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                          Jennings County Marriage Index
                                        From 1830 to April 1837

                    I am sure a number of these are not correct but this is the way they are listed. This list is from the Jennings
                     County  Library and is an index for marriage book 2. I have put Question marks or comments where I see things
                     that look questionable.
If you see where a correction needs to be made please let me know so I can get these closer
                     to being right.

Avery, Henry to Rachel Russell--page 1
Allen, John to Nancy McCrory--page 10
Alloway, John to Nancy Herring--page 32
Adams, George W. to Margaret Keryea--page 93
Amicke, Mary to George McConnell--page 1
Adams, Polly to Samuel Clinton--page 68
Adams, Mary to Robert Graham--page 94
Adams, Colada to James Graham--page 102
Arbuckle, James to Alice Owen--page 190
Applegate, Samuel to Polly Bridges-page 215
Arbuckle, Susan to Cyrus James--page 279
Arbuckle, John to Elizabeth Phillips--page 283
Alloway, Susznnah to Lewis Herring--page 336
Amick, Abram to Sarah Griffity--page 352

Blenkenship, Rhoda to Benjamin McKennhan-page 1
Blenkenship, John to Mary McKennhan-page 1
Bagley, Ester to John Campbell-page 1
Blenkenship, Perry to Matilda Boner-page 1
Braddy, Henry to Nancy Dowell-page 1
Bland, Moses to Sarah Whitaker-page 3
Bush, John to Sally Ann Robinson-page 14
Branham, Daniel to Eliza Sweet-page 15
Buckles, Ellen to John Thomas-page 19
Bland William to Polly Pennock-page 22
Banister, Polly to Isaac Richardsson-page 37
Barnes, William to Elizabeth Smith-page 40
Bland, Lucinda to James Whitaker-page 46
Burton, Alfred to Anna Haynes-page 50
Butter, John M. to Frances Poole-page 56
Bland, Elizabeth to John P. Curry-page 59
Butter, Eliza to Doris Neale-page 62
Barnes, Rebecca to David Smiley-page 65
Butler, Jane to David Clinton-page 67
Buckles, George Washington to Ann Dawson Walker-page 91
Biggs Melitia Jane to James M. Lindley-page 24
Barr, Polly to James Daugherty-page 94
Bayers, Augustus C. to Jane Merrell-page 100
Butler, James to Jane Moncrief-page 109
Bush, Lewis to Sarah Herring-page 113
Barnum, Timothy to Sarah Davis-page 121
Biscourt, Isabel to Phillip Keryea
Buchanan, Levi to Nancy Spaulding-page 129
Blankenship, Lavina to Potter King-page 132
Byfield Eliza Ann to James Downs-page 134
Branham, Danville to Alice McGannon-page 149
Bare, John C. to Betsey Ann Mckelhan-page 153
Brooks, Jane to John Mop/Moss-page 154
Branham, David C. to Cynthia Ann Watson-page 162
Bowles, Phebe to Joel Herring-page 165
Billingsley, Narcissa to Cornelius Clover-page 165
Banister, Jane to William Foster-page 166
Bramwell, James Harvey to Julia Ann Vawter-page 169
Brandon, Martha to Humphre M. Robinson-page 170
Brown, Margaret to William Wilkerson-page 172
Bunton, Andrew to Jane Woodson-page 174
Bland, Ruth to George W. Waggoner-page 176
Butler, Sally to Alexander McGannon-page 177
Branham, James to Nancy Owen-page 179
Brown, Ann to Needham Oliver-page 180
Bland, Ruth to William Waggoner-page 193
Burton, Polly to James Robbins-page 200
Bunton, William R. to Nancy Woodson-page 227
Biggs, Robert Miller to Julia Ann Lindley-page 231
Branham, Simon to Jemima Chambers-page 236
Burton, Anna to William Woodson-page 252
Brown, Emily to Joseph Loughry-page 254
Baker, Anderson to Hannah Robins-page 259
Blair, Eliza Ann to Robert Weathers-page 282
Branham, Telitha to Samuel Wagner-page 287
Butler, John to Julia Brooks-page 291
Branham, William to Narcissa Jane Hauge (Pogue)-?
Brown, Lavina to Jacob Falcenbury-page 303
Bland, Osburn to Mary Ann Clarkson-page 304
Busick, John C. to Mary Sacre-page 305
Branham, Jane to Jared Foster-page 308
Bare, Owen to Caroline Hoyt-page 310
Brown, William to Mary Kennedy (consent)-page 310
Bishop, Frances to David Dougherty-page 312
Butler, Emily to Doris? Neale-page 314  ???
Bennet, Cordilla to John Randall-page 316
Baumgarner, George to Sarah Brock-page 317
Brown, Eliza to Solomon May-page 318
Brown, William to Nancy Kennedy-page 321(see consent)
Buckle, James to Margaret Graham-page 333
Banister, Sarah to Elijah Pruit-page 345

