New Pisgah (O. S. Presbyterian Church), Needham Township, was organized August 6, 1842, by Rev. John M. Dickey, sixteen persons uniting with the organization: James Magill, Maria Magill, James Patterson, Cretia Patterson, Thomas Patterson, Nancy Ann Patterson, Madison Kelly, Eliza Kelly, Jefferson Kelly, Catherine Kelly, William Kelly, Julia Ann Kelly, Henry Kelly, Francis Stewart, David McAlpin and Diana Pullen. David McAlpin, James Magill and James Patterson were elected elders. The succession of stated supplies was Revs. William M. Stimson, Benjamin W. Nyce, John B. Saye, James McCoy, John Fairchild, James Brownlee, L. P. Webber, T. A. Steele and William Clark. In the same neighborhood with the New Pisgah Church, the New Prospect (O. S.) Church was organized by Rev. B. F. Wood, April 10, 1850, the following persons joining the organization: John Henderson, Isabell Henderson, Joseph Henderson, Mitchell Henderson, James Henderson, Sarah Henderson, Jane McAlpin, Sarah McAlpin, John McCord, George Allison, John P. Henderson, Jane Henderson, Thomas Patterson, Nancy Patterson, William H. Patterson, Eliza Jane Patterson and Sarah Patterson. Thomas Patterson and John P. Henderson were chosen ruling elders. The Rev. B. F. Wood was the first stated supply, followed by Revs. Blackburn, Leffler, John Gilchrist, John Q. McKeehan and James Gilchrist. On September 15, 1870, the new Pisgah (N. S.) and the New Prospect (O. S.) churches were consolidated. The united church assumed the new school name and occupied the old school building, the membership being fifty. The Rev. J. G. Williamson was the first stated supply; the Rev. A. R. Naylor and Rev. Mr. Reeves followed, supplying the church in the order named. In 1875, Rev. James Williamson commenced to supply the church, and continued to do so for twelve years, closing his labors October 1, 1887. The present membership is about seventy-five.

Transcribed by Cheryl Zufall Parker

Banta, D. D. History of Johnson County, Indiana. Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888, pages 843–844.