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Cana Cemetery is in Marion Township,adjacent to the Cana Church. On Hwy 250 a few miles west of Paris
Crossing. The property for the Church and Cemetery were deeded on September 7, 1842 by James E. Wilson
and his wife Charlotte. Listed below are the names I have been able to find in records of those
buried in the Cana Church Cemetery, there are probably more than this but I have not found records
of others. If you know of someone who was left off the list please let me know. The spellings are
as I found them and also may not be correct.

Abbott, Harvey                                                                           
Akers, Charles G
Akers, Bernadine
Bannister, Leander M.
Bannister, Sarah
Banks, Ora E.
Banks, William C.
Bard, Anar
Bard, Eva
Bard, G.W.
Bard, N.A.
Barnes, Edward
Barnes, Estel R.
Barnes, Ivan
Barnes, Mary C.
Barnes, Ora
Baxter, Nancy A.
Boles, Ruby
Bridges, Albert
Bridges, Alfred
Bridges, Alice
Bridges, Anna
Bridges, Azilpila
Bridges, Barbara M.
Bridges, Benjamin
Bridges, Charley D.
Bridges, Clem V.
Bridges, Clifford C.
Bridges, Eddie M.
Bridges, Elish
Bridges, Eliza
Bridges, Ella
Bridges, Eva E.
Bridges, Freeman
Bridges, Goldie
Bridges, Goldie M.
Bridges, Grace R.
Bridges, Hazen F.
Bridges, Ida C.
Bridges, James E.
Bridges, Janet
Bridges, John A.
Bridges, Lester
Bridges, Louise inf.
Bridges, Mary E.
Bridges, May
Bridges, Milford
Bridges, Pauline
Bridges, Preston S.
Bridges, Ronald
Bridges, Rozetta
Bridges, Sarah
Bridges, Serilda
Bridges, Shelby
Bridges, Thompson
Bridges, Victoria B.
Bridges, William C.
Bridges, William L.
Bridges, Willmer
Bridgewater, Doyle W.
Buckles, Altha J.
Buckles, Oliver P.
Campbell, Mike Dale
Carlock, Burman E.
Carlock, Ellsworth
Carlock, Ermil R.
Carlock, May R.
Carpenter, Alexander
Carpenter, Julia
Carpenter, Virginia
Childes, Ethelyn
Childes, Newton
Combs, Alma G.
Combs, James S.
Combs, Learra
Conner, inf.
Conner, James C.
Conner, James F.
Conner, Lucy
Conner, Olus
Conner, Orville
Davis, Isa O.
Davis, Ora N.
Davis, Orvil
Davis, Veva L.
Deputy, Clarence
Deputy, Minnie L.
Derringer, Charlie
Derringer, Clyde
Derringer, Earl
Derringer, Erusla
Derringer, Hazel E.
Derringer, Ida M.
Derringer, William
Douglas, Frances T.
Douglas, Mary
Eacret, Ennod L.
Eacret, Wilmer
Erb, Clara
Erb, Clarence
Erb, Elizabeth
Erb, Estella
Erb, Jacob
Erb, John
Erb, Josephine,inf.
Erb, Mary
Grapevine, Estella
Hawley, John C.
Hawley, Sarah C.
Hildreth, Doris
Hoard, Barbara E.
Hoard, Lewis
Hoard, Neppie
Hoard, Oscar Lewis
Hoard, Sarah D.
Howard, Samuel H.
Jackson, Leona B.
Jackson, Walter S.
Johnson, Charlotte
Kain, Thomas
Keith, Alva
Keith, Bessie
Keith, Caleb M.
Keith, Delmar J.
Keith, Earley
Keith, Ester G.
Keith, George A.
Keith, Harry
Keith, Henretta
Keith, James
Keith, Martha
Keith, Mary E.
Keith, Melvina
Keith, Molly
Keith, Rosa
Keith, T. Allen
Keith, Timothy A.
Keith, Willard
Keith, William T.
Keith, Winnie E.
Kessler, Cathy L.
Lafoon, John E.
Lafoon, Nada
Layman, Robert Lee
Layman, Thomas E.
Lett, Cora
Lewis, Charles W.
Lewis, Gertie
Lewis, Marietta
Lewis, Verner
Lowry, Else Dee
Lowry, Ethel (Wiseman)
Marling, Bertha
Marling, Ermine
Marling, John E.
Marling, Lester
Marling, Louise
Marling, Ralph
Marling, Sarah
Mathews, John E.
Mathews, Mary F.
McClellan, Phineas D.
McClellan, Sarah E.
McIntire, Allen L.
McIntire, Anna V.
McIntire, Ira A.
McIntire, Mary A.
Moore, Albert
