineral water wagon, 95 e Walnut; Eva, s; Harry, s; Walter, s
HELTON, George (Emma), carpenter, 263 s Meridian;Juston, s; Chester, s; Roscoe, s
HENLEY, jason (Ella) manager Jay Grain Co, 43 e Walnut; Dollie
HENLEY, C J (Emma S) foreman Jay Grain Co, 127 w Walnut
HENRY, John M (Rachel) retired farmer, s Meridian; Jennie, housework
HERSCH, Phillip (Charlotte) merchant, 84 w high; Jennie R, s
HESTON, Jason, ice dealer, s Meridian; Rosa,  house keeper
HESTON, James E (Bettie) laborer, s meridian
HIATT, George, retired, 176 n Middle
HIATT, Amy W, e main; Jessie, telephone operator
HIATT, John T (Lucy E) retired farmer, w high
HIATT, E M (Rhoda) w Race; John, farmer; Anna, dining room  girl; George, farmer; Mattie, s; Purvis, s; Purley, s
HIATT, George (Anna), laborer, 260 Bridge
HIATT, samuel, dept assessor, e High
HIATT, Virgie, student, cor High & Munson Ave
HIGGINS, L O, traveling salesman, 180 E  high; Libbie, clerk
HIGGINS, Jennie, house keeper, w Walnut
HILL, W C, (Dora), stave cutter, e Race; Mamie
HILLERY, Maggie, s, Shanks
HILLERY, Angeline, wash woman, Votaw
HILTON, Clarence (Florence) engineer, 41 s Wayne
HINES, Aaron (Luida) laborer, Park
HINES, J S, embalmer and funeral director, n meridian
HINKLEY, E D (Sarah) painter, w Votaw; Anna; Cora
HIXSON, Sarah J, cor High & Ship; Walter, s
HOCK, Lucy, w High; Emma
HODE, james, section hand, n Meridian
HOOD, W H (A B) wholesale  grocer, 134 w Walnut; Clifford, oil man; Albert,  book keeper; Ida, s; Clara, s; Esther, s
HODGE, G H (Minnie) hoop maker, cor Western Ave & North; Ada, s; Johns, s; S.T., hoop maker
HODGE, Avry, s Franklin
HODGE, Elijah (Mary) hoop maker, w Walnut; Elijah, s; Johns, s; Clara, s; Eliza, s
HODGE, John (Belle), laborer, 270 w Second
HODGE, C P, carpenter, e Walnut
HOLMES, John W, real estate agent, 149 w Arch
HOLMES, A J (Emaline) grocer, cor Meridian & McNeal; John, s
HOLMES, L M (Amanda) general manager Normal, 152 w Arch; Beatrice, s
HOLMES, H L (Sarah R) handle factory, s Meridian; Eugene L, accountant
HOLMES, C W (Ida) marble dealer, 86 e Walnut; Fred, s
HOLMES, James H, (Alice) woodworker, w Main
HOLMES, Nancy, house keeping, 92 e High
HOLMES, L G (Clara) hay dealer, 89 e High; Edith, s; Walter, s; Vadia, s
HOLMES, Sarah, 98 e Race
HOLLOWAY, Ina, s w High; Emma, s;  Frank, s
HOLLOWAY, George (Gladys) harness maker, e Votaw
HORNER, Edith, laborer, 285 e Water
HORNER, Joseph (Sarah E) laborer, Bridge; C.O., laborer; N.V., laborer; D.E., laborer; Burdie, laundress; M.P., s; F G, s
HORNER, Wesley, laborer, w Arch
HORTON, David (Celia) traveling salesman, 204 e Walnut
HOTTEL, C L (Ella) supt schools, 39 e Arch; Lora, s; Lynn, drug clerk
HOTSENPILLER, W V (Nora) laborer, w Arch; Velma, s
HOTSENPILLER, J S, ex-teacher, cor North & Middle
HOTSENPILLER, Walter (Sallie) laborer, s Middle
HOTSENPILLER, Marcus (Mary J) canvasser, w High; Frank, laborer
HOPKINS, Ed B (Delia) clerk 165 w  Race; Marie, s

HOUCK, Jacob (Caroline) laborer, Creager Ave; Monroe, s
HOUCK, Eli (Phoebe) laborer, Franklin; Monroe, s; Nora, s; Asel, s
HOUSE, V Y (Mary) printer, e Walnut; Russell, s
HOUTZ, Daniel (Anna), laborer, w North
HOOVER, Wilbur, accountant, w Main
HOOVER, Lewis W (Emma) bank teller, w Main; Freddie, s
HOYT, Augusta, works at Merchants, res cor Arch & Pleasant
HUBBARD, Alpha,  164 w Arch
HUDSON, W M (Emma) laborer, 82 e   North; Ethel, s; Vaughn, s
HUDSON, Thomas (Eva) cooper, w Water
HUDSON, J W (Harriet) laborer, 36 e Munson Ave; Ada, s; Delbert, s
HUEY, John (Ruth) e Walnut; Mary, clerk
HUEY, Louisa, n Meridian; Harry, s; Dessie, s; Opel, s
HUEY, Catharine, house keeper, e Main; Harry, clerk
HUEY, Joseph, (Emma), laborer, w High
HUFF, George (Blanche) engineer, e Votaw; Claude, s
HUFFMAN, Fidela, 114 w Arch
HUGHES, Claton (Caroline) laborer, 392 n  Meridian; William L, musician; Jesse P, S; Charles E, s; Mary E, s
HUGHES, Isaiah (Jennie) cabinet maker, w Seventh; Alice, s; William, laborer
HUGHES, J Lee (Florence) clerk, n Pleasant
HUMPHRIES, W A ( Genervia) grocer, cor Wayne & Main; Harvey C, s; Bessie S, s; Lutie C, s; Calvin C, s
HUNT, Clinton W (Sarah) liveryman, cor North & Meridian; Maggie, s; Jennie, s; Nellie, s; Flora, s
HUNTER, Nancy M, w Third
HUTCHENS, John (Susan) hostler, w Race
HUTCHENS, Henry C (Sarah A) physician, w race
HUTCHENS, William H (America C) clerk, 326 w Arch; Grace E, s; Clarence A, s
HUTCHENS, Wm E (Lola) teacher, e Third
HUTCHENS, Ann, house keeper, Bridge; Eugene, druggist
HUTSON, Charlotte, house keeper, 287 Robert Huey; Sadie, clerk; Walter, farmer; Aquilla, clerk; Mont., farmer; Jacob,clerk
HUSTON, Charles R, laborer, s Meridian; Robert M, laborer
HUSTEN, James (Caroline) blacksmith, n Meridian; Catharine, s; Eva, s
HUTSELL, Isaac (Lucy) machinist, 142 n Meridian; Warren, s; Seth, s; Grace, s
HUTZLER, William M (Mahala) laborer, 252 w High; Lottie, s; Sidney, laborer; Elmer, laborer
HUTZLER, Frank (Sarah) plumber, 431 Robt Huey; Pearly E, s
HUTZLER, Joseph (Marietta) 405 Robt Huey
HUTZLER, Sheirdan (Laura) laborer, e Water
HYSELL, Dana (Nora) laborer, cor Seventh & Shanks
HYSELL, Harlow (Rhuie) hostler, s Meridian; Clinton, laborer; Gordon,  laborer; Clyde, s


 IHOLTS, George A(Emeline) retired clerk, 176 n Pleasant; William, barber
IHOLTS, Allen (Idella) painter and paper hanger, 176 n Pleasant
IMEL, David (Sarah) laborer, Vine; Grace, s
IMEL, N (Emma) laborer, 286 s Meridian; Earl, s; Teddy, s; Arthur, s; Bertha, compositor
IMEL, Thomas (Minnie) plumber, s Meridian; Mabel B, s; Charles, s; George, s
INGRAHAM, A J, horse trainer, 237 e High
ISENBARGER, M J  with W C Cartwright, 83 n Pleasant
ISENBARGER, Malinda, boarding house, cor Ship & Arch; Elsie, s; Viola, s; Donald, s
ISENHART, Henry (Evaline) laborer, Franklin
ISENHART, James (Mary) laborer, 287 Shanks; Catharine
ISENHART, Fred (Nettie) laborer, Second
ISENHART, Perry C (teacher, 169 w Walnut; Nellie, s; Elizabeth A.