Campbell, John to Ester Bagley-page 1
Chambers, John to Polly Long-page 1 (page 2)
Childs, Elvira to Buel Eastman-page 1 (page 3)
Cornell, Daniel to Mary Harrington-page 4
Carroll, William to Sarah Dwyer-page 12
Collins, Zachariah to Eunice Harrington-page 18
Clapp, Polly to Solomon May-page 25
Carney, Catherine to William Patrick-page 33
Cobb, Jane to Frederick Kiser-page 47
Carpenter, Samuel B. to Jane Donnold-page 55
Carney, Margaret to Solomon Patrick-page 57
Curry, John P. to Elizabeth Bland-page 59
Clinton, David to Jane Butler-page 67
Cobb, Reuben to Almirea Hopkins-page 75
Chaille, Nancy to Hiram Davis-page 82
Crockett, Nancy to David Meek-page 83
Chambers, James to Barbary Clarkson-page 84
Connor, Polly to John Pagett-page 89
Carroll, Marvin to Ann Kind-page 107
Clinton, William to Ann Yaste-page 136
Chase, William to Ellen Johnson-page 137
Chambers, John G. to Lydia Hutchinson-page 142
Clarkson, Lawson to Louisa Denton -page 151
Clover, Cornelius to Narcissa Billingsley-page 165
Clinton, Jacob to Margaret Hinton-page 182
Chrisco, Sara to William Harris-page 189
Carpenter, Jonathan W. to Lucinda-page 195
Conner, Sarah Ann to William A. Jones-page 206
Cheever, William F. to Aemila Jones-page 207
Carroll, Nancy to Nathan Green-page 206
Compton, John L. to Isabella Shelledy-page 209
Cox, Alice to Joseph Smith-page 211
Cox, John to Martha Peoples-page 219
Campbell, Harrison to Susan Minton-page 222
Crockett, John to Nancy Smith-page 235
Chambers, Jemima to Simon Branham-page 136
Carsey, Shadrick to Nancy Tyler-page 248
Chamberlain, John to Elizabeth Johnson-page 249
Carsey, Dennis to Ellen Goodwin-page 253
Cain, Nathaniel to Mary Ellen Sheild-page 262
Conner, Alice to Richard Randall-page 273
Chaille, William to Hulda Ann Neale-page 278
Collins, Mary to Berry Johnson-page 297
Curry, George J. to Sarah Edminster-page 299
Chapman, Orpha to Moses Wilson-page 302
Clarkson, Mary Ann to Osburn Bland-page 304
Creal, Curtis B. to Eliza Clark-page 325
Carpenter, Orange I. to Sarah Jane Keith-page 332
Conner, Thomas to Catherine Dwyer-page 339
Clapp, Daniel to Rachel May-page 346
Carson, Betsy to Patrick Tweedy-page 353
Child, Ann to Anson Whitcomb-page 354
Curtis, Adalin to Chancy L. Cowell-page 355
Deputy, Joshua to Polly Woodruff-page 1
Dwyre, Anna to Riley Padgett-page 1
Dowell, Nancy to Henry Brady-page 1
Dwyer, Edwin to Nancy Lee-page 1
Donica, Thomas to Elizabeth Davis-page 1  either this one or the one below probably an error
Donica, John to Elizabeth Davis-page 2
Dwyer, Sara to William Carroll-page 12
Donnells, Mary to Jedeiah Graves-page 20
Driver, John to Polly Graves-page 24
Davis, William to Rosey Jones-39
Dunn, Jane to James Hughes-page 33
Davis, Thomas to Esther Ann Hudson-page 79
Davis, Hiram to Nancy Challee-page 82
Dungan, Sarah J. to Samuel G. Shelleday-page 88 
Daughtery, James to Polly Barr-page 94
Davis, William to Sarah Rap-page 101
Day, Cyrus to Harriett Kashow-page 110
Davis, Polly to Jesse Grinstead-page 111
Denton, Henry to Margaret Jeffers-page 120
Downs, James to Eliza Ann Byfield-page 134
Day, Charles to Rachel Robbins-page 138
Denton, Louisa to Lawson Clarkson-page 151
Dixon, Henry to Rachel Jones-page 167
Derringer, Elizabeth to Joseph Green-page 178
Day, Charles to Delila Robbins-page 181
Dixon, Ellison to Margaret Dinwiddie-page 183
Deputy, Solomon to Susan Deputy-page 187
Denslow, Harriett to Robert M. Smith-page 201
Donica, Elizabeth to Nicholas R. Sutton-page 201
Darnal, Sally to George R. Keith-page 205
Dinwiddie, Jane J. to Charles K. Laird-page 226
Davis, Polly to Isaac Hall-page 244
Denslow, Lucinda to Ephraim Graham-page 266
Denton, Hiram to Margaret Green-page 269
Dwyer, Permelia to John Taylor Vawter-page 270
Deputy, Charles to Mary Rogers-page 269
Dixon, Williamson to Nancy Osburn-page 300
Dougherty, David to Frances Bishop-page 312
Derringer, Joseph to Mohala Sayers-page 323
Dwyer, William to Mary Minton-page 324
Dwyer, Catherine to Thomas Conner-page 339
Dinsmore, Thomas L. to Cheley Herring-page 348
Davis, Thomas to Nancy Rogers-page 356
Donnold, Jane to Samuel B. Carpenter-page 55

