Wesley Chapel (M. E.), Union Village, was organized in the spring of 1878, as a branch of Shiloh Church, in Morgan County. For some time meetings were held in a school-house near the village, but in the fall of the above year, a neat frame building was erected. Among the early members of the call were the following persons: James Mathews, George Smith, Johns W Taylor, John Selch, Henry Knox, John Shrockmorton, and John L Knox. The following preachers have ministered to the church since its organization: Revs. Charles Woods, ----- Asbury, Thomas Jones, J. V. R. Miller, Charles Spray, Samuel C. Kennedy and John D Hartsock. The society belongs to the Waverly circuit, Indianapolis district, and numbers at this time about fifty members.


Transcribed by Lois Johnson


Banta, D.D.. History of Johnson County, Indiana 1888 . Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888. pp 870-871