JACK, Rattlesnake (Stella) barber, Ben Hawkins
JACOBS, Dow (Sarah) laborer Ben Hawkins; Thomas, s; Preston, s; Jessie, s
JAQUA, A L (Stella) contractor, w Seventh
JAQUA, james B (Sarah) attorney, e Main; Frank B, stenographer
JAQUA, Judson A (Adda) assistant cashier Citizens Bank, 80 e Main; Charles, s; Paul, s
JAQUA, Susia L R, house keeper, w Third; Jean L
JAMES, E (Marie) merchant, cor Main & Commerce; Edna, s
JAMES, Elmer E (Sallie) real estate and loan agent, e High; Mildred, s
JAMES, Alice, wash woman, w McNeal; Ollie, s
JAY, Milton T (Mary E) physician, w Walnut
JELLISON, W B (Eliza) wool clerk, n Harrison; Allen, laborer
JELLISON, Ephram (Sophia), laborer, e North
JELLISON, Joseph (Mary) stave jointer, 288 w Walnut; Edwards, s; Birdie, s; Les, s
JELLEFF, A F (Elizabeth A) laborer, 56 w Votaw
JENKINSON, John (Ida) stone cutter, w Sixth; Lillie, s
JENKINSON, William, stone cutter, cor Main & Ship
JENKINSON, Richard, stone cutter, cor Main & Ship
JENKINSON, George A (Lena) stone cutter, w Walnut
JETTER, Charles (Lou)  janitor, e Arch
JOHNSON, margaret, house keeper, 252 w High
JOHNSON, Ella, housekeeper, 50 e Walter; Maud, s
JOHNSON, James, laborer, Creager Ave; James, laborer
JOHNSON, Isaac (Abbie) laborer, Creager Ave; Charles, s; jane, s
JOHNSON, Sherman (Dice) teamster, Franklin
JOHNSON, D E (Mary E) clerk, w High; Orville, s
JOHNSON, W R (Sadie) laborer, Franklin
JOHNSON, John L (Jessie) hardware merchant, e Race; Leah, s; Flo, accountant
JOHNSON, T S (Ella) retired merchant, e Arch
JOHNSTON, George W (Belle) printer  59 n Meridian
JONES, W P (Florence) dentist, 109 e Arch
JONES, Jacob R (Alice A) merchant, 157 w Main; Stella, s; Earnest, s; Freddie, s; Ray, s
JONES, Daniel (Ida B) teamster, Boundary City Pike; John, s; Stella, s; Marchel, s; Minnie, s
JONES, W H (Luzena) engineer, 92 w High; Nellie, s
JONES, Arthur (Bertha) laborer, 244 w Walnut
JONES, Bessie, clerk, 28 s Munson Ave
JONES, William (Martha) carpenter, e Main; Ethel, s; Iris, s; Guy, s
JONES, Josephine, dressmaker, 320 w Main; Rodger, accountant
JONES, Edward ( Viola), laborer, 405 Robt Huey; Edith, s
JONES, Moffatt (Carrie) tailor, w Main
JONES, Visa, daily laborer, n Commerce; Asel, s; Lydia, house keeper
JONES, Byron (Delores) bicycle repairer, e main; Ora E, bicycle repairer; Arthur V; Olga, s
JONES, Leroy (Grace) engineer, 92 w High
JORDON, Nora, clerk, 124 e Walnut
JORDON, William (Sarah) junk dealer, D C Baker; Chester, s; Mary, s; Wilson, s; George, s
JORDON, William (Sarah) laborer, Franklin; Milton,laborer
JORDON, John (Minnie) lumber drayman, 337 Robt Huey; Ethel, s
JORDON, james E (Carrie) laborer, Tyler; Elmer, s
JORDON, Sadie E, house keeper, Franklin
JOSEPH, Charles (Florence) hay dealer, w Votaw; Silvy, s; Harley, s; Eva, s
JOSEPH, Albert (Anna) laborer, cor park & High; Orla, s; George, s; Russell, s


KANOTH, John (Susan) laborer, w High
KELLY, Margaret, house keeper, e Arch; William, grain dealer; Kittie; John; Frank, s; Paul, s
KELLEY, J Will, attorney at law, 149 w Arch
KEELER, James, s, 329 w High
KEMP, D S (Florence) oil contractor, 92 e High
KENDRICK, Mary E, 153 s Meridian; George, machinist
KENDRICK, T W ( J A) blacksmith, e Race; Clarence E, s; Arthur J, s
KENDRICK, Clarence E (Romelia) telegraph operator, 19 w Votaw
KERSHNER, Elizabeth, 335 w Race; Daniel, farmer; Catharine
KIDDER, Joseph (Elizabeth) retired farmer, s meridian
KIGER, Hannah R, house keeper, s Meridian; Stella, cook; Samuel A, laborer
KIKENDALL, William (mary) fireman, n Meridian; Cora, s; Charles, s; Homer, s
KIKENDALL, Charles (Flora) patent medicine dealer, e Walnut
KIKENDALL, mary J, e Walnut; E.B., merchant; Grant, merchant
KIKENDALL, A L (Della) merchant, n Commerce
KILE, G W (Sarah M) laborer, 322 e North; J.A., s; C.H., s
KIMBLE, Ida, dress maker, w High; Oral; Goldie
KIMBLE, mary J, house keeper, 289 Robt Huey
KIMBLE, Ananias (Jennie) laborer, n Harrison; W J, s
KING, Jesse (Lizzie) hostler, 218 e Walnut
KING, Margaret, wash woman, e Water
KINSEY, D S (Hannah S) physician and insurance, 560 s meridian; William M, farmer; Abbie M; Bessie B, s; Margaret L, s; Augusta B, s; Anna S, s
KINSEY, Joel (Sarah) farmer 279 e Main; Chester, clerk; Maud, s; Homer, s
KINSEY, Susan, house keeper, 224 e high; L.C., laborer
KINSEY, William (Mary A) laborer, e Arch; Dessie, s; Forest, s; Glenn, s; Henry, s
KIRKWOOD, B L (Belle) baker, 65 w Walter; Sumner, laborer; Ray, s; Gertrude, s
KLEEKTER, Nathan, driller, n Meridian
KRESS, Mary J, s Meridian
KUMP, J H (Sarah S) manufacturer, 45 e Main
KUNCE, Henry (Mary) farmer, w Votaw; Luther, s
KUNCE, Sadie, wash woman, ben Hawkins; Orvis
KUNCE, Sarah, house keeper, 25 w McNeal; Andy, oil driller
KUNCE, Levi (Rachel) retired farmer, e Rogers; William, handle turner; Emma, house keeper; Walter, s


LaFOLLETTE, J J M (Annie W) attorney, 105 e Walnut; Mellie E; Byron E, s
LaFOLLETTE, John F (Sadie) attorney, 89 e Main
LaFOLLETTE, John (Amy) retired farmer and teacher, 442 s Meridian
LaFOLLETTE, C P, laborer, cor Fifth & Shanks; Phoebe, housekeeper; Nancy; H.V.; A.P.W., printer; W.S., baker; C.M., laborer
LaFOLLETTE, Wm P, Creager Ave
LALLEY, John (Augusta) deputy auditor, 22 e Arch
LANDAUER, Robert (Francena) grocer, cor Depot & North; Fanny, s; A.W., s; S.M.,s
LANDAUER, Simon, merchant, cor Depot & North
LANNING, Amos (Claire) junk dealer, w McNeal; Lawrence, s; Calvin, s; Olney, s; Lillie, s; Homer, s
LANNING, Elizabeth A, s Lincoln; John A, s; Capiola, s; James M, s; Charles E, s; Eli, s
LANNING, Robert (Mary) retired, w McNeal; George W, laborer; Loty, housekeeper; Martin V, s; Lillie, s
LANNNG, Albert B (Cindarilla) engineer, w Main; Lucy J, s
LANNING, Trifenia, house keeper, e Penn; Walter, s
LANNING, Uriah (Sophia) laborer, D C Baker; Burt, s
LANNING, Ola, s, 128 e North
LANSING, J W (Susan) cooper, w Arch
LANTERMAN, W D (M E) farmer, n Commerce; Harry, express agent
LAWRENCE, Michael (Ellen) section hand, w Seventh
LAWRENCE, L F (Dora) harness maker, s Meridian; Celia, s: edna, s; Guy E, s
LEE, Adam, (Martha) laborer, 272 Shanks; Albert M, s; Delbert, s
LEEDY, A J (Nancy) restaurant, e Arch
LEAVY, James H (Josephene) road master, G R & I, 116 e North; Zellah, s; Carl E, s; Jimmie, s
LEAPLEY, Thomas (Ethel) timberman, cor Main & Hays; Earl; Bessie; Nellie, s
LEGGETT, William (Emma) bartender, e North; Harry, hostler; Lewis, s; Ines, s; Edward, s
LENNON, John (Catharine) laborer, w Third; Ramey, laborer
LETT, Clarkson (Martha) laborer; Charles, s; Russell, s
LEIWS, Hannah, house keeper, 168 n Pleasant
LEWIS, Mary E, house keeper, w Race
LEWIS, Anson (Lizzie) stone mason, 282 s Meridian; Raymond, s
LIMBERT, Frank M (Mary A), cabinet maker, 106 w Walnut; Sarah E, s; Earl G, s; Merman E, s; C.W. s; Lorenzo D, s
LIMBERT, Ira (Mary) teamster, 256 W High
LIMLE, James, shoe clerk, n Meridian
LINAMOOD, W R (Mary), prop book store, s Meridian; Blanche, music teacher; Jennie, s;Charley, s; Ray, s; Josie, s
LINDSEY, ola, w High
LINGO, Ruben (Flora) laborer, w Walnut
LINGO, Abraham (Lulu), laborer, w Arch
LINGO, Geore (Jennie) laborer, w Race; Cora, s; Benjamin, laborer
LINGO, Frank, laborer, w Arch
LINGO, Peter (Emma) laborer, Eighth
LINKHAUER, Jacob O (Hattie) ex sheriff, 265 w Walnut; Giffe, s; Ruth, s; Willie, s
LINKHAUER, Sarah J, housekeeper, 255 w Walnut
LIPPS, George (Elizabeth) auctioneer, Vine
LITTELL, Isaac B (Nora) druggist, w Walnut; Florence, s
LONG, W M (Sarah) stave jointer, Ben Hawkins
LONG, Lewis (Amanda) laborer, 419 Robt Huey
LONG, John H (Mariah) manufacturer, 100 w Main; Fannie; Harry,s
LONG, Joel I (Mary) manufacturer, 281 w Water
LONG, Eli C (Matilda) carpenter, n Ship; Christle, s; Elizabeth
LONG, Joseph A (Mary) grocer, w High; Mable, s
LONG, William, clerk, n Meridian
LONG, John A (Matilda) blacksmith, e High; Clarence, s
LONGAKER, Samuel (Mary A) laborer, 271 Shanks
LONGERBONE, Otus (Emma) laborer, e Water
LONGERBONE, Reuben (Bertha) timber cutter, 256 w Third
LONGERBONE, William (Emma) timber buyer, w Third; Goldie, s; Truman, s
LOBGWITH, George (Ida) clerk, cor North & Commerce
LONGWITH, W T (Hurgetta) freight clerk, 381 w Water; Harry, s
LORD, Charley, propr. Feed and sales stable, w Main
LOTZ, Perry (Caroline) grocer, 215 e Main; Mona, s
LOVELL, C B (Ellen) night watch, cor Water & Middle
LOW, Lloyd, laborer, 128 e North
LOWE, William (Minerva) laborer, e Water; Terry, laborer; Joseph, laborer; Rena, s
LOY, James (Rosa) laborer w Water; Lillie, s; Mary, s
LOYD, George (Susie) plasterer, w Water; Elmer, s; Ada, s; Edgar, s; Opal, s
LUPTON, Phoebe, 118 w Walnut
LUSK, J D (Esther) minister, w Race; R.D.,s; J.F.,s; Clarence, s
LUSSENDEN, Earnest (Sadie) laborer, cor N B Hawkins & Walnut
LYONS, Jesse, clerk, n Meridian
LYONS, Sarah, nurse, w Third; Lucy, s