Eastman, Buel to Elvira P. Childs-page 1 (2)
Ely, Michael to Anna Banister-page 27
Earl, Edward to Ann Rogers-page 64
Edwards, Polly to John Stevens-page 71
Eader, Elizabeth Katherine to Thomas Hall-page 95
Earl, Sally to Moses Winscot-page 188
Edwards, James to Amelia Hartwell-page 286
Edminister, Sarah to George J. Curry-page 299
Elliott, Martha Ann to Cutbird R. Hudson-page 307
Elliott, John to Catherine Jeffers-page 329
Elliott, Robert to Martha Miller-page 337
Earl, Nancy to Lewis S. Winscot-page 344
Edminister, Eliza Ann to Jarvis Plymate-page 86
Earl, Jacob to Sarah Winscott-page 221

Fuller, Sophia to Martin Vandusen-page 1
Fear, Elizabeth to James Snow-page 3?
Fear, Elizabeth to D. Snowden-page 5?
Fitzgerald, Philena to Alvin Green-page 7
Farthing, Edward to Matilda Wills-page 11
Foster, Riley to Sarah Wallace-page 26
Furguson, Alexander to Nancy Hamilton-page 28
Frances, Joseph to Elizabeth Haynes-page 34
Fredenburgh, Anna to William Rayburn-page 48
French, Franklin A. to Virginia Irwin-page 51
French, Arthemetia to Presley Irwin-69
Fifer, Eve to Daniel James-page 77
Ferrell, David to Katharine Hawk-page 126
Frances, John T. to Jane Hawk-page 140
Fitzgerald, Nathan to Nancy Spencer-page 144
Frances, William to Ann Patterson-page 150
Foster, William to Jane Banister-page 166
Fish, James to Maria McMinder-page 185
Finney, Delilah to Harrison Thompson-page 192
Ferguson, Fanny to Wyatt Lincoln-page 204
Farthing, Elijah to Betsy Ann Hill-page 238
Fredenburgh, Abraham to Dorothy Halford-page 241
Fitzgerald, Pricilla to Amasa Spencer-page 245
Ferris, Phillip to Harriot Metcalf-page 257
Farthing, Martha to Robert Graham-page 258
Farthing, John to Polly Wells-page 272
Falcenbury, Jacob to Lavina Brown-page 303
Foster, Jared to Jane Branham-page 308
Fifers, Lena to Daniel Johnson-page 341

Gilpin, Barnet to Susan Sheets-page 1
Green, Alvin to Philena Fitzgerald-page 7
Graves, Jedediah to Mary Donnells-page 20
Grimes, Polly to John Driver-page 24
Griffith, Maria to Lewis Price-page 31
Graham, James to Colada Adams-page 102
Grinstead, Jesse to Polly Davis-page 111
Gaddy, William L. to Bertha Prather-page 164
Gross, Ephriam to Sarah Meek-page 168
Green, Joseph to Elizabeth Derringer-page 178
Gillaspy, William to Rachel Robias-page 191 possibly Tobias?
Green, Nathan to Nancy Carroll-page 208
Gasaway, Richard to Polly Moore-page 251
Goodwin, Ellen to Dennis Carsey-page 253
Graham, Robert to Martha Farthing-page 258
Green, Margaret to Hiram Denton-page 269
Green, Margaret to George Fenton Clark (Mary Ann Stagg) page 276 not sure what this means
Griffith, Mary to Evan Hughes-page 281
Graves, Caroline to George N. Wiley-page 309
Green, Isiah to Mary McKinney-page 315
Graham, Margaret to James Buckley-page 333
Griffith, Sarah to Abram Amick-page 352
Green, Polly to Micajab Harris-page 275
Graham, Robert to Mary Adams-page 94

