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the dates on this get quite scrambled due to the way they are logged in on the record

Admit Date


Remarks as to ability to work discharge or death

James Smith
May 5
Died 1880

John Stedman

Peter MurphyOctober 28Sent to insane asylum
April 1868
John Mouse29

Benjamin HillDec. 4, 1879Died

Geo RossFeb. 3Died

James RossOctober 3Left Poor Asylum

John DiggsDied

John ShambauApril 24, 1879Died

William AdamsMarch 4, 1880Left Poor Asylum

Michael Shawnsy

Charles Myers
William Dilworth
Henry McIntoshJune 25, 1880Died
Thos DixonApril 26, 1880Sent to Insane Asylum
Peter Clarkson
Sept. 1871James Robinson
Aug. 27, 1872William OliverMar. 4, 1883Left Asylum
June 3, 1871Frank Johnson
James Bennet
Wm. Snowden
Robert JacksonLeft Asylum
m 3 1878B.F.C. BakerDec. 21Sent to Jefferson County Asylum, not being resident of Jennings
Dec. 28, 1879James Adams50Jan. 13, 1879Left Poor Asylum
Jan 1Anderson Jackson70Cambell ?, L.H. Brouger, Trustee
May 12Thos KellyNov. 17Left Poor Asylum
May 26Frank Hansel3 mFeb 10, 1880Died
June 5George Furgeson?64October 2From Mont Twsp Died
July 25John RiceLeft Asylum
July 24John McManamanApril 26Sent to insane Asylum
Aug 11David HanselJune 16Left Asylum
Oct.20Jas. TaylorSept. 11Died
Mar 11Martin Vanduryen
June 3Josiah WardSept 15, 1884Left Asylum
June 30Mr. SoryiaSept 15, 1884Left Asylum
Aug 16John H. DureoJuly 3Left Asylum
Oct. 28Jacob ZimmermanJan. 18Left Asylum
Nov. 17Alfred HoltonFeb. 22Left Asylum
Nov. 17William HoltonFeb. 22Left Asylum
Nov. 27Charles R. MeilesMar. 19Left Asylum
Dec. 3William PierceColoredMay 13Died
April 6Lewis SanfordColored
April 6Harry WilliamsApril 30Died
April 12 Joseph MartinCenter Township
April 29 Logan RobinsonJuly 7Left Asylum
May 10George LeonardNov. 13Died
June 11Martin ThomasJune 13Died
July 11James RoofsJuly 8, 1882Left Asylum
July 18Wm. ClementsAug. 30 Left Asylum
Sept.7Elvin SmithJuly 8, 1882Left Asylum
Oct. 21Ander EnnisJan. 9 1885Died
Dec. 23Robert PoolDied
Jan. 24Isaac Heartpence?Died
Jan. 28David KirtsFeb. 15Left Asylum
Feb. 2Micheal ShaunseyNov. 7, 1844Died
Feb. 7John Scripture
April 3Samuel GreenApril 7Left Asylum
July 26David BlackNov. 11Died
Oct. 1882William CollinsApril 15, 1884Left first time Aug 21, 1882 returned Dec. 15, 1882 left permanently in April 1884
Dec. 23, 1882Wilkerson H. RogersMar. 9, 1883Left Asylum
Jan. 1883Samuel TerelApril 2, 1883Left Asylum
Feb. 23, 1883Christopher Dixon3 moMar. 17, 1883Died
May 5, 1883Dudley SprigJune 17, 1884Left Asylum
June 9, 1883W.N. BlankenshipMay 30, 1884Died
June 19, 1883Josiah WardAug. 3, 1883Died
July 2, 1883John RiceDec. 8Left Asylum
July 10, 1883Will OliverAug. 4, 1884Left Asylum
Sept. 4, 1883Robert JordonAug. 9, 1884Left Asylum
Sept. 5, 1883Harrison BonorSept. 11Left Asylum
Sept. 16, 1883Chris. BaidingerOct. 3Left Asylum
Sept. 18. 1883Edgar Ford12 yrs.Columbia Township
Oct. 8, 1883Wilk. R. RogersMarch 4, 1884For Temporary Relief
Nov. 9, 1884John W. DavisDec. 11Left Asylum
Jan. 10, 1884Lewis Pettiford or foot ?4yrsColored
Mar. 6William OliverreturnedAug. 4, 1884Left Asylum
Mar. 14Melvin DavisJune 16, 1864Campbell Twsp. Left Asylum
Mar. 14Millford Brown17 moApril 2, 1885Died, Colored
June 7, 1884Perry SmithJune 17, 1884Left Asylum
June 7, 1884Samuel TerrelMontgomery Twsp.
Aug 13John GobleApril 1Left Asylum
May 7Charles Trisuer?May 15Left Asylum
March 17, 1881Charles BeltAug. 26, 1884Died
Oct. 30Martin QuigleyApril 25Left Asylum
May 1Robert VanduryenMarch 9 1885Came and went a number of times between 1884 & his leaving in Mar. of 1885 
Oct. 16Wm. JohnsonApril 6Left Asylum
June 6Cornelius ShadwickJuly 13Left Asylum
May 12Fredrick Rath/RothOct. 1Left Poor Asylum
m 27John Rice11Returned by Jas Darnell
Jan 21John McManamanJan 28Left Poor Asylum