MACY, J M ( E R) farmer, 122 Shanks; Ira L, s; Isaac O, s; A.O.,s
MACKEY, P W (Blanche) oil driller, w Main
MACKEY, C W (Ida) physician, 110 e Arch; Vern, s
MACKLIN, Lucretia, house keeper, w Main; J.I, s
MACKENBACH, C A (A L) real estate and loan agent, cor Harrison & High
MADDOX, Joseph A, painter, Penn; Charles O, painter; Muriel, dress maker
MAGILL, John (Martha J) grocer and grain dealer, 44 e Votaw; Wm B, grain dealer; Mary, Julia, s
MAGILL, James T (Mary) laborer, Depot
MAHAN, Mont (Kansas C) city marshal, 64 n Harrison; Jas, telegraph operator; Charles A, barber; Flossie, s
MALCOLM, G W (Louisa) laborer, w 13th; Jesse, s; Mary J, s
MALIN, Eli (Rebecca) painter, 115e Race; Wm L, painter
MALIN, J S (R Mae) photographer, 56 e Race
MALIN, Fred, hotel clerk, 45 e High
MANN, Henry (Jemima) flagman, s Meridian; Clara
MANN, O G (Lura) huckster, 207 w High
MANN, Phillip (Catharine) retired farmer, 411 s Meridian
MANN, Roy, s, 256 w Third; Pearl, s; Earl, s
MANN, Laura, works at Hotel Hawkins, w Main
MANESS, W R, junk dealer, w McNeal; Emma, s; Jesse, s
MANESS, W E )Margaret L) engineer, w Votaw; Ota, wash woman; Nora Iona, s; R.L., s
MANESS, Charles (Anna) laborer, Franklin
MANOR, Luther (Jennie) deputy auditor, 143 w Main; A.C, county auditor; Lola, s
MANSON, Frank (Luvica) laborer, w Main; Fred, clerk
MARCHANT, Nelson (Missouri) engineer, 251 w Third; A.L., engineer; A.L.,s; C.M.,s;C.A.,s;C.E., s
MARLAN, J C (Belle) carpenter, 191 w Main
MARLAN, Mary A Floral Ave; Rosa, s; May, J.A., laborer
MARSH, E J (Anna B) editor Commercial, n Meridian; Rhea, s; Glenn, s; Earl, s
MARSH, W E (Lola D) n Meridian
MARSH, Julius C (A M) drugist, e Water
MARTIN, Viola, cook at Merchants, n Meridian
MARTIN, John (Eliza E) shoemaker, e Water
MARTIN, Zorpha F, s, s Meridian
MARTIN, Frederick, county treasurer, 176 w Main
MARTIN, William (Sarah) laborer, w Arch; Jessie L, s; Oliver F, s; Lillia E, s
MARTIN, Nellie, s, wit6h O L Shartis, w High
MASON, James A (Mary C) retired, e Seventh; Jane, dress maker; Ada A, s
MATHIAS, Matilda, 65 e High
MAUJAY, C, Catholic priest, e Walnut
MAXWELL, George (Minnie) cooper, w Arch
MAXWELL, J S (Susan) carpenter, 292 s Meridian;Orie; Joseph, s; Clarence, s; Pearl, s; Howard, s
MAXWELL, W A (Minnie E) spoke turner, Chicago Ave
MAY, Charles (Edith) teamster, Floral Ave; Worley, teamster; Gillia, s; Ada, s
MAY, George (Emma) fireman, Floral Ave; Goldie, s
MAY, John S (Catharine) teamster, Boundary City Pike; Lewis, s; Anna, s; Thomas J, s; Amanda, s; George, s
MAY, John W (Rebecca J) w McNeal; Ines
MEADS, Ira (Ida) laborer, e Water
MEEKS, Sylvester, laborer, 270 w Second
MEEKER, Robert (Jane) retired mechanic, 256 e Main; Frank S, musician
MEEKER, Rachel H, e Water; Lenora J, s; Frederick, clerk
MELAT, B F (Roemell) oil contractor, 72 e Race
MELLINGER, P D ( Catharine) teacher, n Meridian; Fred W, s; Mary C, s
MENDENHALL, Foreman, deputy clerk, 149 w Arch
MERCHANT, John (Della) laborer, 330 w Race
MERCHANT, Jud, brick moulder
MERCER, L C (Ora) telegraph operator, 353 w Arch
MESSNER, George (Lillie) cooper, 137 n Pleasant
MESSNER, Christian (Catharine) cooper, n Commerce; Emma, clerk; Tine, tailoress
METZ, P C (Anna) carpenter, w Race; Metz, Artie A, s; Raymond A, s
METZNER, W H (Angeline) engineer, 247 Shanks; J L, handle turner; May
MEYER, Michael (Edna) carpenter, Votaw; Elva, s; Lyda, s; William, s
MICHAELS, Wiley (Jennie) blacksmith, w Water; Verne, s
MICHAELS, Ott (Ella) blacksmith, w Water
MILLER, Joseph, (Ellen) blacksmith and wagon maker, 274 e Votaw; Mollie, s; William, s; May, s; Lewis, s; Ben, s; Morton, s
MILLER, William E, teacher, 149 w Arch
MILLER, T F (Emma)laborer, Boundary City Pike; Cleveland, s; G.L., s; Franks, s
MILLER, W H , painter, Bridge
MILLER, John G (Ona) section hand, 230 w Third
MILLER, Mary E, housekeeper, Penn; James A, s; Rosa, s
MILLER, Whit B (Minerva V F) carpenter, cor Harrison & Water; Constance M, s
MILLER, E (Amanda) minister, Walnut St Shristian Church, 230 W Main; Jedie H; Christie A; Wilford S, s; Maud B., s; Bessie, s
MILLER, Don, s, w High
MILLER, J B (Sarah) laborer 413 w Main; May, s; James, s; Joseph, laborer
MILLER< Julius L (Josephine) butcher, e Water
MILLER, A D (Hannah) saloon and restaurant, s Ship
MILEY, Henry )Louisa) tinner, w Walnut; Maggie; Wesley, s; Carrie, s; Ella, s
MILLIGAN, O B (Laura) night watchman at Wheel Works, s Meridian; Geo W, machinist
MILLIGAN, Charles E, J P and collecting agt. No 6 Hawkins block, n Meridian
MINCKS, F W (Hattie L) physician, 65 e High
MITCHELL, Samuel (Susan) pensioner, Creager Ave; Grant, laborer; Charley, laborer
MIX, A C (Sarah) barber, 188 w Main; Fay, s
MOODY, G D C, s, Franklin; J.F., s
MOFFITT, P W (Ann) machinist, 78 e North; William, machinist; Kate
MOLLER, Henry (Catherine) laborer, 262 w Third; Emma, s; Caroline, s; John, s; Andy, s; Sylvester, s; Katie, s
MOON, Hiram E (Elizabeth) minister, 170 e Seventh; Winfred G, fruit grower
MORAN, John J (Rebecca) painter and paper hanger, s Meridian; Kate; Charles, laborer; James, s
MORAN, J J, attorney, e Walnut
MORGAN, E F (Jennie) bar tender, e High; Dotty S, s
MOREHOUSE, J A (E E) physician, cor Arch & Meridian; Mary
MOORE, John (Dora) bar tender, e High; Lee, s
MOORE, S B ( Irene) Bridge; May, s; Reuben, s; Paul L, s
MOORE, C N (Mary) tool dresser, w Arch; Olive, s; J.A., s; Sarah
MOORE, C E (Bertie) carpenter, w Arch
MOORMAN, W A (Tillie E) assistant cashier Peoples Bank, 83 e Arch; Robert J, s
MOOTS, E R, housekeeper, w Main
MORRIS, Porter, laborer, cor Ship & Arch
MORROW, Leroy (Etta) cigar maker, e Water
MORROW, Newton (Flo) freight clerk, w Walnut
MORTIMER, George (Sarah J) court house janitor, w Arch; Melvin, laborer
MOSSLER, Moses H (Clara) merchant, e Main
MOSSLER, H (Sarah) merchant, e Main; Fred, clerk; Hattie
MULL, W H (Rebecca A) shoe maker , w Main; Lillie, clerk; Fred, shoemaker; Grace, s; George, s; Charley, s
MULLEN, Susan, house keeper, Franklin
MURPHY, Thomas, laborer, cor LaFayette & Meridian
MUSSELMAN, George (Almetta) laborer, w Race
MYERS, George E (Laura) music teacher, n Commerce; Vera, s
MYERS, A L, saloonist, w Main
MYERS, John G (Marelda E) carpenter, Bridge; Earl L, hostler; Lula, laborer; William C, s; Maud, s; Burchard, s
MYERS, Rudy, s, Shanks
MYERS, Jacob (Amanda) carpenter, 208 e Walnut; Harley, butcher; Lizzie, s; Dorcy, s; Jessie, s
McADAMS, J L C (Amma) dentist, 69 E Arch
McADAMS, S B (Lorella) driller, 210 e Main
McABEE, Allen (Anna) laborer, n Meridian; Mary M, s; Levi W, s; Granville R, s; Clarinda A, s
McARTHUR, B D, assistant undertaker, 25 w Walnut
McARTHUR, C A (Mary E) laborer, s Meridian; Emma C, s
McCAFFERY, Daniel, wheel maker, n Meridian
McCARTNEY, J L (Amelia) laborer, e Water
McCARTNEY, George (Maggie) retired farmer, cor Third & Meridian
McCARTY, Frank (Ella) laborer, n Meridian; Dora, s; Charles, s
McCARTY, Mary B, housekeeper, Ben Hawkins
McCORMICK, Hannah, dress maker, s Munson Ave; Ida, teacher; Earnest, s
McCOY, John, bar tender, e Main
McCURDY, James (Mettie) laborer, 296 e North
McDANIEL, Robert (Mary) laborer, Robt Huey; A.J., clerk
McDANIEL, Arthur, hotel clerk, e High
McDANIEL, Abiga (Nancy J) engineer, e Water; Minnie
McDANIEL, Alex (Maggie) laborer, Franklin; Ethel, s; Mable, s
McDANIEL, William (Susan) farmer, Franklin; Lee, laborer; John, s; Charles, s; Minnie, s
McDANIEL, Doc (Julia) fireman, e Water; Mary, s; Lulu, s; C.O., s
McDONALD, John (Winnie) plasterer, 240 w Walnut; Earl, s; Carl, s; Myrtle, s
McDONALD, William (Rosa A) driller, 59 n Meridian
McFALL, James, (Adda) oil contractor, 154 e Arch; Jessie, s
McGEEVER, Abbie, house wrok, 270 w Second
McGILL, Frank (Sarah) hostler, e Water; Clara; Harry;  Nellie, s; Ida, s
McGRIFF, Emerson E (Grace) attorney, e Main
McGINNITIE, Walter F (Gene) attorney, n Meridian
McGRIFF, J W (Ellen) laborer, 122 e Walnut; Laura, clerk; Otis, clerk
McKENNA, Bernard (Zerilla) bar tender, 217 w Main
McKEAN, John, huckster, w High
McKINLEY, George H (Carrie) tool dresser, 356 W High; Nortinsa, s; Orland, s
McKINNEY, Sarah, w McNeal
McLAUGHLIN, F M (Sarah), real estate and loan agent, cor Middle & Water; Orvil C, clerk; Lulu G, s; Edith K, s
McLAUGHLIN, Charles W (Vone) real estate and loan agent, 223 w Main; Olga W, s
McLAUGHLIN, Jennie, housework, w Main
McLAUGHLIN, William H (Marth) retired farmer, w Walnut
McLAUGHLIN, Margaret, Shanks
McLAUGHLIN, James (Christine) section hand, e Reed; Henry, laborer; Albert, s; Welsey, s; Rufus, s; Samuel,s; Lulu, s
McMAHON, Parley (Annie) junk dealer, Franklin; Lulu, s; Emma, s; Grace, s
McNEAL, William (Mollie) tinware dealer, n Meridian; Gertie, s
McNEAL, Samuel, junk dealer, n Meridian
McNUTT, W B (Eliza) farmer, 323 Bridge; Clifford, s; Willard, s


