Bargersville Church.—The Church of Christ at Bargersville, was organized in a school-house near the village, April 7, 1861, by Elder J. R. Surface, twenty-eight persons comstituting [sic] the original membership. The first officers were the following:  Elders, Willis Deer, George O. List and John Clore;  Deacons, Joseph Combs, Abraham Clore, and Abner Clark;  treasurer, Abraham Clore;  clerk, John Clore. Since its organization the church has been ministered to from time to time, by the following preachers:  Elders, John R Surface, Asa Holingsworth, John C. Miller, James Blankenship, John Phillips, R. T. Brown, ------ Huff, ------ Henry, Aaron Walker, J. W. Connor, William Mullendore, Newton Wilson, Thomas Lockhart, Elmore, and others. Present membership, 150. Present officers: Elders, W. V. King, John Clore, George V. List and Alfred S. Deer; deacons, John Parks, M. Clore and Landen Robards. Abaham [sic] Clore is treasurer, and John Clore, clerk.


Banta, D.D.. History of Johnson County, Indiana 1888 . Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888. p 862

Transcribed by Lois Johnson