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Jennings County Cemetery







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Brush Creek Cemetery

On 550N (old country road) east of 555E, west of north end of Brush Creek Reservoir.


Butlerville Cemetery

475E north of 400N within Muscatatuck Developmental Center Grounds. On west side of road just past MSDC Cemetery.


Grove Burying Ground (Quaker)

Turn east at Weeks Ford Bridge on CR600E south of Butlerville. Follow 150N about 3/4 mile. In northeast corner at county road and farm lane.


Hopewell Quaker Cemetery

Northeast corner of intersection of 500E and 200N (Oakdale Road).

Contains ancestors of President Richard Nixon.

Muscatatuck State Developmental Center Cemetery (aka Muscatatuck State Hospital Cemetery)

North of 350N on 475E; next to Butlerville Cemetery; within MSDC grounds; contains graves of MSDC residents.

Limited to institution clients.

Otter Creek Cemetery

750E north of 550N northwest of Nebraska.


Parker Cemetery

In area of northeast corner of intersection of 300E and 300N, aproximately one mile west of Muscatatuck State Developmental Center grounds


St. Bridget Catholic Church Cemetery


CR 500N southeast of Nebraska. Located along old road running beside Jefferson Proving Ground fence.







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Couchman Cemtery

Between SR7 and SR3 north of North Vernon, SR7 side of old Penn Central Railroad bed.


Hillcrest Cemetery

N. Fourth Street, North Vernon

Funded by City of North Vernon

St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery

N. Second Street, North Vernon


Summerfield-Vawter Cemetery (aka Selmier Cemetery)


Selmier State Forest; turn off 350N at first entrance to forest. (Forest is located on south side of road 350N from North Vernon Airport.)






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Corbin Cemetery


South on 885E from 1000N at turn to east.


Cornell Cemetery

At east end of 1150N off 600E before crossing Wolf Creek.


Green Cemetery

Near southeast corner of intersection of 800N and 600E


Ice Creek Cemetery


In southeast corner of intersection of 100N and 400E.


Kline Cemetery


West of Nebraska-Zenas blacktop (775E), about 1/3 mile north of Finch Branch bridge.


St. Denis Catholic Church Cemetery


West side of 600E just past 1200N.


Zenas Cemetery (South)

Near Vernon Fork of Muscatatuck River south of Zenas; back lane at edge of town.

If proposed watershed project goes in this cemetery will have to be moved.

Zenas Cemetery (West)

Northeast corner 920N and 650E west of Zenas.






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Bear Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (aka New Bear Creek Baptist Church Cemetery)

East side of 400W at intersection of 1000N (Jennings-Bartholomew-Decatur County Line), beside Bear Creek Baptist Church.


Bear Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (aka Old Bear Creek Baptist Church Cemetery)

On west side of 400W at intersection of 1000N at Jennings-Bartholomew-Decatur line; across from Bear Creek Baptist Church


Butler Cemetery

Southeast of Sand Creek Bridge (No. 29) at intersection of 675N and 250W.


Cave Springs Cemetery

West of SR3 on 850N, on hilltop after crossing bridge over Wyaloosing Creek. 

Early as well as current burials.

Dean Cemetery

Along Scipio-Hayden Pike (575W from Scipio, 600W from Hayden) on west side of road from Hulse Cemetery.


French Farm Cemetery

Off 350W north of 900N about .1 mile. On east side of Bear Creek.


Hagar Cemetery

At west edge of Scipio, north of St. Patrick cemetery.


Henry Farm Cemetery

On Indian Treaty Line north of 600N, less than 1/2 mile from 350W.


Hulse Cemetery


On Scipio-Hayden Pike (575W out of Scipio; 600W from Hayden) about 2 1/2 miles south of SR7 from Scipio at Mutton Creek Bridge.


Judd Farm Cemetery

Within Country Squire Lakes recreational development. Stop at guard shack at SR7 entrance for directions.


Lewellen Farm Cemetery


On property at end of CR300W north of 850N.


New Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery (aka Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery)

Beside Oak Grove Church (now owned by Jennings County Historical Society) on 700W south of 400N.


Old Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery (aka Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery)

On north side of 400N between 720W and 700W.


Queensville Cemetry (North) (aka Queensville Cemetery)

North of SR7 between highway and CR350W (main street in Queensville).


Old Queensville Cemetery (South)

North of SR7 at first lane north of Two-Mile Bridge at edge of Queensville.


Queensville Christian Church Cemetery

On east side of Queensville. Turn east off 350W.


