Christian Chapel  (Union Township). This society was organized at the Beech Grove Church, Hensley Township, in January, 1876, by Elder A. Elmore. The original membership was eighteen; present membership about 125. In the fall of the above year a frame house of worship was erected in Union Township, and sine that time the congregation has been in prosperous conditions, with a steadily increasing membership. The first officers were I. L. Ragdale, Benjamin Thompson and Frank Vandiver, deacons. Benjamin Thompson was also treasurer, and James Davis, secretary. The officers at this time (1888) are as follows: Elders: John J. Vandiver, Robert Vandiver and Isaac Tumy. Deacons: J. K. Badgley, Harvey Miller, James B. Paris and Millard F. Kennedy. Treasurer: M. V. Taylor. Secretary: Rosalia A Vandiver.


Banta, D.D.. History of Johnson County, Indiana 1888 . Chicago, IL: Brant & Fuller, 1888. p 863

Transcribed by Lois Johnson