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Caleb Robbins Family Bible

All items copied at the Caleb Robbins' home, 751 Jefferson Ave., Franklin, Indiana 

Father, Caleb Robbins, was born Sept. 20, 1820 in New York State, Steuben County Moved to Indiana in the year 1845 [more likely 1836 .. L. A. Robbins], departed this life Sept. 13, 1879

Mother, Jane Lewis was born Sept. 1, 1820 in the state of New York, Steuben Cty. Caleb Robbins and Jane Lewis were married by Rev. Thomas Hill January 9, 1840 Jane, wife of Caleb Robbins, died August 11, 1857, aged 36 years, 345 days. 

Caleb Robbins and Sally Meek were married April 15, 1858 by Rev. T. B. Lewis Sarah, wife of Caleb Robbins, died February 7, 1879


Walter S Whitsett and Melvina Robbins were married December 17,1882 by Rev A J Wade 

Mary E. Robbins was married to I F Keith by Rev. T. Hill, April, 1859

William M Robbins was married to Mary E. Congden by Rev.T B Lewis, October 28,60 

James M Robbins was married to Almah James by Rev. Wm.Gillaspy September 12,1867 

Sarah M Robbins was married to Wm. H. Polk by Rev. Wm. B. Lewis November 10,1869 

R M Robbins and F A Keith married April 11, 1871 by Rev Wm. B Lewis

(Witnesses at Whitsett-Robbins wedding were Wm. Robbins and Mary Robbins) 


Gideon Ansel Robbins died Mar 3, 1853 (Caleb & Jane) Old Keith (VRD, Vivian Robbins DeButts)

Juliann Robbins died August 7, 1865

Sarah M Polk, wife of W H Polk, died March 2, 1879


William Martin Robbins born January 29, 1841 AD

Mary Elizabeth Robbins born April 16, 1842 corr. April 11

James Madison Robbins born December 2, 1843 (JM Shelvin R)

Sarah Mariah Robbins born January 1, AD, 1846

Rowland Monroe Robbins born October 29, 1848

Sylvanus Baly Robbins born May 2, 1851

Gideon Ansel Robbins born February 12, 1853

Julia Ann Robbins born April 7, 1854 


Melvina J Robbins born Nov. 11, 1861

Ishmael M Robbins born Feb 12, 1864

Addison S Robbins born April 15, 1866

Silas H Robbins born Jan 14, 1868

Caleb M Robbins born May 12, 1870

James Robbins born Feb. 18 1872

Amanda Robbins Sept. 11, 1875

William H Robbins born March 7, 1877

Irene Robbins born Oct. 3, 1879

Uzettie Robbins born Jan 7, 1882

Howard Robbins born Aug. 26, 1883

Elsie May Robbins born March 22, 1899

Gladys L Chandler born Sept. 14, 1908

Wm. M. Robbins born Jan. 29, 1841 (Isn't this Uncle Mart, asks Blanche Robbins Risher?)

Mary F. Congdon born Sept. 11, 1843


Ishmael M Robbins departed this life July 8, 1866, aged 1 year, 6 mos.,& 24 days Uzettie Robbins       "      "    "  January 22, 1882, aged 14 days

Ida May Whisitt       "      "    "  October 29, 1891, aged 5 years,6mos,29 days

Mrs. Etta List        "      "    "  April 19, 1896, aged 20 yrs., 7 mo., 8 days

Mary E Robbins        "      "    "  January 13, 1902, aged 58 yrs., 4mo.,2 days

James M Robbins       "      "    "  February 13, 1920, aged 48 yrs, 1 day

William M Robbins departed this life June 4, 1920, aged 79 yrs. 4 mos., 5 days

Howard Robbins        "      "    "  June 2, 1924, aged 40 yrs., 6 mos., 27 days

The above is a true copy taken from the family Bible of William Martin

Robbins of

751 Jefferson St., Franklin, Indiana

                                                                                    signed Vivian Robbins De Butts

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th day of June, 1949

                                                                                         Jeanne Costantino

My commission expires May 9, 1951

Witnessed also by Edith Ellen Robbins


 Thanks to Lanny Robbins for this contribution!