Rock Creek Cemetery (aka Old Rock Creek Cemetery)

At the northwest corner of the intersection of 750N and 900W.


Rock Creek Methodist Church Cemetery

Along CR900W north of 70N at Rock Creek United Methodist Church.


Scipio Cemetery

Along SR& at Scipio across from Scipio Presbyterian Church.


St. Patrick Catholic Church Cemetry

Turn off SR7 at Scipio Firehouse. Go to end of street, turn right.


Wildey-Whitten Cemetery

On south side of SR7 in area across from Decatur Mold, Tool and Engineering.


Wilkerson Cemetery

At jog on 600N behind a farm house, close to Sand Creek.

Has 2 stones; includes grave





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Centerville Church Cemetery


Southwest of Vernon on Vernon-Lovett township line south of intersection of 300S and 150W.



Graham Presbyterian
Church Cemetery


Take 650S east from SR3 through covered bridge to Base Road; turn north (left) and follow blacktip through curve (turns into 600S).


Green Cemetery


South of 300S west of 250W.


Hopewell Cemetery


On east side of SR3 between Lovett and Commiskey.

Burial place of Revolution War Soldier.
A Church was formerly located here. Now has own cemetery association.

Marsh Farm Cemetery


East side of 500W north of 400S where blacktop makes a curve to the east.


Meek Farm Cemetery


Wet of 500W abut .3 mile north of 400S


Tea Creek Baptist Cemetery


Along 300W south of 500S (Lovett Road) beside Tea Creek Baptist Church


Weston Church Cemetery


West of 600W between 500S and 600S.





Other information

Cana Cemetery

In southeast corner of intersection of 900W and SR250.


Coryell Farm Cemetery


North of SR250 just east of intersection of 1000W.


First Marion Baptist Church Cemtery (aka Marion Baptist Church Cemetry)

Along Commiskey Pike (850S) on south side of road across from First Marion Baptist Church.


Keith Cemetery

North of 1040S east of 675W.


Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery

Back of Mt. Zion Methodist Church on 550W north of 850S (Commiskey Pike).


Old German Methodist Church Cemetery (aka German Cemetery)

On west side of 400W just south of 600S.


Sage Family Cemetery

On Sage Farm off 800W between Commiskey Pike (825S) and SR250






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Bear Creek Cemetery

East side of Bear Creek on the South side of 800 S. close to Jefferson County line. On top of a hill overlooking Bear Creek.


Cave-Dixon Cemetery

At north edge of Paris west of 120W.

 New owner is hiding cemetery-does not allow access.

Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (aka New Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery)

Along SR250 in Y between highway and 990S.


Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (aka Old Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery)

South of SR 250 on hill before intersection of 310W (can be seen from highway; lane at bottom of hill).


Coffee Creek Christian Church Cemetery

Go right on 990S off SR 250 at Y west of Paris Crossing.


Corya Farm Cemetery

Off 200E south of 800S.


Deputy Farm Cemetery

On first farm north of SR250 on 310W. (On a hilltop. Must go through pasture to get to cemetery. Walk or use 4WD).


Farthing Cemetery

West of 120W north of Paris. Beyond Cave-Dixon Cemetery.


Gaddy/Wyoff Cemetery


At west edge of Paris north of SR250.


Walton Cemetery

Southwest corner of intersection of 700S and Base Road.






Other information




Dag Cemetery (aka Day or McCammon Cemetery)

Take 950N east from Base Road; turn south (right) at T (110E) to first road to left (900N); go about .3 mile. Between county road and Sand Creek.


Fish Creek Cemetery

Along Fish Creek a short distance from SR3 on 580N.


Kellar Cemetery

Off 685N east of Base Road.


Little Bear Creek Cemetery

On 740N between 200E and 150E.


St. Anne Catholic Church Cemetery

Beside St. Anne Church on 150E at intersection of 450N.





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Barkman Cemetery

In Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuse west of 900W about 1/2 mile south of 350S.


Buena Vista Cemetery (aka St. James Cemetery)

East of 700W at St. Joseph's Catholic Church south of Hayden.


Eastman Farm Cemetery


In County Squire Lakes Development. Go to shack at SR7 entrance and ask for directions.


Hayden Methodist Church Cemetery

North of US 50 at Hayden. Cross railroad tracks, on west side of 700W.


Hunt Cemetery

South of US 50 near Jackson County line; close to Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge north boundary.


Six Mile Cemetery

East of Hayden on Base Road on south side of road past intersection with 610W.


Smith Farm Cemtery

South of 250N east of 400W.


