To write the personal record of men who have raised themselves from humble circumstances to a position of responsibility and trust in a community is no ordinary pleasure. Self-made men, men who have achieved success by reason of their personal qualities and left the impress of their individuality upon the business and growth of their place of residence and affect for good such institutions as are embraced in the sphere of their usefulness, unwittingly perhaps, built monuments more enduring than marble obelisk or granite shaft. Of such we have the unquestionable right to say belongs the gentleman whose name appears above.

I. Newt Brown [I. Newton Brown], who owns a fine farm of one hundred and twenty acres in Pleasant township, Johnson county, Indiana, and who is now living quietly in his comfortable home in Franklin township, Hopewell neighborhood, is the son of Isaac S. and Mary (Carnine) Brown. Isaac S. Brown was born in Virginia in 1830, and in young manhood came to Johnson county, where he was married. To him and his wife were born five children, namely: Robert A., C. A., Andrew C., I. Newton and Mrs. Lillie Freeman. The subject was reared to the life of a farmer and on the paternal farmstead in Pleasant township he lived until twenty-two years old, at which time he was married and located on his farm in Pleasant township, where he lived for thirty-nine years, being successfully engaged the prosecution of agriculture, and at the end of that period he located in his present comfortable and attractive home in the Hopewell neighborhood, where he has lived for five years. His farm, which is one of the most fertile and well improved in Johnson county, is farmed by him and returns him a very comfortable income. Up-to-date and methodical in all his operations, during a long course of years he was numbered among the leading farmers of Johnson county, and because of his earnest life, practical business methods and energetic habits, he enjoys the warm regard of all who are familiar with his life.

On October 23, 1889, Mr. Brown was united in marriage to Edith Lagrange, whose father, Daniel Lagrange, was a native of Kentucky. He came to Johnson county in an early day and here married Catherine List, a native of Indiana. To Mr. and Mrs. Brown has been born one child, a daughter, Margaret K., who is now sixteen years of age and is in the third year at the Hopewell high school.

Mr. Brown has always been an ardent supporter of the Republican party and in 1900 was elected trustee of Pleasant township for a four-year term, during which period he rendered much valuable service to his fellow citizens. In 1912 he was nominated for auditor of state on the Republican ticket. Among the effective work accomplished by him was the erection of the Whiteland high school building, one the best school buildings in Johnson county. Mr. Brown was also appointed a member of the state board of agriculture, of which body he is still a member. In 1911 he was elected president of that body and re-elected in 1912. He has always taken a deep interest in an public matters and is regarded as one of the leading and influential citizens of the county. Religiously, he is a member of the Hopewell Presbyterian church, in which he is an elder and he and family all attend regularly and contribute to the extent of his ability to the support of the society. There is much that is commendable in his life’s record, for he has been found true to duty in every relation, whether of a public or private character, while energy and untiring industry have been salient features of his business career, he is equally well known his uprightness and the honorable methods he has always followed, and for his loyalty to any trust reposed in him. Because of his genial and unassuming disposition and his genuine worth, he enjoys a well deserved popularity throughout his part of the state.

Branigin, Elba L. History of Johnson County. Indianapolis, IN: B. F. Bowen & Co., Inc., 1913. pp 715-717

Transcribed by Lois Johnson