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Lovett Township

Name                                      Post Office                         Occupation                                  Nativity                      Date of  Settlement 

Barclay, James W.                   Lovett                                    Farmer                                       Mason Co. KY.                   1876
Bailiff, Phineas                         Lovett                                    Farmer                                      Clermont Co., Ohio              1838
Carson, W.H.                           Lovett                                     Farmer                                      Jennings Co., IN                 1836
Carson, D.R.                            Lovett                                    Farmer                                      Jennings Co. IN                   1837
Denalow, Z. T.                          Lovett                                    Trustee & Farmer                       Jennings Co. IN                   1832
Ferguson, Wlm. H.                   Lovett                                    Farmer & School Teacher           Jennings Co. IN                    1853
Gaddy, Dr. N.D.                        Lovett                                    Physician & Sureon                  Jennings Co. IN                    1855 
Gaskill, Caleb J.                       Dupont                                   Farmer & Carpenter                  Stark Co. Ohio                     1856 
Johnson, John                          Dupont                                   Farmer                                     Washington Co. Pa.            1849
Joseph, John                            Lovett                                    Farmer                                      Germany                            1855
Lander, Wm.                            Dupont                                   Farmer                                      Scotland                            1871
Mountz, Jacob                          Dupont                                  Blacksmith                                Columbiana Co. Ohio          1854
Perry, M.A.                               Dupont                                  Farmer & S.S.Mill                      Bartholomew Co. IN            1836
Perry, Geo. L.                           Dupont                                  Farmer & S.S. Mill                     Jennings Co. IN                  1854
Palmer, Wm.                            Lovett                                    Farmer & Stock Dealer               Scotland                             1848 
Richards, Lee                           Dupont                                  Teacher                                      Knox County, Ohio             1865
Richards, Nettie                        Dupont                                  Teacher                                     Madison County, Ohio         1865
Ross, John                               Lovett                                    Farmer & Stock Dealer              Germany                             1837
Roseberry, D.M.                        Lovett                                    Farmer & Stock Dealer              Jennings Co. IN                   1847
Sawyer, Wm. H.                       Dupont                                   Farmer                                      Jennings Co. IN                   1847
Steadman, Thos. A.                  Dupont                                  Farmer                                      Jennings Co. IN                    1860
Settle, H.C.                              Dupont                                  Farmer                                      Rockingham Co. NC             1881
Sheperd, W.S.                          Lovett                                   Farmer                                       Indiana                                1844
Short, John                               Lovett                                   Miller                                         Clermont County, Ohio         1852
Thomas, J.S.                            Lovett                                   Farmer & Trader                         Jennings Co. IN                    1821
Trapp, Chas.                             Lovett                                   Farmer                                       Jennings Co. IN                   1858

Marion Township

Name                                     Post Office                         Occupation                             Nativity                    Date of Settlement 

Adams, Thomas H.                   Paris Crossing                       Farmer                                        Jennings Co. IN                    1840
Bridges, Wm.                           Cana                                     Farmer                                        Jefferson Co. IN                    1837
Z.H. Deputy                              Cana                                     Farmer                                       Jennings Co. IN                     1838
Hughes, Evan J.                        Barnes                                  Stock Raiser & Farmer                Jennings Co. IN                     1843
Lett, Fielden                             Slate                                     Farmer                                        Owen Co. KY                        1827
Lett T.S.                                   Slate                                     Farmer                                        Jennings Co. IN                    1853
Lewis, F.M.                              Barnes                                  Farmer & Trader                           Jennings Co. IN                    1837
Robbins, Wm M.                      Cana                                     Farmer                                         Jennings Co. IN                    1841
Robbins, R.M.                          Cana                                     Farmer                                         Jennings Co. IN                    1849
Robbins, S.B.                          Cana                                     Merchant, Farmer & Blacksmith                  
Jennings Co. IN                     1851
Rogers, Jas M.                         Barnes                                  Farmer & Stock Raiser                 Jennings Co. IN                     1820
Rogers, John H.                       Slate                                     Farmer & Stk Raiser                     Jennings Co. IN                     1848
Stewart, J.H.                            Crothersville                           Farmer & Stk Raiser                     Montgomery Co. KY              1840
Wells, E                                   Commiskey                           Farmer & S S Miller                     Jefferson Co. IN                     1870
Wilson Elmer F.                       Cana                                      Farmer                                        Jennings Co. IN                     1857

Montgomery Township

Name                                     Post Office                        Occupation                              Nativity                  Date of Settlement     