St. Catherine Catholic Cemetery

On 150S west of Euler Ford Bridge and east of 450W.


St. James Catholic Cemetery


North of 150S west of Euler Ford Bridge and east of 450W.


St. Joseph Catholic Church Cemetery


Four Corners (700W and 200S) south of Hayden.


Whitcomb Farm Cemetery

East of Hayden and north of Base road, west of 600W.


Wohrer Cemetery

North of Base Road, just past intersection of 900W.





Other information

Bethel Cemetery

On 50S east of 600E (turn right at Rush Branch Methodist Church) approximately one mile fromRush Branch

Graves moved from Jefferson Proving Ground in early 1940s. Some recent burials too.

Bland or Stephenson Cemetery

About 1/4 mile of 700E on old country road 325S (farm lane) north of 400S southeast of San Jacinto.


Callicotte Cemetery

1/4 mile west of 500E (Needmore Road), 3/4 mile north of Jennings-Jefferson County Line (500S); several trailers located on lane to cemetery.


Graham Baptist Church Cemetery

On 600E at Graham Baptist Church (Established 1829) about a mile south of San Jacinto. Burials on both sides of Blacktop and west side of church.


Hughes Cemetery

Along Graham Creek north of 300S between 500E (Needmore Road) and 600E.


Rush Branch Methodist Church Cemetery

On 600E between Butlerville and San Jacinto beside Rush Branch Church. About one mile north of Grayford Road (150S).

VERNON Township




Other information

Baldwin Cemetery

Within Crosley Fish and Game Area. Take 25W southwest from vernon abut 1 mile. Turn left at road to left before crossing Dog Farm Bridge.

This cemetery is name for family of Ebenezer Baldwin, who built Tunnel Mill south of cemetery.

Bennett Cemetery

Things have changed quite a bit over the past 20 years here. County Road 100 S. 
has been extended and now goes all the way to the railroad tracks and  
around a housing addition called Country Meadows which is on the north 
side of CR 100s and loops around in a circle. Bennet Cemetery is on 
the south side of CR100s 1/4 mile from intersection of state road 7 
and CR 100s. It is on private property and in need of repair (there 
are trees and briars growing up in's a shame). To get to the 
cemetery, you turn right onto a private lane and then bear right at 
the "Y" up to a house. Bennet Cemetery is located south of the house a 
short walk (maybe 150 feet). These are nice people and would allow 
visitors, I'm sure. Hope this helps those folks wishing to find this 
cemetery.  Thank You-Gary Smith for this updated information!


Coryell Farm Cemetry

Off 90E east and north of 40N.


Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery

East of Vernon on 310E south of 20N.


Edwards Cemetery

At end of 350E south of 275 on Broomsage Ranch.


Freedom Baptist Church Cemetery


At Freedom Baptist Church south of Vernon on SR7 at the intersection of 250S.


McGannon Cemtery

South of 300E on 160E at Turkey Run Bridge (No. 81).


Ochs Farm Cemetery

West of 250W north of Duck Branch Bridge (No. 89) between 200S and 300S.


Poor Fam Cemetery

West of SR7 south of Vernon. Follow 330S to end of road (200E).

Burials 1900-1945. Some graves marked with numbers to correspond with Poor Farm grave ledger.

Prather-Hinchman Cemetery

On Willie Caldwell farm just north of Hinchman Ford Bridge. East of Vernon on 200E, at intersection of 25N.


Simpson-Tweedy  Cemetery

East of 30E, half-way between 300S and 400S on west side of road.


Stewart Cemetery

North of Zion Church Road (200S) east of Duck Branch.


Vernon Cemetery

At west Edge of Vernon (on the hill). Take Pike Street west from Town Square (SR7 & E) intersection. (Beautiful Cemetery)

This cemetery contains more than 5,000 graves dating back to the early days of Jennings County.

Wilman Farm Cemetery (aka Skyline Bill's Cemetery)

On Skyline Bill Farm owned by Jennings County Schools south of Vernon off SR7 (fenced area can be seen from highway)

Only two graves, those of George "Skyline Bill" Wilman and his son.

Wilson Cemetery (aka Boner Farm Cemetery)

Crosley Fish and Wildlife area. East of SR3,  south of Crosley check station.


Wilson Mill Cemetery (aka Reed Cemetery)

South of Oakdale Road (200N) at end of 325E along Vernon (South) Fork of Muscatatuck River.


Zion Cemetery (aka Sullivan Cemetery)

South of Euler Ford Bridge on 400W between 200S and 300S.



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