John GobleApril 9Left Asylum
James K. BennetJan. 1, 1885Died
John RoseberrySept. 15, 1878Left Asylum
Grant RoseberryNov. 25Left Asylum
Valentine WorstOct. 28Sent to Insane Asylum
Steph McGenithyJune 11, 1879Left Poor Asylum
FEMALESSame time frame as males above
Margaret  Casida
Nancy GuinnOct. 30Died
Margaret Furgison
Hala DeanAug. 27Left Asylum
Carrie GreenJuly 28Left Asylum
Dorcas RevelieAug. 4, 1884Sent to Insane Asylum
Mary RossMay 23, 1885Left Asylum
Margaret Ross
Nancy RossMarch 14, 1884Died
Jane Ross
Dec. 15, 1877Ann RossJuly 11, 1884Left Asylum
Levinia Robbins
Mary Bishop
Mary Gallimore
Alzora BowerlyJune 17, 1884Left Asylum
Lizzie Adams
Hilena ?humban?
Jan 8, 1877Belina SnowdenNov. 27, 1878Very confusing information here, it states Snowden family abscounded June 17, 1879
Jan 8, 1877Sarah SnowdenNov. 27, 1878Then it says sent to Northern Part of this State at request of father and at his expense.
Jan 8, 1877Hattie SnowdenNov. 27, 1878Then it says Snowden family ? sent to Asylum Jan 27, 1877
Jan 8, 1877Sophrona SnowdenNov. 27, 1878
Anna Turner
Nancy Arnold
Cordelia Adams
Lucinda Rice
Lou Burnet
Ida RossApril 22Left Asylum/returned
February 15Elizabeth BurgefsSept. 9Left Asylum Sept. 16, returned
April 17, 1879Nancy HurtJan. 13, 1880Left Asylum
May 3, 1879Ida RofsDec. 24, 1884Left Asylum/returned
May 12, 1879Lucretia NeedhamJan. 14, 1880Died
May 22, 1879Mary E. HanselMar. 31 Left Asylum
Jan. 9 Fannie ShadwicJuly 13Left Asylum
July 2Laura Frazee20July 17Left Asylum
July 17Rose RoseburgDec. 16Left Asylum
Aug. 11Harriet HanselMay 30Left Asylum
Sept 1Polly PoofsSept. 13Left Asylum
Sept 1Eliza WilliamsSept. 13Left Asylum
Dec. 31Emoline ArnoldAug. 1Left Asylum/ returned, left again June 11, 1885
Dec. 31Jane ArnoldMay 13, Left Asylum/ returned July 12, Left again Aug. 1.
May 7Josephine RobbinsDec. 13Left and returned
May 26M.J. JohnsonDec. 13Left Asylum
Sept. 9Catherine Miller23Sept. 23Left Asylum
Oct. 27Mary HanselNov. 25 Returned left again
Nov. 5Keate RoofsJune 11Left Asylum
Nov. 27Rebecca HoltonFeb. 22Left Asylum
Nov. 27Annie HoltonFeb. 22Left Asylum
Jan. 11, 1881Nancy J. RobbinsJuly 5Left Asylum
Feb. 1Keate MillerLeft Asylum
Feb. 6Missouri Monroe
Mar. 31Josephine RobinsMay 15, 1882Left Asylum
May 18Sally SanfordSept 5Left Asylum + child
May 18Edith SanfordSept 5
June 1Stella MeyksMar. 4, 1881Left Asylum
June 1Maggie MeyksMar. 4, 1881Left Asylum
June 1Clara MeyksMar. 4, 1881Left Asylum
Nov. 29Polly RofsReturned
Nov. 29 Eliza Williamsreturned Sept 11, 1882Died
Feb. 7, 1882Rose McKinney
July 18, 1882Alice WoodfilWoodfils came and went all appear to have been gone by July of 1884
July 18, 1882Margaret Woodfil
July 18, 1882Martha Woodfil
Aug. 14, 1882Clara PartlowSept 14, 1884Left Asylum
Oct. 12, 1882Mary E. KeithApril 6, 1883Left Asylum
Nov. 18, 1882Martha GossettJan. 20Died
Nov. 18, 1882Flora HeathJuly 12, 1884Left Asylum
Nov. 18, 1882Mag HeathJuly 12, 1884Left Asylum
April 1, 1883Sarah Poole
June 28, 1883Anna YoungVernon Twsp--Died
July 26, 1883Nancy DonleyCenter Twsp
Sept. 12, 1883Matilda BradburnAug. 4, 1884Sand Creek Twsp--Sent to Insane Asylum
May 15, 1884Mary McGin23Lovett Twsp--Insane-died
June 7, 1884Meanirva J. SmithJune 19Spencer Twsp-Left Asylum
June 7, 1884Lila M. SmithinfantJune 19Left Asylum with mother
June 7, 1884Sarah Pettiford or foot?Center Township
June 11, 1884Sarah Woodfillreturned
July 11, 1884Lucy MartinAug. 4, 1884Sent to Insane Asylum-Geneva Twsp.
July 31, 1884Mary Hansel
Feb 18, 1885Hannah HarmonCenter Twsp.
Oct. 25, 1885Jane Conkling15
March 31, 1885Levinia Alexander70
March 31, 1885Sarah Alexander35
April 10, 1885Mary PartlowApril 27, 1885Left Asylum
April 10, 1885Mattie PartlowApril 27, 1885Left Asylum
Sept. 24, 1885Mary Verback24Left Asylum
Sept. 24, 1885Mary Alice Verback8 mosLeft Asylum