NASH, Charles (Rebecca J) drum sawyer, w Water; Robert, spoke turner; Harry, laborer
NASH, George (Barbara E) timber cutter, w Walnut; Marie, s
NEAL, William C (Mary H) farmer, s Meridian; Lida M, milliner
NEFF, I E (Elizabeth) principal high school, w Arch
NEELEY, John D (Christina) traveling salesman, e Main
NELSON, A J, meat cutter
NELSON, Edward (Carrie) baker, 126 e High
NELSON, William R (Sarah G) laborer, 45 e Race; Freddie, s
NELSON, Edward (Clara) laborer, e Votaw
NELSON, James A (Elizabeth) laborer, w McNeal; John, s; Noah E, s; Edith P, s
NELSON, George A (Malissa E) laborer, 329 w High
NELSON, Jane, house keeper, w Arch
NELSON, Richard (Hattie) heading jointer, Robt Huey; Harry, s
NELSON, F E (Alice) restaurant , w Main
NELSON, William M (Sarah E) general store, s Meridian; Reita D, s
NETZLEY, Henry (Phoebe) laborer, 235 w Main
NEWBROUGH, Bunk, hotel clerk, w Main
NICHOLS, Mary A, daily laborer Lincoln
NICHOLS, W A, agt G R & I Ry, n Meridian; Clarence, s
NICHOLS, O H, telegraph operator, n Meridian
NICHOLS, Mary, 59 w McNeal; Rachel; Delilah
NICHOLS, Henry (Elizabeth) undertaker, 41 w McNeal; Addie P, s
NIEBERG, Theodore (Emma) photographer, w Walnut
NORTH, Isaac (Mary A) feed barn, w Race
NORTH, William (Sarah A) prop. saw mill, cor Race & Middle; Maggie; Will L, lumber dealer
NUTE, Henry B9 Tamer) laborer, Rbt Huey; Frederick P, s; Rufus, s


OAKLEY, John (Esta) laborer, w Race
OAKLEY, Abram (Lidie) farmer, w Race
ODLE, E A (Carrie) barber, 122 e North
ODLE, Robert W (Esther) engineer, 123 e North; Francis D, laborer; Della
ODLE, John, s, s Meridian
OLIVER, George (Nancy) hod carrier, Tyler; Charles, s
OLIVER, Jennie, elocutionist, w High----( elocutionist was a public speaker)
O'NEAL, I N (Sarah M) merchant, 26 w High
ORNER, Perry M (Viola E) dairyman, s Meridian; C.I., s
OSBORN, John (Grace) laborer, w Main
OSBORN, J R (Ellenora) nurseryman, 322 e Votaw; Charles, s; Estie, s; James, s; Jessie, s
OSENBAUGH, Sarah, house keeper, e Water
OSENBAUGH, Oliver (Rebecca) teamster, Ben Hawkins; John, s; Earl, s; Chester, s


PALMER, F A (Elizabeth) retired, w Arch
PALMER, Dell (Ava C) buggy and harness dealer, 30 n Meridian
PARKER, W C (Lamanda) teamster, Second; James, laborer; Clinton, s
PARKISON, John (Alice) second hand store, Creager Ave; George, s; Maud, s; John, s
PARKISON, Samuel, laborer, Creager Ave
PARMENTER, William (Mary) laborer, Ben Hawkins; William, laborer; Ruth, s
PARTRIDGE, M F (Emma) traveling salesman, 138 w High; Clyde, s
PATE, Frank (Luticia) laborer, w High; Clementine, s
PATTISON, Charles, painter, 122 e Main
PAULING, Elmer I (Orinda) piano tuner, 198 e Arch
PAULING, Lincoln, fireman, e Water
PELHAM, Frank (Florence) oil driller, e High; Glenn, teacher; Charles, tool dresser; Gertrude, s
PELHAM, C B retired miller, 189 e High
PELHAM, B F, retired farmer, e Water
PENNER, John A (Irene) vault cleaner, Franklin; Mary E, s
PENSINGER, J W (Icey) tub inspector, w Main
PENSINGER, Edward, laborer, 115 w Main
PERDIEU, Thomas (Emma) confectioner, 159 s Meridian
PERDIEU, John R (Sarah J) attorney, w Meridian; C.H., tailor
PERDIEU, Evert S (Emma S) farmer, s Meridian; Fred R, s
PERKINS, C R (Jenett) mechanic, s Meridian
PERRY, Nathan (Nancy) laborer, Rogers; Ethel, s; Thomas, s
PERRY, John R (Mary M) retired farmer, 127 w Main; George L, physician
PETERS, Richard (Florence) laborer, Robt Huey; Jennie, s; George, s; Geshom, s
PETRY, Stella, dining room girl, w Main
PETTY, A E (Minnie L) ice dealer cor Fifth & Meridian
PHILLIPS, M J, 228 e Walnut; James M, jeweler; Mabel, clerk; Thomas S, jeweler
PICKARD, Joel (Susannah) laborer, Ben Hawkins; Effie, s; Arthur, s
PIERCE, J O (Susan) accountant, cor Union 7 Vine; Ines, s; J O, s; Earl, s
PITT, James (Martha J) laborer, e Water
POCOCK, George (Tilla) tinner, cor 7th & Shanks; Bertha, s
POLCAR, C G (Julia) tailor and cutter, 167 e Main; Clarence, s; Esther, s
POLLY, J W (Jennie C) loan agent, e Arch
POLING, James, laborer, w Race
POLING, Harry, laborer, w High
POLING, S K (Elisabeth) physician, 131 w Main
POLING, Katie, house keeper, Depot; George, laborer
POLLOCK, Nathan, clerk, cor Main & Ship
POLM, James (Abba) clerk, 317 n Meridian; Othel, s
POLM, Henry (Joanna) laborer, Bridge
POOR, John, bar tender, w Main
POOR, Mary J, 125 n Ship
POTTER, J Q (Kate) agent L E & W Ry, 82 w Main; Harry B, s
POWELL, J W (Anna) liveryman, w Main; Ada L, s; Eva L, s; James C, s
POWELL, Jesse A (Mary E) laborer, w High; Maggie; Eva, s; Bessie, s; Luvica, s
POWELL, Sarah R, Second; Emma; Harlan, clerk
POWELL, William (Nettie) laborer, w High
POWELL, A E (Florence) sewing machine salesman, 230 e Arch
PROPER, David L (Adaline F) foreman Adams Factory, 246 e Votaw; Malcom B, teacher; Tresa G, s
PURMORT,  S W, insurance agent, n Meridian