Dixon & James Family Bible & other Records

As found in the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry

Located at the Allen County Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Vol 11, page 45


WILLIAMSON W. DIXON BIBLE – as sent in by Mrs. Dolph O. Harrod. Williamson Dixon was the tailor in Old Paris, and the Journal had previously published names entered in his account books.

Contributed to Jennings County, GenWeb site by Marti Blazick who is a descendant of these Dixon's


The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues, together with the Apocrypha, Concordance and Psalms. Philadelphia, Jesper Harding & Son, 1858.


William W. Dixon was married January the 14, 1836 to Nancy Osburn. Williamson W. Dixon was born March the 15, 1815. Nancy Dixon was born August the 8, 1816.


Eliza Jane Dixon was born 5 Nov. 1836

Alcy Elizabeth Dixon was born 1 Jan. 1838

Artheny Jane Dixon was born 22 March 1840

Martha E. P. Dixon was born 9 May 1842

James H. Dixon was born 9 May 1844

Emmy Dixon was born 22 September 1846

William W. Dixon was born October 22, 1848

Louemmy Dixon was born 12 March 1851

Williamson O. Dixon was born 12 June 1853.

John V. Dixon was born 27 August 1855

John Truman Dixon was born 19 July 1858


Eliza Jane Dixon deceased 14 March 1837

Emmy Dixon died 20 September 1847

John V. Dixon died 31 May 1857

William W. Dixon died 21 March 1886

Nancy Osburn Dixon died 5 December 1895


All children were born in Jennings Co. Indiana, Williamson W. Dixon was born in Jefferson Co. Ind. And Nancy Osburn Dixon was born in Owen Co. Ky. Williamson and Nancy are buried in the Coffee Creek cemetery west of Paris Crossing, Indiana.


THOMAS J. JAMES BIBLE - also sent in by Mrs. Harrod.

New Illustrated devotional and practical Polyglot FAMILY BIBLE containing the Old and New testaments together with the Apogrypha, Concordance, and Psalms in metre. Published by the National Publishing Co. Zieglaer & McCurdy, Jones Brothers & Co. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1870.


This certifies that Thomas J. James of Jennings Co., Ind. and Savannah E. Walker, of Jennings Co., Ind. on the 25 of May 1845 at the residence of the bride’s father by Rev. Washinton Malick of the M. E. Church. Witnesses John Tripp and John Vanwy.


Thomas J. James - 24Aug. 1821

Savannah Ellen James - 21 Sep 1830

Sarah Catherine James 30 Dec. 1847

Samuel Thomas James – 6 April 1849

Emmazetta James – 26 Oct. 1850

Anna D. James – 9 Nov. 1851

Demiah Ayzulia James – 7 Oct 1852

Nancy Ann James - 23 Jan 1854

Baxter Butler James - 17 Nov. 1856

Nettie Jane James – 9 April 1859

Elva Effie James – 23 Jan. 1861

William Walker James – 20 July 1864

Tiney James - 31 May 1867

Charles McCalla James – 11 Aug. 1869

Estella Butler James - 30 Nov. 1871

Mary M. Hunt James – 19 Sept 1844 (note: Mary was wife of Samuel Thomas James)

Wm. T. Weir Dixon – 22 Oct. 1848


Anna D. James died 30 Nov. 1851

Nettie J. James died 30 Sept. 1860

Tinnie James died 28 Feb. 1868

Sarah C. James died 14 April 1868

Charles Mc James died 27 Sept. 1870

Nancy A. James died 9 Feb. 1877

Emma Z. James died 5 March 1878

Catherine Walker died 13 June 1881

Savannah E. James died 12 Dec. 1881

Elvie E. Nugent died 14 April 1903

Samuel T. James died 21 Nov. 1904

Thomas J. James died 9 July 1905

Mary A. Hunt James died 29 Dec. 1921

Wm. Travanian Weir Dixon died 12 August 1926.

All births were in Jennings County, as were all the deaths except Elva Nugent (Shelby Co. and Weir Dixon (Bartholomew Co.). this James family is buried in the Graham Presbyterian cemetery along Road 3, south east of Lovett. Catherine Walker was the mother of Savannah E. James and was born in Woodford Co., Ky, the daughter of Jeremiah Wilson and Rhoda Sutton. Thomas J. James born near Graham Church was the son of Thomas James and Sarah Harmon who settled woutheast of Lovett in 1818. Savannah Ellen James was the daughter of John Walker who was Clerk of Jennings Co. for 20.