Hoyt, Rodney to Prudence Jones-page 1
Harrington, Mary to Daniel Cornell-page 4
Hudson, Lucinda to Charles Stevens-page 8
Harrington, Eunice to Zachariah Collins-page 18
Hamilton, Nancy to Alexander Furguson-page 28
Hollensead, William to Margaret Thompson-page 30
Herring, Nancy to John Alloway-page 32
Haynes, Elizabeth to Joseph Frances-page 34
Hollinsead, Eliza to Jacob Sarvin-page 42
Haynes, Anna to Alfred Burton-page 50
Hughes, James to Jane Dunn-page 53
Hopkins, Almira to Reuben Cobb-page 75
Hudson, Larken to Sally Stevens-page 76
Hudson, Esther Ann to Thomas Davis-page 79
Hawk, Benjamin to Pemelia Wilson-page 87
Hall, Thomas to Elizabeth Katherine Eader-page 95
Hoyt, Phebe to Jonathan Hull or Hall-page 98
House, Polly to Samuel Meek-page 98
Herring, Sarah to Lewis Bush-page 113
Hughes, Isaac to Jane Torbett-page 119
Hawk, Katharine to David Ferrell-page 126
Hawk, Samuel to Zelfey Oliver-page 127
Hollinsead, Sarah to Wilkerson Sage-page 130
Hartwell, Phillip to Caroline Hartwell-page 133
Hawk, Jane to John T. Frances-page 140
Hutchinson, Lydia to John G. Chambers-page 142
Hamilton, William to Mary Hayes-page 145
Harlan, Eliza to Harrison Metcalf-page 158
Herring, Joel to Phebe Bowles-page 165
Hitton, Margaret to Jacob Clinton-page 182
Harris, William to Sarah Chrisco-page 189
Huckleberry, Mary Ann to Hiram Prather-page 197
Huckleberry, Silas D. to Lettice Prather-page 216
Hudson, James to Angeline Skinner-page 220
Hopkins, Mary Ann to James Snowden-page 229
Hutchinson, Mary A. to John A. Reynolds-page 72
Hale, Rebecca to William Robbins-page 232
Heath, Margaret to Frederic Neale-page 234
Hill, Betsy Ann to Elijah Farthing-page 238
Halford, Dorothy to Abraham Fredenburgh-page 241
Hudson, Sarah to Edward Randall-page 243
Hall, Isaac to Polly Davis-page 244
Hall, Polly to Andrew M. Robins-page 247
Hannep, Susannah to David Woodson-page 260
Hawk, Michael to Katharine Hawk-page 261
Harlan, Ephriam to Lucinda Denslow-page 266
Hollingsead, Margaret to Joshua Palmer-page 274
Harris, Micajah to Polly Green-page 275
Hughes, evan to Mary Griffith-page 281
Hartwell, Amelia to James N. Edwards-page 286
Hague (Pogue), Narcissa Jane to William Branham-page 292
Hamant, David to Mary McConnell-page 293
House, Polly to Daniel I. Skinner-page 301
Hudson, Cutbird R. to Martha Ann Elliott-page 307
Hoyt, Caroline to Owen Bare-page 310
House, Eleanor to Richard D. Meek-page 313
Hopple, John to Nancy Staley-page 320
Harlow, George to Mary Denslow-page 327
Hedge, Esther to John Whitcomb-page 328
Hill, Polly Ann to James Ward-page 331
Herring, Lewis to Susannah Alloway-page 336
Hall, Evan to Maria Lett-page 347
Herring, Chileyto Thomas L. Dinsmore-page 348
Hall, Mary to Damascus Lett-page 351
Hall, John to Mary Ann Hufford-page 357

Irwin, Virginia to Franklin A. French-page 51
Irwin, Presley to Artemetia French-page 69

Jones, Prudence to Rodney Hoyt- page 1
Justin, David to Minerva Wilson- page 5
Jones, Maria D. to John T. Tobias-page 17
Johnson, Elizabeth to John B. Kirby-page 35
Jones, Rosey to William Davis-page 39
Jackson, Elizabeth to Anna Terrell-page 108
James, Daniel to Eve Fifer-page 77
Johnson, Barnett P. to Lucy Merrell-page 108
Jeffries, Margaret to Hiram Denton-page 120
Johnson, Ellen to William Chase-page 137
Johnson, Buford to Polly Ann Chase-page 141
Johnson, Green to Mary Meek-page 155
Johnson, James to Phisina Smith-page 156
Jones, Rachel to Henry Dixon-page 167
Johnson, Daniel C. to Zerelda Stott-page 171
Jones, David Clark to Susan M. Prather-page 173
Jeffries, Nancy to Davis Neale-page 184
Justice, Garrison L. to Nancy Noe-page 203
Jones, William A. to Sarah Ann Conner-page 206
Jones, Amelia to William F. Cheever-page 207
Johnson, Mary to Jared Vancleve-page 210
Johnson, Berry to Nancy Thompson-page 247
Johnson, Elizabeth to John Chamberlain-page 249
James, Cyrus to Susan Arbuckle-page 279
Johnson, Berry to Mary Collins-page 297
James, Enoch to Emily Shepherd-page 311
Jeffries, Catharine to John Elliott-page 329
Johnson, Daniel to Lina Fifers-page 341
Johnson, Nancy C. to Samuel Vancleave-page 350

