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Clipping hand dated Thursday, February 3, 1955


Redkey woman Relies on the Star 56 Years

Mrs. Tina Paxon of Redkey celebrated her 95th birthday Thursday at Ball Hospital and commented, “It has been a long hard road.”  However, decked out in several strands of the new rope beads, a red ribbon tying her
hair back, she was in the best of spirits.


Mrs. Paxon was born in Redkey, went to school and lived there up to a short time ago.  Married at the age of 15 1/2, she declares that "entirely too young to marry."  "I wouldn't think of letting my daughters get married that young.  But in the old days if you didn't marry young, you would be an old maid.” She said.


This is the first time Mrs. Paxon hs ever been in a hospital.  She slipped and fell about nine weeks ago when she was getting ready to go to Sunday school and broke a leg and a wrist.  She confided that Ball Hospital is one of the “grandest things in the world” and has the “finest set of nurses anywhere”.  “It is one lovely place to be when you need to be there,” she said, and kept calling to every nurse that passed to come in and have a piece of her birthday cake.


Mrs. Paxon is very proud because she is among the first subscribers to The Muncie Star and has read it since the first issue on May 31, 1899.  “The Star is the only paper I ever cared about reading”, she said, though she uses a magnifying glass now.


Mrs. Paxon said that it was a wonderful thing for the hospital to “fix up an old person like me”.  She recalled a cousin of hers who fell and broke some bones, which were never set because she was “too old”.  She expects to leave the hospital in a week or two to make her home with a granddaughter, Mrs. Jack Reynolds in Yorktown.  Surrounded by many presents from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she believed she should hold a small pink fur kitten they gave her “because it would please them.”.

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