Hervey Vories, an old and reliable citizen of Johnson County is a son of John and Sarah (Culley) Vories, natives respectively of Kentucky and Virginia, and was born in the former state on the 28th day of January, 1821. The family came to Johnson County in the fall of 1831, and for a number of years thereafter the father, owing to his trade, was known as Mason John Vories. In connection with his trade, Mr. Vories carried on farming, and in time became one of the well-to-do residents of the neighborhood in which he resided. By his first wife he had two children: Catherine, wife of John A. Coons, and Hervey, the subject of this biography. Mrs. Vories died December 19, 1866, and later, Mr. Vories married Mrs. Mason, by whom he had one child: Benjamin F. Mr. Vories died October 10, 1880, and lies by the side of his first wife, in the old Friendship cemetery. He was a citizen of Johnson County for over half a century, and a man of many sterling qualities. Hervey Vories was raised in Hensley Township, and began life as a farmer. February 17, 1842, he married Miss Alazannah Carter, of Virginia, daughter of John and Margaret (McClure) Carter, a union blessed with the birth of eight children, the following of whom are now living: Mrs. Caroline Terhune, William A., James M., Mrs. Angeline Green, and Hervey D. Of these children, all but Mrs. Green, live in Johnson County. Mr. Vories began life in a humble way, but with the energy and determination which characterize the successful man, he has succeeded in accumulating a comfortable competence, including a beautiful farm of 117 acres, where he now resides. He has been an honored resident of Johnson County considerably over fifty years, and has the confidence and esteem of all who know him. In religion, he is what he is pleased to term, a “naturalist,” but is liberal toward those of different beliefs.

Transcribed by Cheryl Zufall Parker

Banta, D. D. History of Johnson County, Indiana. Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888, page 718.