Kirby, John B. to Elizabeth Johnson-page 35
Kashow, Mary to John Tobias-page 44
Keith, Mason to Nancy Lewis-age 45
Kiser, Frederic to Jane Cobb-page 47
Keryea, Margaret to George W. Adams-page 93
King, Ann to Marvin Carroll-page 107
Keryea, Phillip to Isabel Bicort page 122
King, Potter to Lavina Blankenship-page 132
King, Polly to Reuben Pool-page 143
King, John to Mohala Lively-page 152
Kelley, Daniel to Susan Kelley-page 159
King, Phenias to Susan Minton-page 160
Keith, George R. to Sally Darnal-page 205
Kellar, John to Nancy Riggs-page 239
Kashaw, Sally to William Tobias-page 290
Kennedy, Mary to William Brown-page 310 (consent 321)
Keith, Sarah Jane to Orange I. Carpenter-page 332
Kashaw, Hariet to Cyrus Day-page 110

Lett, Maria to Evan Hall-page 347
Lafaw, Phebe to Edward Riley-page 342
Lewellen, Elizabeth to Jonathon May-page 345
Long, Polly to John Chambers-page 1,2
Lee, Nancy to Edwin Dwyer-page 1
Love, James to  Amanda Petty-page 9
Lewis, Nancy to Mason Keith-page 45
Latimore, John to Hannah Stackton-page 73
Latimore, Isabella to James Torbett-page 74
Lewis, Daniel to Harriet R. Keith-page 81
Lee, Joseph to Malinda M. Lee-page 85
Lindley, James M. to Malitia Jane Biggs-page 92
Lee, Richard to Elizabeth Sage-page 123
Lindsley, Jacob to Dolley Link-page 139
Lindley, Eliza to Alexander Pennock-page 146
Lee, Charles to Betsy Williams-page 146
Lively, Mahola to John King-page 152
Lewis, Sarah to Jacob Stuart-page 194
Lewallen, Wyatt to Fanny Furguson-page 204
Low, Sally to James Wagner-page 214
Lockard, Thomas to Leah May-page 223
Lard, Charles K. to Jane J. Dinwiddie-page 226
Lee, John M. to Sally Lee-page 265
Lett, Damascus to Mary Hall-page 351
Linning, Hiram to Elizabeth Rogers-page 322
Lewis, Hiram to Amina Robinson-page 334
Loughry, Joseph to Emily Brown-page 254
Latimore, Aime to James McKeenhan-page 330

Mckeehan, Benjamin to Rhoda Blankenship-page 1
McGannon, Polly to John S. Torbet-page 1
McConnell, George M. to Mary Amicke-page 1
McCrory, Nancy to John Allen-page 10
McCurry, Elizabeth to Joseph Meek-page 52
McFarling, Nancy to Samuel Meek-page 52
McWhorter, Amos to Sally Meek-page 66
McCaslon, Angeline to James Myhoff-page 125
McGannon, Alice to Danville Branham-page 149
McKelhan, Betsy to John C. Bare-page 153
McClelland, James to Minerva Miller-page 175
McGannon, Alexander to Sally Butter-page 177
McMinder, Maria to James Fish-page 185
McDonald, Charlotte to Adam Pool-page 186
McKenzie, Cicero to Fanny Randall-page 199
McNew, George to Louisa Pickett-page 212
McClelland, Margaret to Cornelius Muster-page 271
McGannon, Penelope to William Russell Walker-page 218 & page 225?
McGill, Robert to Sarah E. Watson-page 230
McCaslin, Martha to James Shields-page 264
McGannon, Calamatta to Simpson Tanner-page 284
McConnell, Mary to David Hamant-page 293
McKinney, Mary to Isaiah Green-page 315
McKeehan, James to Ann Latimore-page 330
McGannon, Sarah G. to Walter C. Mitchell-page 344
McCammon, Nancy Ann to Job M. Slocum-page 349
McGannon, Hugh to ???-page 236