QUICKEL, Nile (Loranca) teamster, cor 2nd & Shanks; Lillie, s
QUICKEL, John (Amanda) coal heaver, cor 7th & Shanks; Orvil, s; Hazel, s; Abbie, s

RAFERTY, Oscar, meat cutter, 61 w Main
RAMEY, Sarah, seamstress, w Race; Ruth, clerk
RAMSEY, Henry (Lillus) meat market, 38 e High; Fred, s; Mary, s; Charles, s; Lizzie; Frank, drayman; John, butcher
RAMSEY, George (Dora) meat market, 62 e Race
RAMSEYER, George M (Maria M) teamster, Boundary City Pike; Daniel, laborer; Levi, laborer
RAMSEYER, Lewis (Katie) laborer, Boundary City Pike
RANDLES, Mollie, house keeper, w McNeal; Lonnie, s
RANDLE, Robert W (Rena) patent attorney, w High
RANEY, Arch R (Lillie) reporter, e Walnut
RANTS, Augusta O, house keeper, w Walnut; Cleveland, s
RATHBURN, Jesse R, (Ida), laborer, n Meridian; Urva, s
RAWLINGS, Orrain (Gertrude) lumber dealer, 79 e High
RERDON, William, flagman, n Merdian
REBER, M D (Alice) cigar maker, 194 e Main; Carrie, s
REBER, C W (Elizabeth) cigar maker, 237 e Walnut; Kate; Walter, cigar maker; Charlie, s; Lizzie, s; Lloyd, s; Faida, s; Robert, s; Fannie, s
REED, Maggie, dress maker, 183 w Main
REED, Charles (Haney) miller, cor Western Ave & Water; Carrie, s; Nellie, s; John, laborer; Less, laborer; Solon, laborer; Lawrence, laborer; William, laborer; James, driller
REED, George (Nettie) laborer, w Water
REED, W H (Catherine R) real estate and loan, 35 w High
REED, John C (Ellen) farmer, s Wayne
REICHARD, George (Lucy) laborer, Western Ave
REICHARD, Jacob, accountant, cor Ship & Arch
REICHARD, Oral, Boundary City Pike
REID, Isabel J, house keeper, 102 w Votaw; John L, laborer
REID, Alvira, house keeper, 115 w Main; Frank, laborer; Harry, s
REID, Lowell (Bertha) laborer, 115 w Main
REID, Albert (Emma) laborer, Second
REID, Andrew, laborer, 174 e Votaw; Bessie, s; Walter, s; Mary, s; Lulu, s
TEINHARD, Will (Jessie) tailor, 148 w Arch; Thresa, tailoress
REISE, Mrs G F, w Arch
RESLER, Ethel, s, cor 7th & Bridge
REESER, Henry (Catharine) laborer, n Park
RENNER, Daniel (Julia A) fish market, e Washington; William A, laborer; Charley, teamster; Clarence, teamster; Clark O, s; Pearley, s; Viola, s
RENNER, Samuel (Lizzie) laborer, Franklin
REYNOLDS, George E insurance agent, e High; F.A, timber buyer; Day, s; Lulu, s
RHINEHART, Charles T (Sadie) railroader, e Main
RHOADES, W S (Katie) timber buyer, 167 e High; Nellie, s
RHODES,  Ervin (Annetta) cigar manufacturer, 190 w Walnut
RICE, Wilson (Wilda T) oil contractor, n Ship; May, s
RICHENDOLLAR, Nancy, 176 n Ship; John, laborer; Lillie, laborer; Pearley, s
RICHENDOLLAR, Frank (May) cooper, w North
RICKNER, Nathan (Della) laborer, 255 w Walnut
RICKNER, William (Mary A) laborer, 224 w 3rd; Lola, s; Lizzie, s; Earl, s
RICKNER, John (Catharine) laborer, 61 w Water; Mary E; George, s; C G, s; L.B., s
RIDGWAY, Mahlon (Mary A) laborer w 7th; Nora, s; Elmer, handle turner; Walter, laborer
RIGBY, Joseph (Julia) laborer,n Meridian; Elmer, laborer; Earl, s; John, s
RILEY, Davis (Mary J) harness maker, cor High and hays; Carl, s; Kate; Jessie, teacher; Ida, teacher; Lettie, teacher
ROBBINS, Evi (Maggie) clerk, 38 e Arch; John A, s; Fred E, s; Lila, clerk
ROBERTS, D R (Sarah) meat market, 79 e Water; Laura
ROBERTS, Albert (Mattie) laborer, w Race; Nathan, laborer
ROBERTS, Aaron, laborer, w High
ROBINS, D M, 153 s Meridian
ROBINSON, Cordelia, house work, Middle; Grace, s
ROBINSON, Herman laborer, 264 w Second; Naoma, s
ROGERS, J H (Nancy J) clerk, e North; Edward, clerk; Esther; Frank, s
ROLL, A O (S A) barber, 118 w Walnut; Joseph R, barber
ROLLAND, Charles (May) telegraph operator, cor High & Commerce
ROOK, Riley (Clara) laborer, w McNeal
ROOK, A P (Caroline) laborer, w McNeal; JM, laborer; OC, laborer; Bessie G, s
ROSS, Jos R, painter, n Harrison; Charles A, laborer; Ruth A, canvasser
ROSS, J G, physician, 38 e Main
ROSS, Helen, hotel & livery barn, cor Main & Ship; Blanche, compositor; Bertha, dining room girl
ROSER, Catharine, house keeper, w High; Henry, farmer
ROSER, Wesley, timber buyer, w High; Albert, s; Ray, s
ROSEBOOM, L W (Emma B) rig builder, w Walnut; Ina B, s
ROWE, Ralph R (Emma) shoe and harness dealer, s Meridian; Benn, s
ROWE, R T, retired farmer, e Walnut; Lucy, dress maker
ROWE, Charles E (Minerva J) druggist, 119 e Walnut
ROWE, B R (Flora) traveling salesman, e Walnut
RUDY, Adney, oil driller, n Meridian
RULLMAN, Tony, telegraph operator, 61 w Main
RUNKLE, Mary J, boarding house, e Main; Caroline
RUNKLE, Katie, works at Merchants, n Meridian
RUPEL, Martin L (Jane) retired farmer, 271 w Walnut; James A, oil pumper; John T, farmer; Pearl
RUPE, Lavina, s, 213 e Water; Earl, s; Jesse, s
RUSH, Israel (Sarah) laborer, Eighth; Minnie
RUSH, Reuben, laborer, Lincoln
RUSH, John, laborer, Franklin


