Bargersville Church.—The Church of Christ at Bargersville, was organized in a school-house near the village, April 7, 1861, by Elder J. R. Surface, twenty-eight persons comstituting [sic] the original membership. The first officers were the following: Elders, Willis Deer, George O. List and John Clore; deacons, Joseph Combs, Abraham Clore, and Abner Clark; treasurer, Abraham Clore; clerk, John Clore. Since its organization the church has been ministered to from time to time by the following preachers: Elders, John R Surface, Asa Holingsworth, John C. Miller, James Blankenship, John Phillips, R. T. Brown, ‐‐‐‐ Huff, ‐‐‐‐ Henry, Aaron Walker, J. W. Connor, William Mullendore, Newton Wilson, Thomas Lockhart, Elmore, and others. Present membership, 150. Present officers: Elders, W. V. King, John Clore, George V. List and Alfred S. Deer; deacons, John Parks, M. Clore and Landen Robards. Abaham [sic] Clore is treasurer, and John Clore, clerk.

Transcribed by Lois Johnson

Banta, D. D. History of Johnson County, Indiana. Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888, page 862.