May, Solomon to Polly Clapp-page 25
Meek, Samuel to Nancy McFarling-page 52
Miller, William S. to ? Thomas-page 58
Murray, John to Alma Smith-page 60
Meek, Sally to Amos McWhorter-page 66
Malcomb, Rebecca to William Whitsett-page 96
Meek, Samuel to Polly House-page 98
Miles, James D. to Tamar Pool-page 99
Merrell, Jane to Augustus C. Bayers-page 100
Monroe, Campbell to Margaret Thorn-page 106
Merrell, Lucy to Barnett P. Johnson-page 108
Moncrief, Jane to James T. Butler-page 109
Miller, Diadama to John K. Porter-page 117
Meek, Nancy to Amasa Spencer-page 118
Wykoff, James to Angeline McCaslon-page 125
May, Jonathan to Elizabeth Whitten-page 131
Mop, John to Jane Brooks-page 154
Meek, Mary to Green Johnson-page 155
Metcalf, Harrison to Eliza Harlan-page 158
Minton, Susan to Phinias King-page 160
Malcomb, Leven to Elizabeth Osburn-page 161 (thanks to John Bowman for correction of the name Leven)
Meek, Sarah to Ephriam Gross-page 168
Miller, Minerva to James McClelland-page 217
Muster, Cornelius to Margaret McClelland-page 217
Minton, Susan to Harrison Campbell-page 222
May, Leah to Thomas Lockard-page 223
Miller, Alexander to Mary Owen-page 306
Meek, Richard D. to Eleanor House-page 313
May, Solomon to Eliza Brown-page 318
Minton, Mary to William Dwyer-page 324
Miller, Martha to Robert Elliot-page 337
Malcomb, Elizabeth to Simeon M. Robinson-page 338 (thanks to John Bowman for correction of the name Simeon)
Moncrief, Jackson to Lucy Jane Price-page 343
Mitchell, Walter C. to Sarah G. McGannon-page 344
May Jonathan to Elizabeth Lewellen-page 345
May, Rachel to Daniel Klapp-page 346
Meade, Margaret to Thomas Watts-page 356
Meek, David to Nancy Crockett-page 83

Neale, Doris to Eliza Butler-page 62
Neale, Davis to Nancy Jeffers-page 184
Noe, Nancy to Garrison L. Justice-page 203
Neale, Fredrick to Margaret Heath-page 234
Nelson, Jefferson to Sarah Stonemetz-page 256
New, James D. to Hulda Stott-page 277
Neale, Hulda Ann to William Chaillee-page 278
Neale, Doris to Emily Butler-page 314

Oinal? Phebe to Asa G. Skinner-page 78
Oliver, Zelfey to Samuel Hawk-page 127
Osburn, Elizabeth to Leon Malcomb-page 161
Owen, Nancy to James Branham-page 179
Oliver, Needham to Ann Brown-page 180
Owen, Alice to James Arbuckle-page 190
O'Conner, Hulda to Reuben Padgett-page 255
Osburn, Nancy to Williamson Dixon-page 300
Owen, Mary to Alexander Miller-page 306

Prather, Thomas to Mary Prather-page 1
Pagett, Riley to Anna Dwyre-page 1
Petty, Amanda to James Love-page 9
Pruitt, David to Polly Wilkerson-page 16
Pennock, Polly to William Bland-page 22
Price, Lewis to Maria Griffith-page 31
Patrick, William to Catherine Carney-page 33
Poole, Frances to John M. Butler-page 56
Partick, Solomon to Margaret Carney-page 57
Page, Samuel to Polly Murphy-page 61
Plymate, Jarvis to Eliza Ann Edminister-page 86
Paggett, John to Polly Conner-page 89
Phillips, Martha to John Stagg-page 116
Porter, John K. to Diadama Miller-page 117
Phillips, Thomas to Susan Wilson-page 124
Pool, Rueben to Polly King-page 143
Pennock, Alexander to Eliza Lindley-page 143
Plant, Isaac to Eliza Pendleton-page 147
Patterson, Ann to William Francis-page 150
Prather, Susan M. to David Clark Jones-page 173
Prather, Hiram to Mary Ann Huckleberry-page 197
Pickett, Louise to George McNew-page 212
Prather, Lettice to Silas D. Huckleberry-page 216
Peoples, Martha to John Cox-page 219
Paggett, Nancy to William Thixton-page 250
Padgett, Reuben to Hulda O'Conner-page 255
Pollard, William to Mary Pool-page 276
Palmer, Joshua to Margaret Hollingsead-page 274
Phillips, Elizabeth to John Arbuckle-page 238
Peoples, Elizabeth to Greenville Winscot-page 288
Polleys, Samuel to Jane Ann Thompson-page 289
Prather, Lewis to Orpha Pool-page 326
Price, Lucy Jane to Jackson Moncrief-page 343
Pruit, Elijah to Sarah Banister-page 345
Prather, Bertha to William L. Gaddy-page 164