SACKETT, Emma, 176 n Meridian
SANDERS, Harriett, house keeper, 143 W High; Frank, s; Fred, Brick mason; Alfred, brick mason
SANDERS, Charles (Jennie) brick mason, e Race
SANDS, Jacob H (Violet) hay buyer, e Lafayette; Silva, s
SAUNDERS, William (Sarah) carpenter, w Walnut; Oscar, carpenter
SAUNDERS, George L (Belle) publisher, 33 e Arch
SAUTER, Robert, shoe maker, e Main; Ida, house keeper; Gussie, s
SAXON, Anna, house keeper, w High
SAYERS, Mary, house keeper, Washington
SCHAFFER, Lissie, works at Merchants, n Meridian
SCHAMP, George (Beulah) shoe maker, 148 e High
SCHENCK, Jessie, clerk, w Race
SCHROCK, Phillip, laborer, Creager Ave; Mary, house keeper
SCHWARTZ, Charles E, teacher, e Water
SCHWARTZ, John, (Nettie) photographer, e Walnut; Plato, s
SCOTT, O M (Elma) traveling salesman, e Arch; Fred, s
SCOTT, Richard A, liveryman, s Meridian
SEBRING, W D (Mary E) oil inspector, 21 e Walnut; G D, s; J B, s; Alice, s
SEES, Hank (Sarah) foundry, 327 Robt Huey
SEES, John (Elizabeth) moulder, cor Race & Commerce
SHAFER, Ethel, s, n Commerce
SHAFER, W S, prop feed barn, e Main
SHAFER, Ira (Sarah E) ex-recorder, 122 e Main; Berly J, s; Mary E, s
SHAFER, Frank, horse undertaker, e Penn
SHAFER, W F (Christena), laborer, w Second; C V, s; Belle
SHAUVER, G W (Mary) farmer, e Main
SHAUVER, Henry (Cora B) farmer, e Main; C.O., s
SHAUVER, Christopher, retired farmer, 98 s Meridian; Ellen, house keeper
SHANKS, J P C (Magdalene) attorney, 203 e Walnut; Ummah Ysea Topin, s; John, mechanic
SHANKS, J C M (Cora) gas and steam plumber, w Arch
SHANKS, C M C (Maggie) attorney, cor 7th and Bridge
SHARP, Thomas J (Martha A0 printer, 260 e High
SHARITS, Ol (Ethel) mgr telephone co, w High
SHANNON, John (Rose) machinist, w Sixth; Grace; Harry, laborer; Charles, s
SHANNON, William (Rachel) blacksmith, w Water
SHANEYFELT, William, laborer, w Main
SHERER, David, laborer, w Votaw
SHEPHERD, William (Elizabeth) 142 n Meridian
SHEPHERD, George (Florence) painter, w Arch; Irl, s
SHEPHERD, Flora, 38 e High; Esther, s
SHEPHERD, Maud, clerk, w main
SHEPHERD, Mary, dress maker, e High
SHEPHERD, Emery (Sarah) supt C&H warehouse, 168 n Pleasant; Ethel, s; James, s; Gertrude, s
SHEPHERD, Morton (Anna) laborer, n Ship
SHEPHERD, Lee (Emma R) w walnut, Desha, s; Ophe, s; Vida, s
SHERBURN, LaFayette (Belle) cabinet maker, e High; Myrtle, s; Rosetta, s; LaFayette, s
SHERMAN, Walter S (Viola M) saloonist, Depot
SHERMAN, Ellen, house keeper, 16 Depot; Lulu, s; Mary, s
SHERMAN, Thomas J (Harriett) oil producer, w High; Edward, oil driller; Gracie, s
SHERRY, W m (Maggie) horseman, e Walnut
SHERWOOD, W A (Edith) steam laundryman, cor High & Hays
SHETZLEY, Arthur (Maggie) laborer, e Votaw; Rebecca, s
SHEWALTER, Frank (Lydia) salesman, 174 e Walnut
SHEWALTER, F O (Emma) barber, e Main
SHEWALTER, E (E J) retired farmer, 221 s Meridina; Mary A
SHEWALTER, Howard M (Anna) insurance agent, w Water; Leow W, s; Herbert M, s; George, s
SHEWALTER, E H (Della) laborer, Shanks; Orvile L, s
SHIMER, Samuel (Abbie) cooper, cor Grand & High; Fred, laborer; Samuel, s
SHOOK, E A (Alice H) clerk, s Middle; DeEtta, s; John T, s; Katie, student
SHOOP, Walter (Selma) laborer, w High; Tracy; Otta
SHULL, Pearl, s, Franklin
SHUMAKER, Fred (Retta) laborer, 176 n Ship; David, s
SIBERY, Lydia, housekeeper, 110 e North
SIBERY, WIlliam (Zella) laborer, w Water
SIDERS, Jackson (Lucinda) laborer, Tyler; Charles, s; Elizabeth, s
SIDERS, Edward (Kesiah) farmer, e Arch
SIEVERT, J L (Laura) optician and jeweler, 3 w Main
SILVERS, U G (Nettie L) merchant, 62 n Meridian; Modjeska H, s
SILVERS, A M, laborer, Floral Ave
SIMS, I G (Rosella C) eye and ear specialist, 176 e Main; Frederick L, teacher; Lester P
SIMMONS, Isaac (Lillie C)  attorney, cor Western Ave & Arch; Charley, s
SIMMONS, A J (Alice) butcher, 2 Munson Ave; Roy, printer; Bessie, s; Mary, s
SIPE, Harry T, attorney, e Main
SIPES, Hattie, house keeper, e Votaw
SKINNER, P M (Mary) marble dealer, w Arch; Malcolm, s; Hugh, s
SKINNER, William (Minnie) marble dealer, 140 e Walnut; Ethel, s; Walter, s
SKINNER, Rebecca, house keeper, Shanks
SKINNER, Emeretta, housekeeper, w Third; Charles, marble cutter
SKINNER, Bradley, laborer, 281 w Water; Turie, dress maker; Aggie, s
SLUTCHER, W H , timber man, e High; Lewis, timber man
SMITH, Moses (Ann) retired farmer, 277 e Main; Jesse A, music dealer
SMITH, C X (Liza) baker, w Second
SMITH, Reuben (Carrie) barber, Second; Jesse, s; Goldie, s
SMITH, Mary M, house keeper, 150 s Meridian
SMITH, Henry M (Mary E) saloonist, n Meridian
SMITH, John M (Etta) attorney, 71 e Water; Glenns, s; Rufus, s; Katie, s
SMITH, P J (Jane) grocer, 148 e Main; Lee, grocer; Hattie E, s
SMITH, George H (Ella J) grocer, 154 e Main
SMITH, H Clay (Minnie C) saloonist, 139 e Walnut; Herbert H, s; Claud, s
SMITH, Warren (Etta) stave jointer, w Main
SMITH, George W, (Ella M) laborer, w Water; Julian E, s; Nora I, s
SMITH, E P (Lula) horse jockey, 232 w High; Roxie, s
SMITH, Emanual (Sarah) laborer, Franklin
SMITH,, J W (Jennie) laborer, n Pleasant
SMITH, Laurilla, teacher, n Pleasant
SMITH, Jefferson (Ticcie) cooper, w Race
SMITH, Oliver (Lillie) section hand, w Arch
SMITH, Jane, canvaser, w Walnut
SMITH, Mitchell, laborer, 239 w Main
SMITH, Mary C, house keeper, 271 e Main; Cora E,s; Jesse V, s; Ada E, s; Ora L, dressmaker
SMITH, Jacob (Hattie) teamster, w Eighth; Charley, s; Harry, s
SMITH, Alfred (Nancy) barber, w High; Pearl, s
SMITH, Nancy, n Franklin
SMITH, D D (Leora) minister, e High
SMITH, C M (Lucina) printer, e Walnut; Bertha E, s; Othos S, s; Hazel D, s
SMITH, Catharine, house keeper, e Walnut
SMITH, I E, w Walnut; George, s; Clifford, s
SMITH, Col (Alice) driller, 173 e High; Fred, s
SMITH, Mildred, house keeper, 119 e Walnut
SMITH, Henry, clerk, 115 e North
SNOW, Ellen, dress maker, 74 e High
SNOW, Charles B (Mae) barber, 74 e High
SNYDER, W S (Tilla) carpenter, w Arch
SNYDER, F L (Clara) minister Evangelical Church, w Arch; Earl, s
SNYDER, Frank H (Disa) attorney, e Third
SOCKRIDER, Henry (Lillie) laborer, 302 n Meridian; Jessie; Odis, farmer; Russell, s
SMOERS, Libby, teacher, 113 w High
SOMERS, Frank (Josephine) hoop maker, e North
SOWERS, Thomas (Jennie) laborer, cor North & Commerce; Ray, s
SOWERS, Frank (Eva) printer, e North
SOWERS, Robert (Myrtle) news agent, n Meridian
SOWERS, Henry (Rebecca J) news agent, n Meridian
SPADE, Daniel F (Mary E) lumber dealer, 143 S Meridian
SPADE, Mrs M J, dress maker, w Walnut; Ellery, s; Harry, s
SPADE, J M (Olive) grocer, 84 e Race; Maud, s; Ethel, s; Frank, s
SPADE, H M (Irene) laborer, Boundary City Pike; Ellery, s; Daniel, s; Chester, s; Harrison, s
SPAHR, C O (Caddie E) grocer, e High; Leon, s
SPAULDING, Minnie, music teacher, 55 w Votaw
SPEAKER, John (Mary) handle turner, cor Seventh & Bridge; Charley, s; Nuna, s
SPOHN, Thos J (Barbara) laborer, Shanks
SPOHN, Jasper (Lina) laborer, 280 Shanks; Amon, s
SPOHN, Daniel (Zina) laborer, Creager Ave; Alcinda, s; Albert, s
SPRAY, W J (V C) minister, Washington; Mabel, s
STAGER, Daniel (Della) laborer, s Commerce
STALEY, J W, (Emma) painter, e Walnut
STANLEY, T J (Mary) carriage trimmer, 95 e walnut; Amelia
STANTON, D S (Phoebe J) physician, 45 e High; Dell, painter
STANTON, E K, (Susan) city treasurer, 184 e High; Charles, tailor; Glenn, s; Von G, s
STANTON, T J (Martha E) retired, 126 e High
STANTON, Helen, housekeeper, 157 w Arch; Catharine, compositor
STAUFFER, Charles G (Lulu) baker, w Water; Marie, s
STEARNS, Mary, housekeeper, 80 s Meridian
STEGALL, Oscar, cooper, 61 w Main
STEGALL, Wm, laborer, w Main
STEELE, John (Carrie) laborer, w Walnut; Elizabeth
STEELE, James M (Clara) carpenter, w Main; Arthur, s; Russell, s
STEELE, Nancy, housekeeper, cor Fifth & Bridge; Anna J; Lizzie L; Augusta V, s
STEPHENSON, Marvin, barber, n Meridian
STEPHENSON, N J (Rachel) liveryman, w Votaw; C.E., s; Itena, s
STEVENSON, Phoebe E, housekeeper, 37 e Walnut; Wm C, bicycle repairer; W.A., laborer; Jesse W, bicycle repairer
STEVENSON, Thos A (Lulu) clerk, 118 w Main
STETH, John Wesley, vault cleaner, 245 e High; Mary; John, laborer
STEVENS, Artimecia, 282 s Meridian
STEVENS, Will N (Mary) cement finisher, e Seventh; Faith, s
STEVENS, Harry (Maggie) laborer, Franklin
STEVENS, Ed, painter, w McNeal
STEVENS, Geo L (Ethel) druggist, e Main; Mark E, s; Fred H, s
STEWART, R P (Ray) life ins and building and loan agent, 234 w Walnut; John G, s; Lois B, s
STEWART, Jonathan (Susie) laborer, 172 w Arch
STOLZ, Nicholas (Elizabeth) laborer, 411 s Meridian; Laura, s; Phillip, s
STOLZ, Louisa, house keeper, Pearl
STOLZ, Nora, dept treasurer, e Seventh
STONE, Esther, house keeper, 30 e Arch; Harvey, clerk; Elsie, milliner
STONE, Frank E (Nettie) grocer, 109 e North; Maud, s; Lenna, s
STONE, E M (Martha J) grocer, e Main; Muriel C, s; Susan M, s
STONE, Dora (Mary) painter and paper hanger, e Main
STOUT, Amanda, housekeeper, w Race; W.E., clerk
STOVE, Will E, night clerk Hotel Hawkins, w Main
STOVENOUR, Fred (Nettie) minister, w Race
STOWE, Daniel (Mary E) artesian wells, 141 w Walnut; Chauncey, artesian wells; Dawn, s
STOWE, Fred (Hattie) well driller, cor Western & Race
STOWE, Frank (Rachel) laborer, e North
STOWEL, G H (Mary C) sawyer, w Walnut
STRATTON, Ruth, dress maker, e Walnut
STRANATHAN, Rebecca, housekeeper, cor Main & Commerce
STRANATHAN, Eliza, w Water
STRAUBE, Samuel (Nancy J) farmer, 247 e Main; Pearl L, s
STRAUBE, John (Myrtle E) laborer, e Arch
STOCKMEIER, Henry (Elizabeth) wheel maker, e 7th; Minnie, s
STRAIN, Hugh, flagman, e Race
STUMP, I W, stone cutter, Shanks; Anise; Della
STUMP, Charles (Stella) house mover, Boundary City Pike
STURGEON, J E (Cora) liveryman, 180 w High
STURGEON, P R, liveryman, w Main
STURGEON, James, retired farmer, 260 e High
STURGEON, Ottie, driver, cor Ship & Arch
SUTTON, Earnest, law student, 149 w Arch
SUMAN, Emanuel (Mary) tub inspector, e Water; Walter, s; Lulu, s; Cora, dress maker
SUMAN, David (Ida) butcher, e Walnut; Myrtle, s
SUMAN, Susanna, Chicago Ave
SUMAN, Josiah (Jennie) cooper, w High; Sarah R; Susan I, music teacher; Ethel, s; Vernie, s
SUMAN, D F (Louisa A) brick maker, Boundary City Pike
SUNDERMAN, Willie, s, n Meridian
SUTHERLAND, Arthur, lather, s Meridian
SWARNER, Noah (Mahala M) carpenter, w Arch
SWARNER, Harvey (Belle) manufacturer, w Main; Cleo, s; Hazel, s; Vera, s
SWATHWOOD, Frank (Hannah) retired farmer, e Water
SWHIER, P B (Ella) laborer, w Main
SYLVESTER, L B, dye house, n Meridian
SYPHERS, Jas E (Minnie) operator Western Union, 69 e Race; Russell, s; Roland, s
TASKY, Charles (Caroline) tailor, 90 e Water
TATE, Preston (Mollie) engineer, 276 W Second; Maud, s
TATE, Thetis O, n Ship; Ethel; Royce, laborer; Carrie, s
TATE, Carry, housekeeper, 185 w Water; Myrtle, s; Raymond, s
TAYLOR, D T (Jane) attorney, cor High & Munson Ave; E.B., teacher
TAYLOR, Thornton J, (Lillie E) attorney, e Walnut
TAYLOR, Lucretia, e 7th
TELLIS, Margaret, house keeper, w Race; George, laborer; James, rig builder; Harvey, rig builder
TEMPLER, Hannah S, 125 N Meridian; Mary E, dress maker