Blinn, A.W.                              Paris                                      Teacher                                       Canada
Deputy, S.W.                           Paris Crossing                        Farmer & Trustee                        Wood Co. VA                         1840
Dodd, Geo. W.                         Paris Crossing                        Mechanic & Farmer                     Cincinati, Ohio                       1872
Dixon, Harmon                         Paris                                      Farmer & Merchant                     Jennings Co. IN                      1844
Hudson, A.V.                           Paris Crossing                        Stock Dealer & Farmer                Jennings Co. IN                       1836
Johnson, John B.                     Paris Crossing                        Farmer                                        Indiana                                   1825
Johnson, Sarah J.                    Paris Crossing                        Teacher                                      Indiana                                   1839
Lurton, Charles F.                    Commiskey                             PM Railroad & Baggage Agent     Louisville, KY                         1881
Lefeber, Cynthia S.                  Paris                                      Teacher                                      Jefferson Co. IN                      1869
Lefeber, Jas. M.                       Paris                                      Physician                                   Clermont Co. Ohio                  1869 
Naden, Henry                          Commiskey                             Mechancic & Farmer                  England                                  1852
Phillips, Sarah A.                    Paris Crossing                                                                          Jennings Co. IN                       1836
Phillips, Allen W.                    Paris Crossing                         Farmer                                       Jefferson Co. IN                       1834
Stribling  S.A. & S.S.               Paris Crossing                        Farming & Jewelry                       Indiana                                   1821, 1844
Wright, Samuel L.                   Paris Crossing                         Farmer                                       Indiana                                    1862

Sand Creek Township

Name                                      Post Office                       Occupation                              Nativity                 Date of Settlement

Barr, Alen                                Sardinia      
                        Farmer                                       Shelby Co. KY                         1823
Beasley, Robert                       Brewersville                         Township Trustee & Farmer          Franklin Co. IN                         1856
Boyd, Harrignton                     Brewersville                         Teacher                                       Jennings Co. IN                        18    
Coryell F.M.                             Brewersville                         Farmer                                       New York                                 18
McCammon, Albert                 Sherwood                             Merchant                                    Jennings Co. IN                        18
Sterns, Isaac                           Brewersville                         Retired Farmer                            Champaine Co. Ohio                 1842
Sheedy, Jas. T.                       Brewersville                         Teacher                                       Jennings Co. IN                        1859 
Thickason,  W.W.                    Brewersville                         RR Agent                                    Jennings Co. IN                        1846
Underwood, W.T.                    Brewersville                         Farmer                                         Franklin Co. KY                        1844
Vincent, C.D.                           Brewersville                         Farmer                                        Hamilton Co. Ohio                    18

Spencer Township

Name                                    Post Office                        Occupation                              Nativitiy                  Date of Settlement

Arbuckle, Jas. M.                    Six Mile                                Blacksmith                                   Jefferson Co. IN                           
Brown A.W.                            Six Mile                                Far. & Ex. Co. Treasurer              Jennings Co. IN
Berkshire, H.J.                        Six Mile                               O & M R R Agent                           Ohio, Co. IN
Carver, Socrates                     Six Mile                               Painter & Farmer                           Jennings Co. IN                         
Day, M.H.                              Six Mile                               Farmer                                          Jennings Co. IN                     1838
Daringer L.D.                          Six Mile                               Carpenter                                      Jennings Co. IN                     1844
Downs, L.H.                           Six Mile                               Teacher & Farmer                         Jennings Co. IN                      1858
Fox, N.J.                                Six Mile                               Carriage Maker                             Germany                                1848
Haley, John                            Six Mile           
                   Farmer & Hay Presser                   Jennings Co. IN                      1849
More & Sons                          Six Mile                               Carriage Makers                            Jennings Co. IN                      1855
Paul W.G.                              Six Mile                               Farmer                                          Jennings Co. IN                      1827
Richart Lewis                         Seymour                              Farmer & Stock Dlr.                       Jennings Co. IN                      1837
Ringer, Henry                         Six Mile                               Farmer                                          Warren Co. Ohio                     1854
St. John, Joseph                     Six Mile                               Farmer                                         Warren Co. Ohio                      1867
Swarthout, J.M.                       Six Mile                              Merchant & N P                             Jennings Co. IN                       1854
Schafer, Nicholas                    Six Mile                              Wgn'mkr & Twp Adm                      Germany                                 1872 
Stewart, William                     North Vernon                       Farmer                                           Columbus Co. Ohio                 1852
Trapp, John H.                        Lovett                                 Farmer & Brk Maker                       Jennings Co. IN                       1846
Van Riper, John                      Six Mile                              Grocer & PM                                 Jennings Co. IN                       1838
Wrape, John                           Six Mile                              Farmer                                          New York                                1844
Wiles, C.H.                             Six Mile                              Physician & Twns Trea                  Brown County, Ohio                 1866
Weaver H.B.                            Six Mile                              Farmer                                         New York                                1859