The above Bibles were also published in the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, the April edition, 1970, Our Bible Page, page 21-22. There are a couple differences in the two versions of the publication. The April 1970 edition shows the following information in contrast to that printed above.

Williamson O. Dixon is shown as born January the 12, 1853.

Thomas J. James is shown as born August 4th, 1821.

Anna D. Dixon is Anna Dawson Dixon.

Demiah Azulia James was the grandmother of Mildred Dixon Harrod.

Nettie Jane James is shown born Jan 23, 1861 (would guess this is a typographical error since this is the date of birth for Elva and they were not twins.)

Tiney James is spelled Tiny in one place and Tinnie in another.

Mary F. Hunt (instead of Mary M. Hunt) is the wife of Samuel Thomas James

Jeremiah Wilson, the father of Savannah E. James was a Revolutionary soldier.

Mrs. Harrod writes, at the end of her letter – "Thomas J. James and wife Savannah E. Walker James lived the first house on the north side of the road, being the first road north of the old Hopewell cemetery on state road 3, south of Old Vernon. This church and cemetery was also called Graham. The above 13 children of Thomas and Savannah were born on this farm and many are buried in the….


Published in another issue (undocumented) of the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, page 21, is as follows:

From Mrs. Doolph O. Harrod, Flat Rock, In. 47234 we have the following from her Dixon Bible:

A record of Marriage shows as follows:

That Harmon S. Dixon, born Feb 22, 1877 in Jenning County and Stella Taylor, born Nov 13, 1874 in Jefferson County were united in the bonds of Holy Matirmony at Indianapolis, Ind. on the 25th day of March, 1903 in presence of a few relatives and friends. Signed Rev. John W. J. Collins. Below this certification is written Frank H. Dixon (brother of Groom) and Della Taylor (twin sister of the bride).


Children of Harmon S. and Stella T. Dixon

Ethel Marie Dixon, Thursday, February 24, 1904 at 4:20 A.M. Mrs. Dr. Ford.

Mildred Jane Dixon, Thursday, October 4, 1906, at 4:50A.M. Dr. L. D. Reed.

Lola Ellen Dixon, Sunday, September 13, 1908, at 4:50 P.M. Dr. Reed.

Lewis Weir Dixon, Friday, February 17, 1911 at 8:35 A.M. Dr. Reed

Ernest Paul Dixon, Friday, April 14, 1916 at 3:30 A.M. as above, Dr. Reed.


Of children of Harmon S. and Stella T. Dixon

Lola Ellen Dixon to Mr. Charles M. Bastain, 3 miles south of Charlestown, Ind. at Hope M.E. Church, Thursday, October 13, 1932 by Rev. R. Stanley Hendrick.

Lewis Weir Dixon to Miss Donna Keller eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Keller, 3 miles south of Hope, Ind. At Star City, Ind. Friday, Nov. 8, 1935, by Rev. R. B. Collier, cousin of the bride.

Mildred Irene Dixon to Mr. Dolph Harrod, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Harrod, 1 ¼ miles west of Norristown, Shelby Co., Ind. At Vincinnes, Ind. by Rev. E. F. Schneider, May 10, 1936, Sunday.

Ethel Marie Dixon to Mr. Rolland Root, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Root of Milroy, Ind. at Indianapolis, Ind. By Rev. George Frantz at Presbyterian Church on Saturday, May 31, 1941.

Ernest Paul Dixon to Miss Dorotha Campbell, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Campbell of Newburg, Indiana at Memphis, Tenn. By Rev. A. W. Dick, Nov. 16, 1948, second Presbyterian Church.


Della Taylor Sanders, twin sister of Stella T. Dixon, whose home was with the Dixons except nearly 7 years she lived in Louisville, Ky. Died at Dixon home 637 E. Washington St., Hope, Ind. Sunday morning, May 10, 1936, 8 a.m.

Stella Taylor Dixon died Wednesday eve, Dec 20 1939 at 8:20 o’clock at home at Hope, Indiana.

Harmon Samuel Dixon, died Monday evening, June 18, 1956 at 5:35 o’clock, at home of his daughter, Mildred Harrod, in Shelby Co. Ind. Just west of Norristown.