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Jay County Obituaries


Frank Antles, one of Jay county's well known and highly respected citizens, has passed beyond.

He was a son of David and Rebecca (Stanley) Antles, one of the pioneer families, who came to Jay county from Ohio and settled in Bearcreek township, where Mr. Antles was born December 9, 1853.

His entire life was spent in this vicinity, where at the age of 27 he married Miss Jane Bishop, his friend from boyhood, and upon whom he spent a wealth of affection and devotion throughout the remainder of a cheerful and contented life.

Two daughters were born to them, Leona, wife of Ned E. Beals, of Bearcreek township and residing near the parental home, and Edna wife of James A. Fifer, of Akron, Ohio.

Mr. Antles was the happy possessor of a cheerful disposition and a remarkable humor which won for him an extensive friendship.  His life was radiantly spent in kindness and helpfulness, believing life's greatest mission exemplified  the deeds of service to others.

He enjoyed  the blessings of a vigorous constitution until two years ago when the strong hand of disease  was laid upon him. None realized more than he the inevitable outcome, yet he bore with remarkable fortitude his intense suffering and as the distance shortened, and the flesh failed, he welcomed the evening hour of life, which brought his release in the afternoon of July 25, 1923, at the age of 69 years, 7 months and 16 days.

Besides a host of friends and distant relatives  there remain his wife, who so lovingly and tenderly cared for him during the long months of his sickness; two daughters, four grandchildren and two brothers, Alfred Antles, of Portland, and Fred Antles, of Bearcreek township

One by one the Reaper gathers
All our loved ones for His own,
And he leaves us sad and weeping
On our journey here alone.

Yet we know that when He takes them
He transplants them over there,
In the land of Heavenly beauty,
Free from sin and pain and care.

Dearest father, death has conquered,
And  thy soul hath winged its flight
From this world of pain and sorrow
To the land of pure delight.

                                                                                         THE FAMILY


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