Mt. Auburn Church.—As already stated the church is partly an out-growth of the old Pleasant Hill society, and dates its history from a very early day. Traveling ministers visited the neighborhood as long ago as 1834 and 1835, and preached in the dwellings of the settlers, and about that time a small class was organized among the early members, of which are remembered the following: John Surface, Eve Surface, Jesse Hughes, Nancy Hughes, William and Jane Harrell, Jane Ross, Amos and Polly Smith. About the year 1835 or 1836, the members of the class and others, erected a short distant [sic] east of the present church edifice, a small frame building, the walls of which were made of mud. It served for church and school purposes, and for many years was familiarly known as the “Mud School-House.” Here the congregation met until 1848, at which time the present church edifice in the eastern part of the township, Section 11, was erected and dedicated. As originally constructed, the building was a rough frame structure. Changes were afterward made in the building, and it now surpasses the average country church in its appearance and appointments. Among the early pastors of the church, were Revs. Eli P. Farmer, John Myers, A. Beck, A. Beech, James Scott, John Powell, J. V. R. Miller, James Mitchell, Jacob Whiteman, Hensley, Lathrop, Havens, Bowman, Ray, Shafer and others. Originally, the class belonged to Franklin circuit, but about the year 1850, it was attached to Greenwood. As a class of the latter circuit, it was organized December 21, 1850, by Rev. E. W. Rutter, presiding elder, and J. S. Winchester, preacher in charge. Since 1850, it has enjoyed the labors of the following ministers: Revs. J. W. T. McMullen, S, W. Sinclair, N. M. Boyer, W. R. Goodwin, L. Havens, A. Kennedy, J. M. Crawford, F. S. Turk, T. W. Jones, S. Langdon, D. C. Benjamin, A. R. Reat, Jesse Miller, W. S. Falkenburg, W. H. Wydman, A. Murphy, and the present incumbent, E. W. Tinsley. The society has an active membership of over 150.

Transcribed by Lois Johnson

Banta, D. D. History of Johnson County, Indiana. Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888, pages 869–870.