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Places & People from Jennings Counties Past

Home of Dr. Walter Goodhue, then Cliff & Mabel Davis in Paris, Jennings Co
Indiana, built about 1840-as it looks in 2007

Home of Harvey McClanahan near Deputy, Indiana-pictured left to right Wilbur McClanahan, seated are Harvey McClanahan and his wife Martha
Hutton McClanahan. Martha was the daughter of Absalsom Hutton and Elizabeth Wells-Elizabeth is the daughter of William and Nancy Sears Wells. The young lady standing behind Harvey & Martha is Cora Hammel, after the death of Wilber McClanahan's wife Cora lived with the family and helped raise
Wilber's children. Cora was a cousin to Martha Hutton, her grandmother was Getty Eliza Wells, sister of Elizabeth Well's who was Martha's mother.

Paris Methodist Church destroyed by fire after being hit by lightning in 1938.

Paris Crossing High School, taken about 1910

Home of Joseph Ayers in Paris, Jennings County, built about 1840, as it looks in 2007

Home of Dr. D. B. Russell built about 1852 also lived here- Dixons, Isaac Rowland, Boardman's as it looks in 2007

D.B. Russell home as it looked in 1942 prior to restoration

Home of Henry Dixon in Paris, Jennings County, no longer there.

Family of Benjamin Krenning
Home of Earl & Emma Higgins (we called her the bottle lady because she collected bottles of all types) in Paris
her father was Charles Vincent

In the 1830's this was the home of George Wykoff it is across the street from the upper section of the Paris Cemetery

Home of Rev. Dennis Willey, he moved here after his marriage to Margaret Gasaway, who was born in 1810 at Paris. The Gasaway's came to the area early. Later Williamson Dison lived here and had his tailoring shop in his home and later still the Bogie family lived in the house in Paris, Jennings County, Indiana

Home of Samuel & Isabella Graham, oldest home still standing in Paris, they donated the land for the Paris Cemeteries

School at "Old" Paris, taken late 1930's, now a private home. The building is not tilted but the picture is.

Oct. 1949-North Vernon, Indiana, Walnut St. looking south.

Your Humble Friend, John M. Tobias, 12th Reg. Ind. Inf. 1st. Brig. 1st. Div. 15th AC, Jennings Army, (written on back)

Dr. Americus W. Tobias, b. 3-30-1862  Parents Simeon & Mary Jane Tobias

         Milford Deputy                


Emmaretta Olive Hill

Josh Deputy

William Hudson (son of Annias)

Alice C. Hughes

Charles Kendall Laird born 1808 in Vermont died 1893

Rebecca Hammond Laird mother of CK Laird born 1772 in Mass. died 1855 Indiana


Eli & Jane (Lewis) Wells, Eli born 1839, Jane born 1845


Wilbur or Wilburn "Wib" Malcomb born 1866, son of Warren Malcomb & Malita James


T.B. Nay very early settler, picture found in my gggrandmothers things, if you have information on him please send in!

                   John Ayers born 1789 in New Jersey, served in the War of 1812 while living in Ohio, died 1871 in Jefferson County, buried in Gaddy/Wycoff section of the Paris Cemetery.


Sarah Ann (Ward) Ayers born 1797 in Virginia, died 1882, Paris, Jennings County, IN, buried Gaddy/Wykoff section of the Paris Cemetery.


Since text came out fuzzy here is what it says, Front Row, left to right  CARL McGANNON, unknown, ALFRED KYSAR

Back Row, left to right NELLIE C. ROGERS, BEE LETT


Family of George Franklin Lawrence, wife Sarah Catherine Ayers, daughter Haryette and son in law Chester Graham Shepherd


Magdaline Zener born 1821, died 1905, never married and was a early teacher in Jennings County Schools.


Harriet Eliza Stewart born abt. 1849, Jennings Co.  m. Solomon Deputy b. abt. 1845, Jennings Co. child I.D. Deputy, b. July 29, 1871  d. 1950, Calif.


front row-Joseph Lawrence, Wib Malcom, Magdalene (Ayers) Malcomb, Syril Arbuckle   row 2-Josie (Flood) Arbuckle holding Gordon Arbuckle, Joseph Ayers

holding unknown child, Edward Otto Arbuckle, Magdalene Arbuckle,  Leonidas Ayers   third row-Jennie (Stewart) Saylor, Simeon Stewart,

Geneva (Ayers) Stewart, Mathias Ayers, Sarah (Ayers) Lawrence, Martha (Lett) Ayers  4th row-Benjamin Stewart, Charles Stewart.

Emma Calhoun


Lydia, Zenor, Bain, McJimsey daughter of David & Pheobe Zener, her children were David Zener Bain, William Bain & Sarah Bain.


Tentatively identified as Walter Dailey Carlock b. March 1880 and wife Bertha Byfied born 1881, Walter was a son of Benjamin F. Carlock born 1856 in Paris Crossing, Jennings County, IN 

Charles Bascom Willard husband of Pearl Stewart who was the daughter of Simeon Stewart and his first wife Emma Abrams, born 1854

Benjamin Zener, son of David G. Zener Jr. & Zirelda Gaddy born 1871


Jane Tobias (Dixon) Dixon, Aug. 3, 1819-Mar. 23, 1907, buried lower section Paris Cemetery

Eliza Dixon, sister to Martha (Dixon) McGannon  1846-1900, buried lower section of Paris Cemetery

Heeman "Buck" Dixon, brother of Martha (Dixon) McGannon, born 1862


Sarah "Sally" McClain Tobias


Mabel Lurton as a baby-

             Willard Wilkerson 1871-1939 & wife America (Wells) Wilkerson 1862-1928. Joseph was the son of Henry Phillip Wilkerson & Susanna Emily       Lawrence and  America was the daughter of William Wells & Charity Arbuckle--Thank you Ella Jean McClanahan Gammon & Ardath Blue for the pics.

Harmon "Harmie" Wilkerson born 1897-son of Willard & America Wilkerson

This handsome fellow is believed to be a son of John B. Wells, he is dressed in Masonic attire--please let us know if you can help identify him

Thanks again to Ella Jean McClanahan Gammon & Ardath Blue for the picture.


Francis Marion Landon born 1832 died 1906 buried College Hill Cemetery, Lancaster, Jefferson Co. Indiana


Malinda (Zener) Landon born 1834, died 1894 buried College Hill Cemetery, Lancaster, Jefferson Co. Indiana

Melissa Wells, daughter of William & Nancy Sears Wells. She married George McClanahan contributed by Ella Jean McClanahan Gammon & Ardath Blue

Believed to be John B. Wells if you can positively identify, please let us know

 Believed to be John B. Wells & sons, Oliver, Franklin & their 1/2 brother Howard-thank you Neal Bahn for help with identify in this photo

Unknown-possibly relatives of John B. Wells-do you know who they are?

Charles & Ida McClanahan Wright. Ida was the daughter of William and Amanda M. Phillips McClanahan. William was a brother of Harvey

McClanahan, Amanda was the daughter of John Phillips & Sarah Wells.

Howard F. Wells with his wife Rosalie Stone, he was the son of John B. Wells and grandson of William Wells and Nancy Sears.

Home of Harmon Dixon, in Paris, Jennings County, Indiana-taken 2008