Rupell (Russell), Rachel to Henry Avery-page 1
Robb, Harvey to Maria Roby-page 6
Robinson, Sally Ann to John Bush-page 14
Robbins, John to Margaret Woodson-page 70
Reynolds, John A. to Mary A. Hutchinson-page 72
Rap, Sarah to William Davis-page 101
Randall, Daniel to Kitty Shepherd-page 101
Rano, John to Margaret Matilda Stagg-page 112
Randalls, Nancy to William L. Sage-page 135
Robbins, Rachel to Charles Day-page 138
Robinson, Humphre M. to Martha Brandon-page 170
Robbins, Delida to Charles Day-page 181
Robinson, Lucinda to Jonathan W. Carpenter-page 195
Randall, Fanny to Cicero McKenzie-page 199
Robbins, James to Polly Burton-page 200
Robbins, William to Rebecca Hale-page 232
Riggs, Nancy to John Kellar-page 239
Riggs, Henry to Emmela May-page 280
Randall, Edward to Sarah Hudson-page 234
Robins, Andrew M. to Polly Hale-page 247
Robins, Hannah to Anderson Baker-page 259
Randall, Richard to Alice Conner-page 237
Randall, John to Cordilla Bennett-page 316
Rogers, Elizabeth to Hiram Lining-page 322
Robinson, Anna to Hiram Lewis-page 334
Robinson, John L. to Abigale Whiteman-page 335
Robinson, Simon to Elizabeth Malcomb-page 338
Riley, Edward to Phebe Lafan-page 342
Ruttlidge, William R. to Deantha Trindle-page 346
Rogers, Nancy to Thomas Davis-page 256
Richardson, Isaac to Polly Banister-page 37

Sheets, Susan to Barnet Gilpin-page 1
Snowden, D. to Elizabeth Fear-page 5
Stevens, Charles to Lucinda Hudson-page 8
Sage, Polly to Jesse Tate-page 13
Sweet, Eliza to Daniel Branham-page 15
Stott, John to Elizabeth Vawter-page 21
Snowden, David to Eliza Stokeley-page 38
Smith, Elizabeth to William Barnes-page 40
Sarvin, Jacob to Eliza Hollinsead-page 42
Shepherd, Annis to Moses Tharp-page 54
Smith, Alma to John Murry-page 60
Smiley, David to Rebecca Barnes-page 65
Stevens, John to Polly Edwards-page 71
Stockton, Hannah to John P. Latimore-page 73
Stevens, Sally to Larken Hudson-page 76
Skinner, Asa G. to Phebe Oinal?-page 78-might this name be Oneal/Oneil?
Stiles, Nancy to John Latimore-page 80
Shelleday, Samuel G. to Sarah J. Dungan-page 88
Shepherd, Kitty to Daniel Randall-page 103
Stagg, Margaret Matilda to John Rano-page 112
Stagg, John to Martha Phillips-page 116
Spencer, Amasa to Nancy Meek-page 118
Sage, Elizabeth to Richard H. Lee-page 123
Spaulding, James to Celia Thompson-page 128
Spaulding, Nancy to Levi Buchanan-page 129
Sage, Wilkerson to Sarah Hollingsead-page 130
Sage, William L. to Nancy Randalls-page 135
Spencer, Nancy to Nathan Fitzgerald-page 144
Stanhope, Luciatus to Mary Whitcomb-page 148
Smith, Phisina to James Johnson-page 156
Shepherd, Miles to Serene Wykoff-page 164A
Stott, Zerelda to Daniel C. Johnson-page 171
Stuart, Jacob to Sara Lewis-page 194
Stoff, Martha to James Jeffers-page 196
Smith, Robert M. to Harriet Denslow-page 201
Sutton, Nicholas R. B. to Elizabeth Donica-page 201
Shelledy, Isabella to John L. Compton-page 209
Smith, Joseph to Alice Cox-page 211
Skinner, Angeline to James Hudson-page 220
Sweeney, James to Sarah Burton-page 224
Snowden, James to Mary Ann Hopkins-page 229
Smith, Nancy to John Crockett-page 235
Smith, Irby to Nancy Jane Trindle-page 237
Spencer, Amasa to Pricilla Firzgerald-page 245
Smith, Elizabeth to Smith Vawter-page 246
Stonemetz, Sarah to Jefferson Nelson-page 256
Shields, Mary Ellen to Nathaniel Cain-page 262
Shields, James to Martha McCaslin-page 264
Span, Martha Ann to James H. Wray-page 271
Stagg, Mary Ann to George Fenton Clark-page 270
Stoff, Julda to James D. New-page 277
Spencer, William to Elizabeth Tate-page 295
Spaulding, Lucinda to Robert Thomas-page 298
Skinner, Daniel I. to Polly House-page 301
Sacre, Mary to John C. Busick-page 305
Shepherd, Emily to Enoch James-page 311
Staley, Nancy to John Hopple-page 320
Sayers, Mohala to Joseph Derringer-page 323
Simpson, Sarah Ann to Francis Tweedy-page 340
Slocum, Job M. to Nancy Ann McCammon-page 349
Snow, James to Elizabeth Fear-page 3
Torbet, John S. to Polly McGannon-page 1
Tate, Jesse to Polly Sage-page 13
Tobias, John T. to Maria D. Jones-page 17
Thomas, John to Ellen Buckles-page 19
Tobias, Hohn to Mary Kashow-page 44
Terrell, Anna to Elizabeth Jackson-page 49??
Tharp, Moses to Annis Shepherd-page 54
Thomas, Rhoda to William S. Miller-page 58
Toby, Nathaniel to Ruth West-page 63
Torbett, James M. to Isabella C. Latimore-page 74
Tyler, Louiza to Thomas Wilkerson-page 90
Thorn, Margaret to Campbelle Monroe-page 106
Torbett, Jane to Isaac Hughes-page 119
Thompson, Celia to James Spaulding-page 128
Turner, Polly to William Robbins-page 163
Tobias, Rachel to William Gillaspy-page 191
Thompson, Harrison to Delilah Finney-page 192
Thompson, Abdullah to Malissa Miller-page 198
Tripp, Hagerman to Albina Stanhope Walker-page 233 (founder of North Vernon)
Trindle, Nancy Jane to Irby Smith-page 237
Tweedy, Robert to Sally W. Mitchel-page 240
Thompson, Nancy to Berry Johnson-page 242
Thixton, William to Nancy Paggett-page 250
Tobias, Omer to John Williams-page 268
Tanner, Simpson to Calamatta McGannon-page 284
Theldkeed, John to Polly A. Vawter-page 285
Thompson, Jan Ann to Samuel Pollys-page 289
Tobias, William to Sally Kashaw-page 290
Tate, Enos to Sarah Thomas-page 294
Tate, Elizabeth to William Spencer-295
Thomas, Robert to Lucinda Spaulding-page 298
Tweedy, Francis to Sarah Ann Simpson-page 340
Trindle, Deantha to William R. Ruttlidge-page 346
Tweedy, Patrick to Betsy Carson-page 353

