Salem Methodist Episcopal Church, an old organization in White River Township, dates its existence from about 1834 or 1835. The first meetings were conducted by Rev. Jacob Brumwell, at the residence of Anthony Brunnemer, and among those who became members in an early day were Jacob and Charlotte Brumwell, Berrien and Catharine Reynolds, William Dresslar, Margaret Dressler, George Duke, Mary Duke, John Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Anthony Brunnemer, Magdalene Brunnemer, Henry Dressler, Malinda Dressler, William Brunnemer, Sarah Brunnemer, Abraham Lowe, Harriet Lowe, and a number of other early settlers of the community. In 1848, Henry and Elizabeth Dressler deeded to the trustees of the congregation a lot for church purposes, upon which was erected, a little later, a log house of worship. It answered the purpose for which it was intended until 1868, at which time the present frame edifice was erected up the same lot. Among the pastors of Salem, from time to time, are remembered the following: Revs. Farmer, Beck, Brown, Crawford, Huffaker, McMullen, W. C. Crawford, George Havens, Landy Havens, Goodwin Sparks, Shelton, St. Clair, J. M. Crawford, Boyer, Ream, Kennedy, Smith, Wilks, Crane, Heavenridge, Woods, Charles Woods, Jones, Asbury, Rhoades, Miller, Sray, C. Kennedy, and Hastrock. The membership in 1888 is about 100, and the church is reported in prosperous condition.

Transcribed by Lois Johnson

Banta, D. D. History of Johnson County, Indiana. Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888, page 871.