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The Sun, Portland, IN Wednesday, July 24, 1918

Interesting Letter From Jay County Soldier Boy


   The following letter from Walter Loy, with the American Expeditionary forces now in Europe, was received a few days ago by his brother, Richard Loy, who lives on rural route 9, out of Portland.


Dear Brother,

   How are you?  I am feeling fine.  I arrived all O.K. Certainly had some boat ride.  We were on the water many days and I didn't get a bit sick. The first day was a little dizzy, but once in awhile we would make an onward step if the ship happened to swing a little too much.  We slept in hammocks and they were sure thick.  Our beds hung over our tables, that seemed a little odd.  I am in England now.  Got into camp at 2 o'clock and slept on the floor.  We'll sleep on the floor tonight.  Will move to some place else in camp tomorrow.  I could sleep on a rock now and think that I had springs on it.  I haven't found anything yet to complain much about.  The stuff we had to eat on the boat wasn't the best but they had about 1,700 to feed out of one kitchen so we can't complain.

   It kind of interest us to watch the German prisoners work.  They have got a bunch of them here.  They save us alot of work.

   The crops here look pretty good but is is potatoes mostly.

   You ought to see the engines here.  They are little things.  It would take about six of them to make one of ours, and the freight cars are about 15 feet long.  The passenger cars are made with seats crossways of the car and a door at each side to.  Two of the seats and eight person takes it up.

   I haven't seen a wire fence yet.  They make them out of lumber.

   Coming down here we were going through tunnels half of the time, so you know there are a few hills.

   Will close, answer soon.


Walter Loy


Submitted by Mary Lou Hudson