Vernon Township

Name                                  Post Office                        Occupation                                Nativity                   Date of Settlement

Burdg, Albert                          Vernon                                 Liveryman                                     Ohio                                         1850
Belser, S.L.                            Vernon                                 Merchant                                       Dearborn Co. IN                       1856
Batchelor, T.C.                       Vernon                                Attorney                                         Ohio                                        1866
Burkman, John H.                   Vernon                                Supt. of County Farm                     Butler Co. Ohio                         1840
Canbey, S.W.                         Vernon                                County Supt. of Schools                Switzerland Co. IN                     1868
Cope, Jas. P.                          Vernon                                Physician                                     Ohio                                         1852

Coryell, C.J.                            Vernon                                Farmer & Nurseryman                   New York                                  1839
Egan, John                             Vernon                                Saloon Keeper                              Jennings County, IN                   1854
Foebel, Jacob Jr.                    Vernon                                Merchant                                       Germany                                   1868
Graham, William A.                 Vernon                                Farmer                                          Jennings Co. IN                         1828
Hagen, J.N.                            Vernon                                Lawyer                                          Jennings Co. IN                         1847
Hill, J.W.                                Vernon                                Retired Merchant                           Jennings Co. IN                         1820
Hill, U.H.                                 Vernon                               Merchant                                       Jennings Co. IN                         1846
Leavitt, R.                               Vernon                               Spoke Manufacturer                        New York                                  1846
Long, J.S.                               Vernon                               Landlord                                        Ohio                                          1869
Morris, John S.                       Vernon                               Recorder                                        Jennings Co. IN                         1858
New, J.D.                                Vernon                               Attorney & Judge                           Jennings Co. IN                         1830
Pritchett, J.W.                         Vernon                               Miller                                             Harrison Co. IN                          1881
Richardson, N.                        Vernon                               Physician                                       Ohio                                          1854
Randall, W.J.                          Vernon                               Farmer                                          Dearborn Co. IN                          1875
Russell, Josephus                   Butler Switch                      Farmer & Teacher                          Morgan Co. IN                             1850
Shank, C.D.                            Vernon                               Auditor                                          Ohio                                          1870
Story, S.W.                            Vernon                                Druggist                                        Jennings Co. IN                          1833
Thomas, Amos                       Vernon                               Clerk of Curcuit Cort                       Jennings Co. IN                           1822
Verbarg, F.W.                         Vernon                               Sherriff                                          Hanover, Germany                       1859
Vandergrift, G.W.                   Butler Switch                       Farmer & Bee Keeper                       Jennings Co. IN                         1854
Vandergrift, Sarah                  Vernon                                Farmer                                            Pittsburg, PA                             1865
Walker, Daniel T.                   Butler Switch                       Farmer                                            Jennings Co. IN                         1834
Wenzel, John                         Vernon                               Dlr. in Stov. & Tin Ware                    Germany                                    1863
Wagner, J.H.                          Vernon                               Plow Manufacturer                           Jefferson, Co. IN                          1829
Wagner, C.E.                         Vernon                               Editor                                              Jennings, Co. IN                          1848
Wagner J.E.                           Vernon                               R.R. Agent                                      Jennings, Co. IN                          1858

