Daniel A. Brewer, who lives on a part of the old Brewer homestead in Pleasant township, Johnson county, Indiana, and who is numbered among that locality’s enterprising and successful farmers, was born on February 19, 1856, on the farm where he now lives, and is a son of David D. and Nancy A. (Green) Brewer. There[sic] parents are referred to specifically elsewhere in this work in the sketch of E. G. Brewer, to whom the reader is referred for such desired information. The subject received his education in the common and high schools of his locality and at the age of nineteen years had planned to enter Hanover College, where his father bought a scholarship. However, about that time, through the failure of the First National Bank of Franklin, his father sustained a loss of about sixty thousand dollars, because of which the sons were compelled to remain at home and assist in the operation of the farm. Though the family’s financial situation was far from encouraging, they were not deterred by the unfavorable conditions, but the boys manfully went to work to pay off the father’s indebtedness. Though the land was heavily mortgaged, yet in three years they paid of thirty-five hundred dollars of principal and interest and eventually the entire debt was discharged. The sons were energetic and hustling and the first year they raised fifteen hundred bushels of wheat, for which they received one dollar and fifteen cents per bushel. The subject of this sketch had originally intended to become a minister of the Gospel, but, his studies having been interrupted, he was compelled to alter his plans for a life work. However, their sacrifice made the father happy and they desired no greater reward than his comfort and happiness. Mr. Brewer has devoted his attention to farming and is now the owner of ninety-two acres of the old home farm, to which he gives his attention. In addition to the cultivation of the soil, he gives considerable attention to live stock, his product amounting to about sixty hogs annually. He also has a dairy herd of Jersey and Holstein cattle, in which he takes great pride and which are becoming a source of considerable profit.

In 1881, Mr. Brewer married Jennie Smith, of Mercer county, Kentucky, daughter of Thomas Smith, to which union were born the following children: Nellie; Guy D., born November 5, 1887, of Frankfort, Clinton county; Indiana, is now a civil engineer. He graduated from Purdue, and has achieved a splendid reputation in his profession. On January 15, 1913, he married Grace Norton, of Franklin. The third child, Smith, who was born May 15, 1890, graduated from Franklin College, and is now principal of the Edinburg high school, which position he has held for three years to the entire satisfaction of the patrons. Jennie Brewer died on November 17, 1890, and in December, 1891, Mr. Brewer married Elizabeth Alexander Maiden, the widow of Sheriff Presley Maiden, of Franklin, who had three children by her first marriage, Edward, Lena and Oran.

Politically, the subject of this sketch is a Prohibitionist, while his religious membership is with the Whiteland Methodist Episcopal church. He is a man of progressive tendencies and enterprising spirit and enjoys the sincere regard of the entire community in which he resides.

Branigin, Elba L. History of Johnson County. Indianapolis, IN: B. F. Bowen & Co., Inc., 1913. pp 703-704

Transcribed by Lois Johnson