Trafalgar Christian Church.—The early history of the Trafalgar Christian Church is enveloped in considerable obscurity. From the most reliable information it appears that services were held at the residence of Thomas Lynam as early as 1848, and among the first members were the Lynam, Watkins, Duckworth and Thompson families. Henry Branch, Benjamin Branch, Mr. Bridges, William Clark, E. Clark, Absalom Clark, with others, became members in a very early day also. Elders Thomas Lynam and Asa Holingsworth did the first preaching for the congregation. A small log building with one door and a single window was erected about 1849 or 1850. It stood about one mile southwest of the village on Indian Creek, and was used by the congregation until replaced by a frame structure a few years later. The second building stood a short distance south of the present house of worship, and answered the purposes for which it was intended until about the year 1870. For a number of years the organization was known as the Hensley Town Christian Church, and among the members in 1860 were the following: George Duckworth, Thomas Gillaspy, G. T. Bridges, Jerry Dunham, Thomas Lynam, Nancy E. Lynam, Eliza H. Lynam, Matilda M. Lynam, James S. Lynam, Thomas O. Lynam and John D. Lynam. Others who became members a little later were: William J. Lynam, Mary J. Lynam, Lorinda Lynam, Sarah Duckworth, Sarah Morgan, Mary J. Dunham, Sarah A. Daniel, WIlliam Daniel, Alonzo Dunham, Lydia Bridges, Susan Peffley, Mary Peffley, Catherine Zook and others. The following preachers labored for the church at different times: J. C. Miller, J. H. Phillips, G. R. Gosney, Mr. Blankenship, J. R. Surface, Knowles Shaw, Asa Holingsworth, Thomas Lockhart and W. V. Trowbridge. Since 1865, the church has been ministered to by Elders W. V. Trowbridge, George E. Flower, J. B. Ludwig, J. C. Miller, John Henry, Marion Boles, Henry R. Pritchard, J. H. Phillips, John Brazzleton, Mr. Elmore, Richard Gosney, and the present pastor, A. M. Hall. The membership at present is about 150. The present house of worship was erected about the year 1870. It is a frame building, 35 x 44 feet, and represents a capital of $1,400.

Transcribed by Cheryl Zufall Parker

Banta, D. D. History of Johnson County, Indiana. Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888, pages 858–859.