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Bertha M.
Moore, Cora E.
Moore, Gerald A.
Moore, Nellie
Moore, Orval J.
Moore, Solomon J.
Moore, Zetta A.
Mosley, George M.
Mosley, Griffin H.
Murray, Fred
Noland, Norval inf.
Nolte, Apolrine
Nolte, Fred J.
Nolte, Henry
Nolte, Ida P.
Nolte, Inf. dau.
Nolte, Julia
Oliverson, Bertha
Oliverson, James ?
Oliverson, Levi
Oliverson, Lucy L.
Oliverson, May
Oliverson, William H.
Owen, Eva A.
Owen, George
Owen, Howard G.
Owen, John
Owen, Lora
Owen, Rachel
Patton, Maggie
Patton, W.M.
Perry, Ettie M.
Perry, Fannie
Perry, Squire
Perry, Thomas J.
Perry, Violetta
Pierson, Elizabeth (Roland)
Pierson, Emma
Pierson, Harry
Pierson, Mary B.
Polk, Joseph
Polk, Martha
Robbins, Mary
Robbins, William M.
Robinson, Dora H.
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Willard
Robinson, William M.
Ross, Lula Belle
Ross, Louis T.
Ross, Rosco
Rowland, Altus H.
Rowland, Bessie
Rowland, Dora
Rowland, Harbin
Rowland, inf. dau.
Rowland, Isaac
Rowland, Mary
Rowland, Penelope
Rowland, Rebecca
Ryan, Fay
Ryan, Lizzie B.
Ryan, Moses M.
Sage, Asa
Sage, George
Sage, George
Sage, Ida N.
Sage, Irene
Sage, Jane
Sage, Loyd
Sage, Martha
Sage, Martha M.
Sage, Verlmer
Sage, Webster D.
Sage, William F.
Silence, Arnold R.
Silence, Dottie M.
Silence, John W.
Simmons, Daisy
Simmons, Fred
Singleton, Arlie
Singleton, Mary
Singleton, Luther
Singleton, Paul A.
Skaggs, Eugene
Skaggs, Ollie M.
Slarp, Farrie
Slarp, Jacob
Slarp, Velman
Smith, Edna F.
Smith, George W.
Smith, inf.
Smith, William
Sole, Mattie J.
Sparks, Connie Ann
Sparks, Fred M.
Sparks, inf. dau.
Sparks, Ivan M.
Sparks, James
Sparks, John A.
Sparks, John G.
Sparks, Leva
Sparks, Mary C.
Sparks, Sallie A.
Sparks, Sarah J.
Sparks, Sherman
Sparks, William A.
Spicer, Agnes
Stewart, ?
Stewart, Alva
Stewart, Berthna
Stewart, Charles W.
Stewart, Della
Stewart, James H.
Stewart, Loretta
Stewart, Meade
Stewart, Mina
Stewart, Preston
Stewart, Victoria
Stewart, William S.
Tobias, Altus
Tobias, Ammy M.
Tobias, Arnold
Tobias, E. Ema
Tobias, Joseph
Vires, Sam
Walker, Eddie
Walker, Michael
Walker, Vesta
Wallace, Lloyd
Warner, Clyde D.
Warner, Dora A.
Warner, Earl
Warner, Elgin O.
Warner, Emil
Warner, Hester
Warner, inf.
Warner, Ivan
Warner, Martha S.
Warner, Myron
Warner, Pearl
Whitsitt, Ida May
Williams, Orville
Wilson, Caleb
Wilson, Clarence
Wilson, Clarice
Wilson, Coda
Wilson, Ermina
Wilson, Fernando
Wilson, Florence
Wilson, George C.
Wilson, inf.
Wilson, inf.
Wilson, James R.
Wilson, John Evan
Wilson, Leander
Wilson, Leona
Wilson, Loretta
Wilson, Mary E.
Wilson, Mazie
Wilson, Nancy J.
Wilson, Oliver
Wilson, Rebecca (Corbin-Smith)
Wilson, Samuel W.
Wilson, Sarah E.
Wilson, Victoria
Winkler, Eddie
Winkler, Fannie L.
Winkler, William R.
Winkler, Wilson
Wiseman, Adam
Wiseman, Arthur L.
Wiseman, Elizabeth
Wiseman, Harlan R.
Wiseman, Lettie A.
Wiseman, Sylvia M.

Buried at Cana but not having headstones

[John Imlay Family Plot had concrete around it]
John Imlay:  b. 24 Sep 1822; d. 31 Jul 1881
Manerva Susan Imlay: b. 16 Jun 1866; d. 06 Aug 1891
Elizabeth Frances Imlay Wilson; w/o Noah Wilson: b. 23 Apr 1854; d. 27 Feb 1877 (No Proof)
Susanna "Susan" Rutledge Imlay; w/o John Imlay: b. 30 Dec 1823; d. 24 Jan 1901
Mary Zetta Imlay: d/o James & Rachel Tobias Imlay: b. 26 Apr 1882; d. 18 Nov 1884
Maybe buried west of John Imlay.
William E. Tobias: w/o Mahala J. Lewis; b. 02 Sep 1813; d. 08 Nov 1871
Data compiled by: Beverlyn Imlay Weddell, Seymour, IN