TETTLEY, J S (Nellie) oil contractor, w High
TEETERS, David (Ida) carpenter, w Arch; Harvey E, clerk; Zella A, s; Fannie L, s; John W, s
TEETERS, Stella, house keeper, w Arch
TEETERS, James B, carpenter, 96 e Votaw; Myrtle, s; Ola, s; Lula, s; Willie, s
TEETERS, Edward (Laura) flagman, e Votaw; Lennie, s; John, s
THARP, Daniel, (Mary A) farmer, Twelfth
THARP, Lorenzo (Lavina) laborer, Tyler; Bessie, s
THOMAS, Wesley (Bessie) jeweler, e Main
THOMAS, Bert, clerk, cor Middle & Water
THOMAS, Oliver (Cora) cooper, w Main
THOMAS, Fred (Bro) baker, 264 w Walnut
THOMAS, Newton (Anna) stave jointer, w Walnut
THOMAS, R W (Phoebe) foreman at Butter Tub, s Meridian; Arthur, s; Russel, s
THOMAS, Bingley (Nancy) farmer, Tyler; Charles, laborer
THOMAS, E M (Matilda) insurance agent, 132 n Pleasant; Harry O, barber; Alsie J, s; Clarence L, s
THOMAS, H C (Martha) drayman, cor Race & Middle; Omer; Jessie, s; Charles, s; Ralph; William, cooper; Mamie, teacher
THOMAS, Foster (Lulu) stave jointer, w Walnut
THOMAS, Ellen, house keeper, 254 w Second; Ella; Sallie
THOMAS, John (Laura) laborer, e North
THOMPSON, T M C (Matilda) brick mason, w Arch
THOMPSON, Wm F (Elmira) section foreman, w McNeal; Homer M, s; Edna, s
THOMPSON, Jacob H (Mina) porter, w High; Chella, s; Albert, s; William, laborer
THOMPSON, Lydia, Shanks; Flossie, s
THOMPSON, H H (Anna) painter, e Main
THORNBURG, Samuel (Anna) machinist, Second
THORNTON, E C (Martha B) minister, n Commerce
THORNTON, Joseph H (Sarah) Painter and paper hanger, n Ship; Mellie, s; William, s; Elmer, s; Mary, s
THORPE, Emma, s, 206 n Commerce; Bessie, s; Earl, s
THRASHER, Gotleib (Rosella) farmer, Western Ave
THROP, T W (M J) tinner, 182 e Walnut; Edith, s; Charles, s; Ervin, cigar maker; Harry, musician
TIEBEN, Christopher (Emma) laborer, s Meridian; Gale, s; Cora, s
TEIBEN, George (Nora) night police, Bridge
TIMMONDS, W W, editor Sun, 186 e Main; Fred; Louise, s; Carrie, s; Frank, s
TIPTON, M J, oil contractor, 160 e Main
TOOMEY, Jennie, dining room girl, w Main
TOTTEN, Phillip A (Florence) teamster, w Race; Pearl E, s; Goldie E, s
TOTTEN, W I (Alice) teacher, 395 w Walnut
TOWLE, Roby, stone mason, n Meridian
TOWLE, Taylor N (Martha) carpenter, 292 e Main
TOWLE, Clyde (Eva), laborer, 255 e Main
TRACE, Amanda, house keeper, Bridge; Robert, laborer; Laura
TROUT, Harry, s, 271 Shanks; Ray, s
TREFZ, John (Sarah) laborer, 185 e Water; Clara, s; Russell, s
TUCKER, Ella, house keeper, 380 w Walnut
TUCKER, Manford (Amanda) county assessor, w High; Esty, s
TURNER, Jesse W (Margaret) blacksmith, w Wlanut; Ethel G, s; Lena B, s
TURNER, John (Gertrude) engineer, Shanks
TURNER, John (Cora) buggy salesman, w Water
TURNER, Thomas R (Iris F) buggy dealer, cor Commerce & Votaw; Fremont, salesman
TYNER, Jack, laborer, cor Main & Ship