Vawter, John Taylor to Permelis Dwyer-page 270
Vendusen, Martin to Sophia Fuller-page 1
Vawter, Elizabeth to John Stott-page 21
Vawter, Lulia Ann to James Harvey Bramwell-page 169
Vancleve, Jared to Mary Johnson-page 210
Vawter, Smith to Elizabeth Smith-page 246
Vawter, Polly A. to John Theldkeed-page 285
Vancleave, Samuel to Nancy C. Johnson-page 350

Whitaker, Sarah to Moses Bland-page 2
Wilson, Minerva to David Justin-page 5
Wills, Matilda to Edward Farthing-page 11
Woodruff, Polly to Joshua Deputy-page 1
Wilkerson, Polly to David Pruitt-page 16
Woodson, Margaret to John Robbins-page 23
Wallace, Sarah to Riley Foster-page 26
Wells, Elizabeth to George S. Graham-page 41
Whitaker, James to Lucinda Bland-page 46
West, Ruth to Nathanial Roby-page 63
Woodson, Margaret to John Robbins-page 70
Wilson, Pemelia to Benjamin Hawk-page 87
Wilkerson, Thomas to Louiza Tyler-page 90
Walker, Ann Dawson to George Washington Buckles-page 91
Whitsitt, William to Rebecca Malsomb-page 96
Wilson, Susan to Thomas Phillips-page 124
Whitten Elizabeth to Jonathan May-page 131
Williams, Betsy to Charles Lee-page 146
Whitcomb, Mary to Luciatus Stanhope-page 148
White, William H. to Sarah Wells-page 157
Watson, Cynthia Ann to David C. Branham-page 162
Wykoff, Serena to Miles Shepherd-page 164A
Wilkerson, William to Margaret Brown-page 172
Woodson, Jane to Anderson Bunton-page 174
Waggoner, George W. to Ruth Bland-page 176
Winscot, Moses to Sally Earl-page 188
Waggoner, William to Margaret Brown-page 172
Wilson, James E. to Charlotte Boner-page 212
Wagner, James to Sally Earl-page 188
Walker, William Russell to Penelope McGannon-page 218
Winscott, Leannah to William H. Woodson-page 228
Watson, Sarah E. to Robert McGill-page 230
Walker, Albina Stan to Hagerman Tripp-page 271
Woodson, Maria to Susannah Hannep-page 260
William, John to Omer Tobias-page 268
Wray, James H. to Martha Ann Spann-page 271
Wells, Polly to John Farthing-page 272
Weather, Robert to Eliza Ann Blair-page 282
Wagner, Samuel to Telitha Branham-page 287
Winscot, Greenville to Elizabeth Peoples-page 288
Wilson, Moses to Orpha Chapman-page 302
Wiley, George N. to Caroline Graves-page 309
Whitcomb, John to Esther Hedge-page 328
Ward, James to Polly Ann Hill-page 331
Whiteman, Abigale to John L. Robinson-page 335
Winscot, Lewis S. to Nancy Earl-page 344
Whitcomb, Anson to Ann Child-page 354
Watts, Thomas to Margaret Meade-page 358

Yaste, Ann to William Clinton-page 136