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Rachel Wilkins Letter

28 February 1859
Scipio, Jennings County , Indiana

  Esstemed friends many years passed but not forggoten through that great blessing I am numbered among the liveing we had almost come to the conclusion that one or both of you was gone to that long home from were no traveler returns. I rote you a full large sheet about 7 or 8 years ago directed it to Pinkney , Michigan . This day two weeks I saw Phebe at Hannah Eveleth's funeral she married Andrew Hulse she has left two little boys she has been very weakly for a long time. July 1st 1850 my husband departed this life with something like a cancer in his face one side of his face was all eaton away no one that came to see him ever seen anything to equal with it he suffered a great deal but did not complain he was very patient al the while for several months my daughter and family moved out here from Ohio November 14th 1851 she died leaveing four children the youngest not 3 months old. I have him to raise and her other son is now in his 17th he is with me both been here since their mothers daeth one of the girls is in Ohio the younger one here with Euphemia Brown. My eldest son is yet in Ohio and poor James is my next son. I dare say you remember him poor boy he had traveled about over the country many miles twice to Iowa and to Kansas . Dear child he is now no more he expected to of made Kansas his final home he got a claim of 228 acres paid for it put a house on it went to Ohio on his last visit he said was there but 2 or 3 days was taken sick with fever he died October 13th 1857 he was entered in the Lebanon burying ground. I was present a few minutes but he did not notice anything more had his sences he asked but a short time before I got there if Mother had come yet. Dear Polly my tears has to flow the death of your dear little Hermen. I had never had that tryal. I can now feel for you and others the strongest ties of nature. John is not married he is liveing with me tends the farm on share's. Charles is married has one son liveing their other son upset a cup of coffee on its breast died in a few days 11 months old. My daughter Rebecca not married she has been teaching school several years this winter she is going to the high school at Lucensville a new town since you left 3 miles from Scipio. Euphemia married John Brown's son Allen six year they have 1 son and a daughter 7of next July Hannah and my babee Sarah expect you will remember her when you was so kind as to take her. I believe she is a favorite with one and all six of us in family father Snowden and Judy is yet liveing. They are both very feeble aunt Judy fell last June year ago she has not walked any since without crutches and cane and crutch they moved out to Joshua two miles from Scipio last fall. I went to see her she was then sick she crid when I went in and when we came away. Benjamin Sutton lives in the same cabbin that you lived in it is just as it was he has a frame barn on the hill I cannot say how much land but a great many acres here and elseware. I expect you have no idea whare we are located we are on the east side of the gividen old deading vane. I can sit by the fire we see our old apple trees none of them thickets here now. Hughes has sold out he sold for three thousand 230 acres he has been out to Illinois and rented it out one year. So Clark an irishman bought out Hughes Waldorf and family is here. Peter Hulse is our neighbor in your absence. There has been a great many changes. Oh Polly, if I could only see you I could tell you great many things that I cannot think of to rite or scribble. I cannot compose a letter as I use to when I was sick of Indiana . I feel perfectly sattisfied we have a large farm and a good house and water. Do step over and see us. I would be so glad to see you. John and mysilf was passing Aunt Sally's she was out in the yard she has buried all her girls. Charles and Phebe Tombs has but one little girl he name is Mary. Mary your sister is left the 2nd time a widdow. Amos widow married a man by the name of Muster he has 6 or 7 children she has 2 Musters they are liveing on the farm she buried her oldest girl her boy is at C. Tombs the other little girl is at Joseph Smiths. Uncle and aunt Eastman I guess is well now she was very sick a short ago. I think you would be lost here now to see the improvements we have very good markets for all kinds of produce for want of room I must conclude by saying if this is worth answering to rite and I or Sarah will rite to you again my best respects to you all none exception. Rachel Wilkins We will try to tell you more in our next if this reaches your destination.

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