UPP, Charley (Frances) carpenter, w High; Everett, s
VAIL, I M (Amy) physician, 38 e Main; Will, laborer
VANCIL, Edward (Ida) traveling salesman, e Walnut
VANGOSHEN, William (Ida) gas plumber, n Meridian; James W, s
VANGOSHEN, James D, cabinet maker, n Meridian; Edward, laborer
VANSKYOCK, John, retired, w Main; Inas, s
VANTILBURGH, R F (Viola V) prop. bakery and restaurant, w Main; Edna, waitress; Ollie, clerk; Lillie, s
VANTILBURGH, Edward (Jennie) fireman, 32 w Main
VANTUYL, Isaac, news dealer, cor Main & Commerce
VANVLEARH, J G, bar tender, n Meridian
VAUS, J W (Libbie B) editor Republican, s Meridian
VOGAN, Charles (Emma) oil producer, cor North & Garfield Ave; Howard, s; Ray, s
VON, Nettie, boarding house, cor North & Middle; Floid R, s; Leo C, s
VOTAW, James J (Ida) laborer, e Votaw; Dottie, s
VOTAW, Alva (Vina) stave piler, n Commerce; Clara, s
VOTAW, Jennie, seamstress, e North
WADKINS, David (Dessie) laborer, w Main
WAGNER, Cornelius, laborer, s Middle
WAGONER, Jesse A (Carrie) laborer, w Race
WAGONER, John (Elizabeth C) florist, e Main; Morgan S, laborer; Mary E, s; Robert G, s; Harry F, s
WAGONER, Jacob D, (Malica) laborer, 264 w Walnut; James, s
WALKER, Harry (Bertha) physician, e Main
WALKER, William (Nida) clerk, 30 e High; Ray, s
WALKER, Jackson (Amanda) laborer, w McNeal; Minnie, s; Dena, s
WALL, James A (Mary E) cor High & Munson Ave; Ed, clerk
WALTER, W H (Rachel A) laborer, 225 e Main; Royden, s; Bessie, s
WALTERS, Ottis H (Jennie) meat market, w Main; Freddie, s
WALTERS, Frank, meat cutter, 61 w Main
WALTZ, Sallie, w Votaw
WALTZ, Charles F, clerk, n Meridian
WARD, Bert (Cora) tinner, e Walnut; Letha, s
WARMAN, Ray, news dealer, cor Commerce & Main
WARNER, Etta, seamstress, 21 e Walnut
WATTS, B F (Susan) peanut vender, w McNeal; J.A., s; Bertha M, s
WATTS, Charles (Mary A) laborer, s Wayne
WATSON, Anna, laundress, 337 Robt Huey
WATSON, George B (Catharine) retired farmer, w Main; George W, laborer
WATSON, Earnest (Adella) spoke turner, cor Walnut & Commerce; Bertha s; Frank, s
WEHLAGE, Barney (Mary) laborer, 263 Shanks; Henry, s; Joseph, s; Benjamin, s; Frank, laborer; Charles, laborer
WEHRLY, J W (Esther L) jeweler, cor Water & Wayne
WEILER, Morris (Anna) merchant, 160 n Meridian; Raymond, s; Ruby, s
WELDON, H O (Marion E) landlord Merchants Hotel, n Meridian
WERT, Charles W (Clara) salesman, e Main
WESTFALL, Anna F, house keeper, 207 w High; Lewis, s; John, s; Ettie, s; Mary, s
WHEAT, Marion (Ella) section hand, w Race
WHIPPLE, Lewis (Susia L) sheriff, w Main
WHIPPLE, S A D (Christina) city attorney, e Third; Kelly, s; Blaine, s; Tod, s
WHIPPLE, C S (Della) clerk, 165 w High
WHITAKER, J H (Ellen) teamster, w Water; Maud, s; Harry, s; Lewey, s
WHITAKER, Elizabeth, cook, n Meridian
WHITAKER, Joel (Alta) laborer, 333 w High; Charles, s
WHITE, Frank (Flora V) real estate agent, 132 e Main; Dorwin B, s; Ida M, s; Dorwin M, reitred
WHITE, Charles, s, w Arch; Darwin, s
WHITE, William M (Martha) carpenter, w Arch
WHITE, Mordecai (Martha C) janitor, Bridge; Alice
WHITEMAN, R C (Susan) street commissioner, 123 n Commerce; Edith, s
WHITENECK, Earl, s, Park; Isa, s
WIBLE, Ross, s, 110 e North; Hester, s
WIEST, Josephine, cor High & Commerce
WIEST, J H (Esther) insurance, 162 e Arch; Jennie D, teacher; Loyola, s
WIEST, Amelius (Carrie) grocer, w High; Augustus, E
WIEST, I D (Mary L) grocer, n Commerce; Waldo, s; Donald, s; Zed Alfred, s
WIGGS, Jennie, house keeper, w Arch; Harry, s; Earnest, s; Charles, laborer; Waldo, laborer; Fremont, laborer; Belle, dressmaker
WIKEL, Peter (Phoebe) laborer, Boundary City Pike
WILE, Jacob (Rosina) carpenter, 97 e North; Floyd, s; Catharine, clerk; Maggie
WILE, Fred (Allie) wagon maker, e Votaw
WILHELM, G E (Martha) fence builder, e Votaw
WILKINS, James, boot and shoe dealer, 311 w Main; Grace, house keeper; Roy, laborer; Lillie, s; Adlai, s
WILKIN, Mrs W O, 282 s Meridian
WILKINSON, E E (Emma B) teamster, Floral Ave
WILLIAMS, Charles (Mary) wheel maker, e 7th; Gene, wheel maker
WILLIAMS, Edward T (Isabel) retired merchant, e Race
WILLIAMS, W E (Rhodemia) engineer, cor Middle & Water; Rena, compositor
WILLIAMS, Joseph (Clarkey J) blacksmith, Second; Jessie E, house work
WILLIAMS, S H, blacksmith, n Commerce; Ida, house keeper
WILLIAMS, C W (Sadie) laborer, cor LaFayette & Meridian
WILLIAMS, T J, shoe maker, n Meridian
WILLIAMS, Nimrod, laborer, n Pleasant
WILLAIMSON, W H (Jennie) attorney, n Meridian; Dawn, s; Zenith, s
WILLIAMSON, M S (Marie) attorney, s Meridian; Ada Iona, s
WILSON, George A (Luella K) deputy sheriff, e Arch; Hazel, s
WILSON, Joseph (Mary A) stock buyer, 160 e Votaw; Charles, s; Clem, s; Nora, s
WILSON, A J (elizabeth C) laborer, cor High & Hawkins; Mable, s; Jessie, s
WILSON, Harlan (Laura) hostler, e High
WILSON, Joseph (Birdie) marble cutter, w Main
WILSON, J T (Rose E) spoke and hub inspector, s Meridian; Ora, laborer; Pearl, s; Ray, s; Angie, s; Vera, s
WILT, John, lumber dealer, 50 e Water; Joseph, cabinet maker; Harry, s
WILT, Frank (Judith) lumber dealer, w Main
WILT, Claton, laborer, w Main
WINGATE, Colby C (Mary) auctioneer, e Water; Knowlton, laborer; Jennie A; Carl, s; Earl, s
WINGERT, Tena, head cook at Merchants, n Meridian
WINTERS, John (Jane) miller, w Water; Thomas, laborer; John, laborer
WINTERS, Serdemia, tailoress, s Meridian; Lamar M, tailor
WINTERS, Caroline, 247 e Main
WINTERS, Elvira, house keeper, 139 w High; Seth A, lather; O.F., barber
WITCHEY, Fred (Martha) laborer, s Wayne
WRENNICK, George T, physician, w Main; Joseph, laborer; Edward, operator
WRIGHT, Darius (Ruth) foreman extra track crew GR&I, w Walnut
WRIGHT, George (Jennie) flagman, 286 wMain; Orlow, s
WRIGHT, James M (Mary A) fruit tree agent, e Main
WRIGHT, Elizabeth, 176 n Middle; Celia; Lulu
WRIGHT, R C (Rosa) 291 e Main
WORLEY, A H (Lizzie) laborer, 182 n Middle; Charles, laborer; Nellie, s; Gertrude, s; James, s
WORMAN, H W (Catharine) cooper, n Shipp
WOTEN, M W (Clara) farmer, e Votaw
WOOD, Alexander (Lydia) carpenter, n Commerce; Mary, s; Jason, s
WOOD, Mary E, housekeeper, 291 e Main
WOOD, S W (Flora M) laborer, Franklins
WOODCOCK, John (Anna) oil producer, 140 w Arch
WOODS, Elmer, s, Creager Ave
WOODS, John B (Jessie M) stove repairer, 183 w Main; Susannah
|WOODS, George W (Myrtle) stave piler, n Commerce
WOODS, Walter S (Nancy) stave piler, w McNeal
WOODS, Jackson (Sarah) teamster, e Reed; Clabrum, s; Oliver, s; Mary E, s; Alice, s
WOOLUM, Byron (Luretta) traveling salesman, w High
WYSONG, Noah (Lulu) laborer, 102 w Votaw
TAGER, Alonzo (Luzina) fireman cor Arch & Commerce; Stella, s; William, s; Lottie
YANIS, Mary, tailoress, 123 e Arch
YOUNG, Martin (Anna) carpenter, e High; Harleys, s; John, s
YOUNT, William D (Mary F) stove and tinware dealer, 144 w Walnut; Lloyd W, s
ZEARBAUGH, Fred (Amelia) e Votaw
ZIMMERMAN Charles A, electric sanitarium, n Meridian

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