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Sept 2011-Dec 2011 Lykins Family Photos
                                      Surname connections SAGE, MONTGOMERY, PEARSALL

April 2010
 Silas Hiser Family Photos 
        Mystery Building Photo Identified

        Obit Joy Pence Acree
        Obit David R Baynes
        Obit Ralph S Bantz

March 2010
Birth Records surnames B (to be completed)
        Biography Capt Charles M Siders
        Biography Robert S Taylor
        Biography Charles Wesley Rarick, MD
        Biography Don Francis Reed
        Biography Robert Sloan

February 2010

        Photo of Johan & Dorothea MADER
        Biography Francis M Sonday
        Jay County Deaths Completed 1882-1920

Janurary 2011

Jay County Birth Records Surnames A
        Portland City Directory Completed
        Jay County Death Records Completed through N

November   2010

Stephen Straly Bios
        Portland City Directories completed through M
        1882-1920 Death Records A-F

October   2010

1897 Portland City Directory Surnames L
       1882-1920 Death Records Surname A
       1882-1920 Birth Records Surname A

September   2010
1897 Portland City Directory Surnames J-K
       Biography John W Leonhard
1897 Portland City Directory Surnames G-I
      Major computer crash Sept 2 - Sept 15
1897 Portland City Directory Surnames E-F

August   2010
  Bio Peter Bruner Dick, MD
        1897 Portland City Directory Surnames A - BROWN
         1897 Portland City Directory BROWN - D
         Bio Byron L Bunker

July  2010
Obituary Rosemary Elizabeth Riemenschneider
        Biography of Peter Studebaker
        Biography of J M Paxson
        Biography of Ruth and John Headington
         1897 Portland City Directory Surnames A
         Mystery Photo Glentzer

June  2010
Surnames Smithson and Glasgow added by Jackie Blankenbaker 

Feb  2010
Edgar W (Ted) Mills added MILLS, BONHAM, COLLETT, LaFollette, Sowers, Whitacre, Worth  surnames to list
         Keith Nuttle added surnames BARTLETT, SUTTON and WHITE
         Norma June Landers added/changed name for surnames RARICK and TIMMONS

Jan  2010

Pitcher and Whiteman and Manes surnames email changed to (Linda Hartley)

Nov 19, 2009

180 Jay County Biographies


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