Fair View Methodist Episcopal Church, White River Township, formerly known as Pleasant Hill, was organized some time between 1830 and 1835. Of its early history little that is reliable is now known. The old Pleasant Hill society was kept up for several years, and accomplished much good in the community. A part of the class afterward with drew ad formed what is not the Mt. Auburn Church, and still later, the original society ceased to exist. Subsequently a remnant of its former members re-organized, and taking subscriptions, succeeded in raising a building fund with which the present frame house of worship in Section 28, was erected. Among the early members of the class were William K. Davis and wife, Joseph Smith and wife, Nicholas Orme and wife, and others. The present membership is nearly 100, and the church is reputed on of the flourishing appointments of South Port circuit.


Transcribed by Lois Johnson


Banta, D.D.. History of Johnson County, Indiana 1888 . Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888. p 869