Columbia Township
Baker, Wm. H.                      Zenas                                Farmer & Notary Public                     Dearborn Co. IN                           1843
Baker, H.L.                           Zenas                                Farmer                                             Dearborn Co. IN                           1858
Belt, Basil                             Zenas                                Farmer                                             Ripley Co. IN                               1854
Denton, John                        Zenas                                 Farmer                                            Jennings Co. IN                            1848
Daughters, Randolph             Zenas                                 Farmer                                            Sussex County, Del.                      1857
Ellingwood, John                   Zenas                                 Farmer                                            Dearborn Co. IN                            1860
Green H.D.                           Zenas                                 Farmer                                            Trimble Co. KY                             1822
Grose, James                       Millhousen                            Farmer                                            Dearborn Co. IN                            1879
Grinstead, A.L.                     Butlerville                         Farmer & Merchant                      Jefferson Co. IN                          1868
Jordan, Wm. T.                  Zenas                                Farmer                                          Jennings Co. IN                          1868
Morris, John F.                  Zenas                                Farmer                                          Union Co. IN                             1849
Miller, Geo. W.                  Zenas                                Farmer & Teacher                         Jennings Co. IN                         1861
McMananan, Jas.              Butlerville                         Farmer                                           Butler Co. Ohio                         1834
McCracken, Otho J.          Zenas                                Farmer                                           Wayne Co. Ohio                        1853
McClure, C.T.                   Nebraska                          Farmer                                            Ripley Co. IN                            1870
Payton, Benj.                     Zenas                                Farmer & Attorney at Law            Jennings Co. IN                         1828
Perry, Norval W.               Zenas                                Farmer                                            Kenton Co. KY                          1871
Pfeiffer, Theodore             Millhousen                        Farmer                                            Baden, Germany                       1858
Ponsler, Jeremiah             Zenas                                Farmer                                            Preble Co. Ohio                         1840
Rodgers, Wm.                    Zenas                                Farmer                                            Jefferson Co. IN                        1832
Sharp, Morgan                  Zenas                                Farmer                                            Decatur Co. IN                          1839
Snyder, Adam                   Millhousen                        Farmer                                            Baveria, Germany                     1840
Surface, Samuel               Millhousen                        Farmer                                             Clinton Co. Ohio                      1877
Underwood, John             Nebraska                          Farmer                                             Jennings Co. IN                        1853
Woods, Thomas                Zenas                                Merchant                                          Cincinatti, Ohio                        1878
Woodward, John              Zenas                                Farmer                                              Oswego Co. NY                        1877
Geneva Township
Amick, J.F.                      Scipio                                Merchant                                           Jennings Co. IN                        1829
Amick, Obed                    Scipio                                Farmer                                              Orance Co. NC                         1821
Amick, Martha                Scipio                                Farmer                                               Clark Co. IN                            1870
Barringer, G.H.               Hege                                 Farmer                                               Trimble Co. KY                         1879
Brown, Kennedy             Scipio                                Farmer                                               Ireland                                      1844
Childers, Joseph             Scipio                                Farmer                                               Franklin Co. IN                        1836
Campbell, G.P.              Queensville                       Farmer                                               Jennings Co. IN                        1820
Curtis, J.B.                     Queensville                       Farmer & Stock Trader                     Ontario Co. NY                         1818
Durland, C. Ed              Elizabethtown                  Farmer                                               Jackson Co. IN                         1873
Foreman, Amos             Scipio                                Farmer                                               Auglaize Co. Ohio                     1853
Green, I.L.                     Scipio                                Farmer                                               Jennings Co. IN                        1844
Herron, Wm. G.             Queensville                       Blacksmith                                         Decater Co. IN                          1862
Hulse, David                  Queensville                       Farmer & Miller                                Warren Co. Ohio                       1840
Kennedy, R.                   Queensville                       Merchant                                            Juniate Co. Ohio                       1860
Lafferty, Michael          Scipio                                Farmer                                               Philidelphia                               1876
Merrill, D.S.                  Scipio                                Farmer                                               Franklin Co. IN                         1839
Martin, Paul A.H.         Elizabethtown                   Farmer                                               Middlesex Co. NJ                      1861
Mills, James W.             Scipio                                Farmer                                               Jackson Co. W.V.                     1865
Rowe, Wm. T.                Elizabethtown                  Farmer                                               Hunterdon Co. NY                    1852
Sutton, Wm.                  Scipio                                Farmer                                               Jennings Co. IN                        1825
Smith, J.B.                    Queensville                       Farmer                                                Stuben Co. NY                          1830
Thompson, J.R.             Scipio                               Farmer                                                Franklin Co. IN                        1836
Wilkerson Jas. H           Scipio                                Merchant & Stock Dealer                  Jennings Co. IN                         1848
Wynn, J.M.                    Scipio                               Farmer                                                Franklin Co. IN                        1839
Waughtel, Jas.Sr.          Hege                                 Farmer                                                West Virginia                             1832
Waughtel, Jas. Jr.         Hege                                Farmer                                                Jefferson Co. IN                         1852
Wilson, Wally                Elizabethtown                 Farmer                                                Halifax Co. VA                           1831
Wimple, Simon              Scipio                              Farmer                                                Jennings Co. IN                          1820  

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